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Go ahead, don't trust me. Your just wasting your doubt


Okay so, today my friend convinced me to attend a convention with some other so called friends. I take along my 3DS with a copy of my Omega Ruby to help pass the time. While playing I got spotted by some guy, calls himself the merchant, who sells me a golden 3DS.

Once I insert my Omega Ruby copy I suddenly find myself in an anthro version of My Little Pony, except I have my backpack from Omega Ruby and 7 pokeballs each with powerful Pokemon from my current team: a mischievous Hoopa, a fancy shiny Metagross, an evil mysterious Darkrai, a sassy Latios, two legendary Pokemon who could burn the world, and finally my loyal Sceptile. and Hoopa's prison bottle with dark evil magic. Let the adventure begin.

Warning: contains strong language, and set during season 4 finale

Chapters (21)
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Interesting to see that you have Seven Pokémon instead of the usual six. But since it's a [Displaced] story, I Supposed It's where we can bend the rules a bit and do what we want. Giving your "Metagross" a British accent huh? Nothing wrong with that, it's somewhat funny.

In most [Displaced] Pokémon Stories that Darkrai appears in, He's usually the villain. I Hope that's not the case...

I Wonder which Pokémon will appear later after the battle with "Tirek"?

Anyway...I Look Forward to seeing more.

Good Luck with the Story, Hope you update soon and Welcome to the Multiverse of the [Displaced].

Also anypony who sees this, [First] by the way.

Thank you for your feedback and don't worry, their are gonna be like five antagonists, including Tirek. And again this is set during "Twilights Kingdom"

Doing pretty good my friend! I can't wait to see what happens when Metagross and Rarity speak to each other for the first time. And I'll bet Hoopa will get along amazingly with Pinkie and Rainbow! Keep up the good work! :yay:

You Boy Have No Idea...

I Wonder what Yvetal's Entrance will be...I Hope It's This:

(Not Pokémon I Know...Just it would seem awesome for the embodiment of death.)

And For the Shiny Xerneas Mystery Gift. I already got it, just Waiting for the Yvetal Gift. I Own Pokémon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

Comment posted by Madara1442 deleted May 17th, 2016

This is Not going to end well for both parties...

Yveltal has finally arrived in Equestria. I'm a bit surprised that Hoopa knows about his Shadow. Despite Metagross compliment to Omega's speech, the others were a little inspired I guess..?

Can't wait to see what happens next.

Nice story man! I like Mettagross, he's funny when he's explaining that he guessed. Very funny and interesting story so far, can't wait to see where it goes.

You Confronted The Mane-Six, What Will You Do?

Does Yveltal know where Omega is or is he just searching for him?

Darkrai is always the silent one, Never says a damn word... Then again, he never said anything when you confront him in "Diamond, Pearl and Platinum".

It's starting to get good. also are you gonna do the "Equestria Girls" Movies as well?

No this is an anthro version, and Equestrian girls!? Maybe, and Yveltal is searching, but he's using Discord and Tirek to lure him out.

And Omega will be like "HOOPA! Ring us the fuck out of here!"

JK, maybe

Also I wanted to give an excuse for Omega to rebel against the ponies and fight them off.

Ok then.

The Mane-Six would like to battle! Go Groudon! What will Groudon Do?

Well...He Was somewhat sorry for taking the donuts and not sorry for being hungry.

They should be glad that he only used three of his Pokémon & Not his whole team, they would get F:yay:king Annihilated...

I'm pretty sure that a Groudon appearing in a forest & letting out a loud roar would be something Yveltal would Noticed.
(Would Groudon use his "Drought" Ability when dealing with the Mane-Six?)

Speaking of Yveltal...I Got the Mystery Gift for all four of my Pokémon games. When you start opening crossovers with other displace stories, I Hope Omega doesn't get Mixed-up with this Yveltal with the one in his universe:


I Wonder what will happen next? hope to see another chapter soon.

Yelp...She's Screwed...

For a Second I Thought Twilight's Lvl. was 190. Cause how was Groudon supposed to beat that?

They should be considered lucky that Groudon didn't go through "Primal Reversion". Otherwise...The Land would be blazing...

Five Down, One to Go...But add Two More and Omega has Three Problems to deal with...

*Seeing Omega's Mental Problems...* Those Are a lot of problems effecting the mind...

We're Humans...We Don't take Crap from anyone...

A ton of Pokémon References from Pinkie...Critical Hits from the Rainboom, Fainting when Applejack & Rainbow Dash, and "Black Out" should Twilight lose all HP.


Yep Omegas fucked up in the head, but he's funny that way. And I'll fix Twilight and Groudons level to keep them a bit far

DOUBLE K.O! Both Twilight and Groudon have Fainted.
Normality this would be called a Draw, But since Omega still have six of his Pokémon, so he won this Fight.

A bit too late for anyone to arrive. That Battle should got both Tirek and Yveltal's Attention.

I Was Listening to "Primal Kyogre/Groudon's Theme" While Reading This.

Did you get the Manaphy Event?

Yes, and I plan on putting her in the story before the end of the month. And give her, a "unique" personality, which I'm sure no one will see coming. HEHE!

Got It.

