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Life is always full of twists and turns, and when you wake up to find your memories erased and that you have been transported to Equestria you can really be thrown for a loop. But what if you were reborn as another species in the process? How would you deal with it?
This is the tale of one such being, named Snow by the ones who found her, and she is going to find out what has happened to her and why... even if it means suffering through starting over as an infant in a world completely alien to her.

Thanks goes to my buddies Brony Parasite for helping me get this story started and FrostTheWolf for helping me somehow manage to continue it.

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I love where this is going so far, I have never seen a story where the main character is a pet. I feel that the crusaders will take good care of Snow, and also end up getting her covered in sap. :twilightsheepish:

Post posting: This story is also very well writen so far and I congratulate you and hope you continue this story till the end.

I plan to resume eventually, I just need to balance out my college schedule and other projects first

is this... done??? because it doesn't look done, but it says it's done. I was liking where this was going for the whole five minutes I spent reading it. did you mean to put it on Hiatus?

sorry, im currently sick so the delerium made me think I changed it to incomplete from eternal hiatus

YES! IT IS ALIVE!! AAAALLLIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEE!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! loved the new chapter i hope you continue the story

you know, I never imagined I would ever see a comment like this on one of my stories. it gives me MOTIVATION...

i hoped it did, this story so far is great

I wonder if I should work on one of my other stories if I get time? :trixieshiftright:

i hope u get inspired to make more writing

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