A Forgotten Trooper

by SonicTeam34

Chapter 7: Eternal Night

Strider had reached the town at top speed, not afraid to keep the DC-15A pointing ahead. He traced the source of the screaming to a tall building in the middle of the town.

Strider rushed over to the double doors that led into the building and tried the handle. But instead of it opening up to him, they were slammed forward into Strider, knocking him backwards and down the small flight of stairs he had climbed to reach the door.

"Ow..."Strider muttered, his vision blurry.

Through his blurry vision, a dark blue and purple pile of mist flew through the now open door and into the sky.

Strider tried to get back up but ended up getting trotted right over like a welcome mat. He turned his head up to see a purple unicorn running away from the building.

Strider grunted an annoyance and pain, before getting back up on his feet. He looked over in the direction of the strange mist, before rubbing the back of his helmet.

"Something tells me that's not normal." Strider said out loud, gripping his blaster tightly. A noise from behind him caused him to spin around and point the blaster at the noise.

Inside the building was a panic filled crowd of ponies, as well as a few ponies in what appeared to be golden armor who were lying on the ground unconscious. This sight made him lower his blaster and rush over to one of the guards who were still conscious.

"Your a trooper?" Strider questioned the pony.

"Guard..." The pony corrected, his words echoed with the sound of pain.

"Guard, what happened?" Strider asked, looking around at the scared crowd.

"Nightmare moon...she came back....to bring eternal.......night." The Guard fell into unconsciousness the second he finished that sentence.

Strider set the Guard down on the ground, before getting up and taking another look. Each pony was either terrified, fainted, or hiding. Then, his eyes spotted a familiar looking pink mane from below a table. It was Fluttershy.

Strider rushed through the crowd to the only pony who he somewhat knew and bent down to look under the table.

The pony was shaking with fear violently, her eyes as wide as dinner plates. She looked terrified.

Strider heard the noise of hooves rushing towards him. He looked over his shoulder to see that white unicorn he had tripped over, and Pinkie Pie. Why did it have to be miss talks a lot? Strider ignored them and went back to Fluttershy.

"Hey, Fluttershy? You ok?" Strider knew she wasn't but still, he needed to make small talk somehow.

"N-N-Nightmare M-Moon's b-b-back!?" She stammered, her words shaking as much as her body.

"After this is done, your gonna have to explain all this. But for now, you need to come out from under the table." Strider explained.

Fluttershy didn't reply, she just kept shaking, seemingly paralyzed with fear. She must have been close to that mist to shake her up this badly.

"Don't worry, that mist thing left. You've just got to get back up." Strider said, extending his hand towards the mare.

Fluttershy looked at the hand for a few seconds, still not moving. But finally, she extended a shaking hoof out which met Strider's hand.

Slowly but surely, Strider pulled Fluttershy as gently as he could out from below the table and back on her hooves.

"T-Thanks..." Fluttershy said, before spotting the two pony's who Strider had ignored before rushing towards her.

"Fluttershy! Are you alright?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Did this ruffient do something?" The white unicorn asked.

Fluttershy shook her head, her body stopping it's rapid shaking. "N-No, he just h-helped me from under the t-table."

"Oh hiya again Strider! I was looking for you after you ran off but then I spotted something that looked really sweet in the market and--" She was cut off as Strider put a finger over her muzzle.

"Later, i'm guessing your Fluttershy's friends?" Strider questioned.

The two mares nodded.

"Well then, you two calm her down," Strider instructed, before holding up the DC-15A. "I've got some mist to vaporize."

Strider was hiding behind a building, occasionally looked around the corner at his target. His target being the dark blue and purple mist which was currently hovering over a house's roof. The front end of the mist seemed to be darting back and forth, as if looking for something.

Strider didn't know if his blaster would work on mist, but if his Kamino training taught him anything then when in doubt, shoot it.

So he did. Strider pulled the trigger, firing a plasma bolt at the mist. Instead of it making contact, the mist formed a doughnut shape, the bolt flying right through a hole in the mist, before recombining and dashing off through the sky.

Strider wasted no time rushing after it, firing several more blue plasma bolts at the mist. The bolts either flew past or right through the mist, so Strider stopped the shower of plasma bolts and slowed down.

"How do I hit mist?" Strider wondered out loud, his tone hinted with annoyance.

The mist had either had enough of him chasing it, or wanted him gone. So it stopped flying away and instead dive bombed the clone.

Strider raised up his arms in a defensive stance, but the mist just went right through it and slammed against his face, nearly knocking off his helmet.

Strider fell to the ground, slightly dazed from the attack. The mist took back off into the sky and was out of sight before you could saw 'ouch'.

Strider's vision slowly came back into focus, but the damage had been done. He looked around the sky, but the mist was gone.

"Dang it." He muttered, before grabbing the DC-15A from where he had dropped it and began walking.

Strider quickly did a full sweep of the town, not finding any signs from the mist or where it had gone to. After he had rounded a familiar looking corner, he growled in anger.

"This is pointless! Even if I find it I can't harm it!" Strider told himself.

He gave up the chase and instead, went down a path that led out of the town and to Fluttershy's cottage. Half way up one of the hills however, he spotted Fluttershy, along with Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and three other mares he had encountered earlier. They were standing in front of an entrance to the forest that Fluttershy had called the Everfree Forest.

"Are those ponies going into that forest without weapons?" Strider muttered, quickly realizing that the group didn't even have a spear that the Guards from before had used.

The ponies suddenly advanced into the forest and out of his sight. This set alarm bells ringing in Strider's head. Didn't they know what creatures were lurking in that forest? Not to mention the fact that it was night!

"Oh these ponies are gonna get me killed!" Strider emphasized, before rushing towards the path the group had entered on and down said path into the forest.

It didn't take long before the trooper had caught up with the group of ponies, even if it had taken him a solid 10 minutes before he even saw them.

"HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!?" Strider shouted out, his voice quickly attracting the group's attention. Rainbow Dash instantly recognized him and glared.

"You again? Can't you mind your own business?" Rainbow questioned.

"Strider? W-What are you d-doing here?" Fluttershy asked.

"I'm here because this forest is full of crazy things and you came waltzing in without any form of weapon." Strider exclaimed.

"We do have weapons! It's called-" The purple unicorn was cut off as Strider shook his head.

"No, you don't. This," Strider held out the blaster. "is a weapon." He exclaimed.

"That's your kind of weapon. But we do-" This time, the purple unicorn cut herself off as she watched a blue plasma bolt fire off into the sky.

Everypony's eyes widened at the sudden plasma bolt, Rainbow Dash's mouth opened wide in shock.

"Now, if you really want to go in there with no weapons, then don't let me stop you. But I AM coming with you. The only pony here who I know will give me correct information about this world is Fluttershy, and if she get's hurt, then someone's gonna have a bad day, capeesh?" Strider said, his tone darker than usual.

"Oh the comments are so gonna ship you." Pinkie Pie said blankly.

"The what?" The orange normal pony asked.

"Ok, if you have to follow us, then follow. But under no circumstances do you lead the way or fire that weapon unless you need to." The purple one instructed.

"I ain't taking orders from a pony. A pony who's name I don't even know." Strider stated.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle." Twilight Sparkle claimed.

"Ahm, Applejack. Ya still owe me ah new apple cart." Applejack reminded.

"And i'm Rarity. You still haven't apologized for causing me to drop my things and fall over me." Rarity muttered.

"Let's just get a move on." Twilight grumbled, before starting to trot deeper into the forest.