You Really Should've Thought Twice when Asking Omega for Help and Protection, Xerneas... But Xerneas had a Point and Yveltal is Slowly closing in on Omega's Position.

Well...Manaphy's Personality was unique. But I Was somewhat thinking that her personality would be similar to "Another Princess" of the water.

What Was Your Manaphy's Personality when you got It?

7287657 Sassy Nature. I see...

I Have Manaphy, But I Didn't Get it yet from the Delivery Lady. Same with all the Other Event Pokémon that are waiting. so I don't know what my Manaphy's Personality is yet.

Also Is Zygarde gonna be making an appearance as well? Can't have the Two without the Third. Plus He's the only one capable of calming both Xerneas and Yveltal.

Wait, seven? I thought that you could only use six Pokemon at a time in the game.


You can, six is the number. But Hoopa is the main key to the story and I wanted include him and my six

No Problem. We Can Wait. :twilightsmile:

I'm Surprised That They Didn't Find the Prison Bottle Yet and Glad they didn't touch it.

Another Surprised is that Manaphy is able to revert into her egg form again.

Really Omega..? :ajbemused: Lying to Little Kids who Sisters you've beaten up for a misunderstanding..?

It was late night in Sugarcube corner, Pinkie was getting ready to close the shop and call it a night. She gave a doughnut to the last pony, who gave her the right amount for the doughnut. She smiled and waved her goodbye.
"Enjoy, come again!" Pinkie smiled, flashing her trademark smile, it quickly vanished when she heard a whoosh sound.
She looked to one of the display case and saw a ring suddenly materialize out of nowhere and grab hold of three doughnuts before disappearing. Leaving a confused and scared Pinkie.
"Hey wait!" She yelled at the display case, "That's gonna come out of my paycheck!" Pinkie pouted. :rainbowlaugh: lol yes

7297035 Yeah...

But they know half the reason why Omega's on the loose.

I have nothing for most of this chapter ......but I still love it :pinkiehappy: I just have a question how did they not release a pokemon when trying to bounce a pokeball and manaphy ....... you expected more about manaphy???

Again... :twilightsmile: No Worries, We Can Wait. Besides Collage is important and we understand if you're very busy.

Is the "Horse Mask" a Reference to that one video where a group of Bronies dressing up in a tux while wearing that mask? :applejackunsure:

Nice to see an update, can't wait till the next one. :rainbowdetermined2:

What Mishap will appear before Omega Now?

Omega and rarity? I so ship it!

I love the humour of this story, I always find myself laughing with every chapter

Comment posted by Napalm monster deleted Jul 22nd, 2016

So this is a Displaced story with a guy turning into a Pokémon trainer? Interesting

Okay.....definitely interesting. Though, I have one thing to say right now. The description says that it takes place before the season finale, but everything that we see that involves the ponies is DURING the finale. So, Ithink you should fix that, since it's kind of misleading

7225122 I can't wait to see how Fluttershy reacts to the pokemon.

I just started and I love this story already.

I can't take manaphy seriously like this. It's just too good. :rainbowlaugh:

.......Well F:yay:k...

Seriously How Did They Not Noticed the Sky?

I Wonder What This Arceus's Personality is.

I'm just counting down the time till the phone blows up or omega gets smacked across the head by one of his pokemon still good story

Well, what the fuck is up with the Pokemon's accents!? They sound... I dunno, they sound like gangsters in my mind. :trixieshiftright:


P.S.S. So.... Xerneas is not dating Arceus anymore? Isn't Arceus technically the all father? Does that count as incest? :twilightoops:

P.S.S.S. Will the in-coming Alola generation made an appearance in this story? I mean, you just put Solgaleo in there. But are they actually gonna appear in the story? :rainbowderp:

P.S.S.S.S. Is MetaRity shipping a thing!? Cause that ship seems to be the most likely to sail! :raritywink:

P.S.S.S.S.S. Will I ever take it easy on those P.S.!? :derpyderp2:

P.S.S.S.S.S.S. Is there any grammar Nazis here suffering out there because of this!? :trollestia:


P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. Yeah... I should stop. :eeyup:

P.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S.S. Oh, you curious you:rainbowkiss:.

I cannot help but think of JackSepticEye when I read Shaymin's lines


I really did mean her to sound like a girl. LOL


First: I love to give my characters a little character so they leave lasting impressions

Second: YES IT IS!

Third: I like to think all legendary Pokemon as co workers, so it's more or less like boss and employee dating.

Fourth: maybe, and I DID not put Solagaleo in this story, I simply mentioned him last chapter.

Fifth: maybe, your not the first person to ask, and I'm warming up to the idea.


Seventh: I DONT KNOW!! Blame my stupid editor taking a break

Eight: THANK YOU:pinkiehappy:

Ninth: Probably, too many PS's

Tenth: I couldn't help myself.

Was the event limited time? If so then I'm sad to have missed it. Oh well, at least I got the shiny giritina from back in black 2 and white 2

It's too bad that the main character didn't do a play through of the game and save his master ball. If he did, he could just catch yveltal.

Technically darkrai is omegas most op Pokemon since it can spam dark void, dream eater and nightmare

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