This group is made for stories that take place in the multiverse, and about your character(s) who explore, or protect it from, well, anything and everything. Pony, human, mainly pony because this is Fimifction, original character or main six, and all that are welcome because it's the multiverse!


1: NSFW is allowed, but must have a story, no just plain clop/porn.

2: Anything can go, but only stories with a crossover tab that explore the multiverse (ex: Fanfition of fanfiction, the original content, all such fiction) are allowed.

3: No spamming. Just no, bad user.

4: If you wish to have your story(s) crossover with someone in the groups, please Pm in advance and ask to either write a chapter with them, or use their character(s) first, any characters used without permission of author will be reported.

5: Please do not be rude to new comers and please support their work, this croup is built on helping and sharing.

If you have a story that's multiverse and does not focus around MLP, please read the Forum.

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Locations Of The Infinity Stones In Universe's pleases - warriors

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