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Imagine not writing about ponies in the current year


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Sunset Shimmer, the former pupil of Princess Celestia, entered the mirror hoping to find a place where she could plot her revenge and prepare to enact it.
Instead she finds herself face down in a swamp, cold and alone, lost to the machinations of the dark, that is until she comes face to face with a being almost as ancient as her old mentor, and maybe just as wise.

Spoilers in the comments
Original Art by Bakki
Featured 5/30/2019

Chapters (12)
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ok this is going to be good.......

Wanderer D

This is interesting! Yoda's dialogue is not... accurate, but I can manage.

Seconded. There is actually a set structure to the way Yoda speaks. It's author's story and they can do what they want, but I get a feeling this will really irritate the Star Wars fans.

Yodas kind of like Zecora where i struggle to write him properly i am trying to get better with him but his dialogue is a bit of a struggle for me

I am a big star wars fan i just struggle with Yodas sentence structure

I wouldn't worry too much, I don't think most people will hold it against you.

That's cool, weird semantics/vocabulary are always difficult. I just typed "Yoda speak" into google and there were a few articles explaining it. Seems like they might be good resources you could use, if you're so inclined.

And so it begins, in a galaxy far, far away...

Definitely one for my Tracking list.

Also, any other MLP characters going to become Jedi?

It'll depend on how the story goes so far its just sunset doing her own thing

Oh yes! Time to trackeroni!

Good to see another Star Wars crossover. Hope this goes well.

Hope there is more.

Cue this:

Workin on the second chapter hoping to have it done by tomorrow

I am a huge Star Wars fan and you my friend, really did good in explaining the differences as well as similarities between magic and the Force. Also “The Force is Harmony” quote fit perfectly! Even though the books and tv/ movies have Yoda’s sentence structured a certain way, I personally didn’t have a problem with it. I can’t wait to see our favorite leather jacket wearing bad girl learn the ways of the Force:pinkiehappy:

From the picture is look like sunset Shimmer is mara jade, because first her lightsaber is purple not green.
Do we gonna have sunset dating someone in the future episode hoppully not luke.

I edited the blade from the original picture because green doesnt suit her, but no she won't be dating luke

Flash sentry perhap,also for sunset is she Going to become jedi or sith.
And also is she Going to join Rebel or empire?.

To each question in order.

If I add any other Equestria Girls characters other than SS than maybe but currently their are no plans to add any besides Sunset, she isn't in an alternate dimension.

She's going to become a something the next chapter that i'm working on will reveal that.

She is on her own side since her main goal is to get home

Ok just saying make her a little bit longer in star wars universe until darth vader and sidious death or until rebel Alliance win the civil war.

So I guess we're not going to get Sunset Shimmer demon form

This looks very interesting, and it's nice to see Sunset's attitude towards home change a bit when she gets slapped in the face with the most notorious space swamp.

I only have one quibble:

Sunset had to ask “Is there any way to control this...Force?”

She saw him use the force to levitate several objects like 30 seconds ago. It's a bit of an odd question to ask.

Otherwise, so far so good. Yoda seems a bit eager to train her despite her age, but unlike Luke she has been literally marooned on Dagobah (barring the mirror being in some tree roots or something).

A tad disappointed the mirror changed her into a human, Luke showing up to find Yoda is more willing to teach a small unicorn than him would be hilarious. Star Wars is one of the places where she would stick out, but in the I-haven't-seen-that-alien-before way.

Also, I'm wondering when we are in the time line. Yoda was on Dagobah for something like two decades, and SS running around the galaxy near the start of the Dark Times is a different story from SS running around the galaxy post Battle of Yavin.

Not bad. There's some room for improvement, though. Sunset's attitude pulled a 180 a little too fast. Same for Yoda agreeing to train her.

I'll track this, see where it's going.

I recommend getting an editor. There should be more ,

Yea i noticed the pacing issues a bit to late into writing. I had been working on this off and on for the better part of a year (it was started in 2018) so alot of things changed between then and now.


Sunset is best Mara Jade cosplayer.

Maybe someday we'll get a real 7th movie.

After order 66 jedi still hunted by inquisitor am i wrong?

Okay, I’m reading. Let’s see where this goes!

No, you're right. The Inquisitorius hunted them, but it's saddening that the Assassin's, and the Sorcerers are extinct, and have been replaced with these truly disappointing wannabe Sith lords. In all seriousness the Rebels' Inquisition had so much potential, but nooo Disney gave us the bird and made them incompetent, 2-D(evil for the sake of evil, or because the show needed a constant villain), egotistical, playground bullies with the Star Wars equivalent of a lightsaber chakram.
(Main Review)
Hmmm, the setup is decent, obvious pacing issues, and characters seem a little bit forced.
But the art though....i sincerely hope you make SS the next Windu. solely because the purple blade's canon meaning fits her potential to a 'T', a purple blade would make her an anti-hero of sorts(or vigilante for those of you that didn't grow up on Ghost Rider, X-Men, and other such Marvel comics), allowing her to use some of the Dark Side to fight for the Light.

and yoda shows the arrogance of the Jedi still.

when well he realize that both codes where wrong?

light when all consuming is as much a corruption as dark.

Thank for the review. The pacing issues were mainly brought about because the first half of the chapter (the first 1k words) was written when this story was just a thought excersise to try and get me out of my writing funk, i picked it back up yesterday and had different ideas on where to go with it, so hopefully the second chapter is paced better. Think of the first chapter as a pilot episode to a show, slightly off pace and less refined than the rest of the show.

As for her saber i was thinking more along the lines of Jaina Solo or Kyle Katarn


The Jedi weren't wrong, the Dark Side as a whole is corrupting it's why even in Luke's Jedi Order, Jedi like Kyle Katarn or Jacen Solo Were seen as Mavericks for using the Dark Side alongside the Light, they walked a tight rope and eventually Jacen fell off the rope.

Ok why have to be purple why not a yellow lightsaber because we don't see any yellow lightsaber in star wars movie or tv series.
I do hope they allow lightsaber yellow on movie or tv series because is interesting the meaning of yellow lightsaber.
Now for sunset she a grey side because she either use a dark side of the force for self defense and not really consume to dark side i really hope she not necessary join sith cause is probably bad for sunset.
The force guide her

We had Yellow Sabers in the Clone Wars TV series and Rebels they were used by the Jedi Temple Guards.

Heres a scene with one

And one big question is what happened to Asaji ventres because she probably she died or she hide herself.
Now my theory of sunset met her she probably a bounty Hunter and i kind of wish she not kill a jedi i mean she kill a jedi on clone war and she probably redemming herself.

Hoppully sunset met rahm kota on this one or she met starkiller

Asajj Died near the end of the clone wars

Jedi master sunset Shimmer hoppully she have apretience is probably jaina or someone else

If Disney doesn't involved star wars is probably not the kid movie is probably more adult content on star wars movie or tv series.

Yeah but what i mean is use on combat not as jedi temple guard

Omg ok i guess she probably become Rogue perhap

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