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I am a new beginning writer, so I might not be that good, so I will ask for help when needed.


What if instead of a book, The tree of harmony gave Twilight a card with strange symbols on it. She studied the symbols closely wondering what they meant. But it was all very new to her. But when she looked at a small inscription that appeared on the card that said.

"Bakugan Field Open!"

The Mane Six, and Spike were magically pulled into another dimension, where there is no magic, or talking ponies. But they found themselves in the middle of a battlefield. a fight between creatures the humans call... Bakugan.

With no way to get home, they meet a young boy named Dan Kuso, a hot headed but brave brawler, and his newly acquired partner, Pyrus Dragonoid (Drago). They soon meet the rest of his teammates. Runo Misaki, a short tempered but sweet girl, and her partner Haos Tigrerra. Marucho Marukura, a smart and intelligent young boy, and his partner Aquos Preyas. Julie Makimoto, who is like the Brawlers version of Pinkie Pie, happy and joyful, and her partner Subterra Gorem. Shun Kazami, the stealthy ninja of the brawlers, and his partner Ventus Skyress. And Alice, the brightest, and most beautiful member of the Battle Brawlers who is a bit like Fluttershy.

Together, the Battle Brawlers and the ponies must work together to defeat Naga, and his army of darkness. Or else... the worlds they fought for... will be destroyed.

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Oh this is going to be good, I need to get back to my Bakugan story. Nice start and I can't wait for more.

I like this. Anything related to Bakugan on this site earns you a fave from me.
8313484 You certainly do. Also, I have a suggestion for your story, if you want to hear it.

You and me both. This chapter took me weeks to work on, and I'll be honest, it was worth it.

cant wait for more uploads for this story keep me posted

when will the mane 6 get their partners

I can see this story going places. Keep it up pal.

While I like the idea here and the story itself there are a few problems. I'll be providing some constructive criticism. For one, the story and dialogue feels rushed in many places. You are giving discription to things that are absolutely uneccassary in some areas and you are telling us things that we already know about the characters and the lore of both franchises which is also uneccassary. Now I'm not saying you should not give us discription of theses thing I'm just saying that you are telling too much. You are also putting almost every detail of the first episode here, heck some things are almost the exact same which is also uneccassary. Also some of the reactions from the human characters are unrealistc. I mean seriously, all the human characters should react surprised by the sight of technicoloured ponies with wings and horns and images on their flanks. Just to let you know I am dislexic and I have trouble trying to find the right words to say in this critique. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and I hope this helps. In fact if you want to know how to do a story where it places two franchises in the same universe and have them follow the plot of one of those universes' main stories like a movie or a book very well, then I highly recommend that you read this story: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11544320/1/Ultimate-Sonic-Meets-Star-Wars

If I wanted criticism, I would have asked for it. I know it seems rushed, but I was watching the episode, that's how I was working at the time. Most of all, like I said about myself. I'm a beginning writer, and I don't want criticism that's gonna hurt.

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love the story and if you want episodes check out kissanime it's a website with lots of anime and it's awesome!!!!

They're also on Youtube, so I don't need to worry.

There is a difference between constructive critesims and harsh critesims. Even beginner writers need constructive critesim, and yes, even the constructive types can hurt, but they are necessary for one's own growth. Trust me, I've been there.

I know, and I'll try my hardest to change it, also I took some lines from Lullaby for a Princess to add some drama to it.

pretty good! not perfect but i like it.

Thanks, I'm a beginning writer, so thanks for not being too critical.

well im a rookie at wrting to. so ill only be critcal if i know it will help you grow. you get extra points for trying a bakugaun fic as one of your first three.

One of my first three? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're also talking about other Bakugan Fics right?

sorry i meant one of your first three posted fics.

Ah, well technically I only have two posted fics.

iknow but i feel this one isnt your last story that youll post. am i wrong?

It was a very good chapter. I love the story so far, please keep up the good work! :)

I actually love this chapter and the you'll be in my heart song from Tarzan at the end of the chapter, keep it up my friend and I'll be waiting for the next upload keep me posted

Ok I need to get back to work, awesome chapter man keep it up

Thanks bro, and you better get too work on it. I'm anxious to read what happens.

awesome chapter can't wait for the mane 6's bakugan to appear

really ok , hey can spike's partner be leonidis

oooh this is going to be good,i am already loving this and i have barely read it yet! keep it up

Sorry, but I already have a character for Leonidas.

sweet cant wait to see more of this wonderful story and maybe later down the line you could use the Equestria girl forms for the ponies?

is spike gonna have a bakugan partner just wondering

He might, or might not. I'm still planning things through.

So would be asking too much for knowing when the big divergences happen?

No clue, I'm still working things through.

fate became cruel and order unkind. So great was her reign, so brilliant her glory that long was the shadow she cast... which fell dark upon the young sister she loved. And grew only darker as days and nights passed.

Soon did she notice that others did not give her sister her due, and neither had she loved her as she deserved. She only watched as her sisters unhappiness grew. But such is the way of the limelight, it sweetly takes hold of the mind of its host. And Celestia did nothing to stop, the destruction of the one who had needed her most.

Paraphrasing one of the saddest things I've heard? :fluttercry: I'm not crying, I'm not crying at all!

You say it, yet you don't mean it. Its okay to let your emotions out.

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