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Somepony who tried to get on this site before, only to be foiled by the fact I didn't have strong wifi back then... And a major shipper of Anon x pony and Spike x anypony.

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Discord Server for My Little Pony: The Game! · 10:32pm Jul 14th, 2018

A discord server for you dear viewers to discuss and help me make the story!
Please read the rules first.


Report DoomedPonie · 280 views · Story: My Little Pony: The Game · #Discord
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2250158 I know how to write the stories. I meant the editing. Sorry that I didn't make it any clearer.

Sure thing, all you have to do is:
Hover your mouse pointer over the drop-down box with your username at the top of the screen
Move your pointer to the first option, "Stories", hover over that and to the right two options should appear: New Story and View my Stories
Click on "New Story" then fill out all of the information about your story, you can edit it all later so you don't need to get everything exactly how it needs to be the first time.
Once you fill it out you click "Create Story" (at the bottom of the page) then it will take you to where you can write your story.
If you still need help with anything just PM me.

2247586 I'm a bit new to story writing still. Mind explaining?

I just saw your post on the HiE group, do you still need help with how to post a story? Also if you need an editor, as long as it isn't M rated, I can do your story for you for free, that is of course if you do not want to pay me. :ajsmug:

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