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Dipper "Alcor" Pines has lived a very, very, very long and extraordinary life. Ever since he was turned into a dream demon during the events of The Transcendence, he's had to fight off crazed monster hunters who've kidnapped and tried to kill his family, other demons with ill-intent, and even an evil, twisted version of himself and his sister. On top of it all, he's had to watch his loved ones and their decendents grow old and die one by one, while he stayed forever young and weilding infinate power. And yet, nothing he's ever been through will prepare him for what's coming.

After a failed attempt at a feedback loop, Alcor finds himself in an alternate version of Equestria, boasting advanced technology fueled by magic and anthropomorphic ponies. Standing alongside the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses, Alcor will face lethal new enemies from Equestria, and old threats from his world... and perhaps, in the midst of all this chaos, Alcor will finally find his one true love in the form of Princess Luna.

A crossover with Gravity Falls' Transcendence AU. Contains Alcor X Luna and Spike X Applejack.

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I have no idea what to think about this...

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Jun 7th, 2016

Thank you I HAVE BeEN wAiting FoR a CrOsSoVeR lIkE tHiS

i'm trying to stay positive but this is were I put negative
you got to stop making the mane six so trusting right after rainbow said he attacked flutter shy they blow it off like air make them more untrusting and make them act like people I swear their is going to be one story pointing it out that all the stories were just you playing in your head
(wow first dislike)
everything else is fine for me
p.s this is why DARK got deleted make the characters characters and not mindless pieces of a sim game where they do everything you want

This looks interesting, transcended Dipper in equestria. Definitely bookmarking this!

"Here, have some deer teeth!"

Dreambender what is this avatar the last airbender ????

Very very interesting. When in the MLP timeline does this start?

More chapters please!!!

Who says they do? Remember, this is only the first chapter after all, so give it some time.

7275081 I know but just the way it is just look like someone who's beginning to write I usually blow it off as the alternate universe tag but just needed to get it out there at least once

I can't navigate tumbler or blogs for the life of me so do you know of any way for me to see the story/life of alcor


So he's basically me without Bill at the controls. HEEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHHEH Good Show let us have another shall we.

Where in the Sam Hell is the next chapter button!!!!:flutterrage:

Sooo.... It's Equestria, except the ponies are like they are in Equestria Girls?

so when is this dipper from?

The confrontation between Dipper and the main six seemed a little rushed and slightly off.

Ehhhhh rushed encounter is rushed, and really who opens up with dream DEMON even if ya a hybrid. Calling yourself a demon tends to just make other creatures weary...since well demon. More so when you consider that the Nightmare could be a type of dream demon itself, well if you go with the whole evil infection thing instead of Luna suffering from a very bad case of split personality.

But yeah would have been more interesting if the Mane Six and Alcor -why Dipper ditched his name is beyond me but meh- had more issues getting along. Or rather the mane six trying to `deal` with him while he just casually rebuffs their attempts, all the while keeping chipper and calm while they try. Until they wear themselves out and are more or less forced to just listen and talk to him, more so when they realize that Alcor could have reallyyyy ruined their day yet was nice enough not to.

Weeeeee bit hard to think someone is evil and such if he lets you attack him with hostile intent, and only just avoids and blocks while keeping calm and relatively friendly.

Edit- To note that if anyone thinks Alcor doing that would be OP just remember that for pretty much EVERY encounter the girls have had with some powerful being. They won due to an powerful magical artifact. Be it the Elements of Harmony, the Rainbow Power, or the Crystal Heart. The only time that wasn't true is with the Changeling Queen, since it was less an artifact and more just a maxed out love powered expanding shield that dealt with her.

Thus the girls not being able to do much at all to Alcor without a magical artifact would actually be quite in tune to the show.

Very interesting story concept, can't wait for this to continue.

Comment posted by The Phantom Joker deleted Jun 7th, 2016
Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Jun 7th, 2016
Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Jun 8th, 2016

I once suggested this in a displaced thread did you see it or did you just come-up with the idea yourself?

I came up with this one all on my lonesome, actually.

He's from a Gravity Falls Alternate Universe called "The Transcendence AU." Here's a link to the Official Tumblr if you'd like to learn more about it.

I'll shoot you a PM with some more...direct links.

I like the AU, but the pacing feels rushed.

Edit: Re-read it a few times. Pacing is indeed rushed.

7289112 Makes me wonder what Monster Hamster's "Review" was.

My friend that just made my day.

on one hand, TRANCENDENCE YES!
on the other hand....AlcorxLuna, even though Alcor is ARoAce...
Friendship i might understand though...

Well, I figure it'd work because both Alcor and Luna have dark pasts (Alcor's deeds as a dream demon and Luna's tenure as Nightmare Moon) and they're both immortal, so yeah. As for having offspring, I admit it's a bit of a leap, but there's always something poeple overlook in stories like this: adoption. And, later on in the series, I've got just the filly in mind...


Don't worry about Absentia, though. It's nothing a little Dream Demon Therapy can't fix.

Moar you magnificent bastard, MOAR!!!:yay:

Hmmmmm. Is it Fluttershy? Or Maybe Scootaloo?


This is gonna be gooooooddd~

............. I like it

More chapters please !!!

love it and love how you addressed the conerns of last chapter

Pacing was much better this chapter.

Nice, a proactive demon! I don't usually see these!:pinkiecrazy:

Ahh finally I love deal with the devil types of fiction, I can not wait for the next chapter

Stupid question but whats a Transcendence AU. I feel like I know but Im not sure

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