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Imagine not writing about ponies in the current year


Every night upon the toll of the witching bell the avatar of death, Bell Toll, comes to Equestria. to retrieve the souls of the dead and dying, but her job becomes complicated when she comes face to face with the newly crowned Princess of Magic Twilight Sparkle.

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this would be me if i was death while i would be a little sadistic to those who deserve it i would always hate having to take a childs life the funny thing is my friends jokingly call me death so this story fits my personality perfectly and i loved every moment of it

This was a really good little story :3. The only issues I saw were you put "u" instead of "you" at one point. Other than that I think it's good :).
This was a good little story, and I really liked it. Hope to see more stories by you someday. Keep up the good work :3.

3602498 I can almost always count on ur comments :)

Well I thought it was great! Of course that brings up the question of why it didn't show up in my feed...

Perhaps i should feel disappointed that the challenge didn't included chess, or maybe i am far too attached to cliché to remind myself how the simplest trick are usually the best..:pinkiehappy:

Needs an editor / proof read for grammatical errors, but I love the premise and story of Bell Toll. Was well described, and had a good atmosphere.

3603937 I wrote this at 5 am XD I do agree that it needs an editor

This is...intresting. Good characterization, decent story, even the writing wasn't that bad.

I do like this a lot. I was wondering if Bell Toll will get a full story in the future? Or is this just going to be it? She seems like a very intersting character that I would love to know more about.

3604603 She might, I'm currently focusing on other projects, but I do hope to do a story involving her in the future,.

3605185 you got the reference ;)

Nice story Darklordcomp I loved it.

I would greatly enjoy reading more tails of bell tole and her interactions with those of equestria. Sequel maybe?

So Faust went to Equestria and became the Deathicorn... :derpyderp2:

Seems legit.

Twilight 1, Bell Toll 0, nadda, bubkiss

Attagirl Twilly, 1Up'n Death LIKE A BOSS!!!!:pinkiehappy::flutterrage::pinkiehappy::flutterrage::pinkiehappy:

Interesting story. The challenge thing was a little disappointing; at first it seemed like Twilight was going to keep Bell Toll talking for an hour, which would have been enough to stop her for the day, and a day might be all Scootaloo needed. That would have been a more out-of-the-ordinary solution that fits Twilight's personality perfectly. But the question was well done, regardless.

interesting story to say the least, and clever of twilight. she first inquired what her appearance was and, when she could not remember, knew tht she may have frogotten the meaning of her mark.............

so she is the fausticorn?

3767440 why is she the fausticorn?...... oh never mind.

I like this quietly understated moment of badassitude from a newbie alicorn. Twilight didn't know how she was going to outsmart Death, but she knew that she would outsmart Death. And in a nicely non-confrontational manner, too.

I will say this is not my favorite portrayal of the reaper in an mlp fic, that being Death in Forever Dawn, I would say it's probably the most original portrayal of the figure I've read. Maybe that's merely from a lack of free time on my part, but all the same, it's great work.

Also, I like the interpretation of immortal ascension presented in this fic. It's kind of been ruined since its release, but I like it all the same.

The question has me wondering if Twilight will forget with time. Part of me thinks not. I can see her writing it down. But, more importantly, her cutie mark is tied to so many important events in her life and her domain would make her more likely to remember. :) That's what I think. People are allowed to disagree.

And that's how Scootaloo became an alicorn. :pinkiehappy:

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