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Imagine not writing about ponies in the current year


Shining Armor comes back home after the yearly Equestria Wargames Competition only to find his citizens panicking, his royal guard failing and his daughter on the throne with his wife nowhere to be found.

Or Cadence leaves her ten year old daughter in charge of the Empire and goes on vacation.

Written for the Cadence is a Terrible Mom Competition

Special Thank You to Skijarama for his reading of this story!

Special Thank You to Baineblade For Editing and putting up with my comma fetish and random capitalizations.

Original art by Its-Gloomy

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Excellent story keep up the good work

...While this is funny, holy hell, I actually think Flurry is showing some signs of political brilliance from actually listening to her subject's concerns regarding taxation to wanting to join a larger and likely more prosperous union.

Oh harmony this made me giggle so much I had to admit to my wife that I was reading fanfic instead of working. :twilightsmile: S+


This one has a lot of the headcanons I've never gotten a chance to put in a story. Military genius Shining Armor? Check. Daddy's girl Flurry? Check. Ponyville foals as Flurry's inner circle? Check. Power behind the throne Shining Armor? I hadn't thought of that one but it has interesting implications. Political genius Flurry Heart? Yeeeeessss!

Screw the competition. I'm loving all the Warhammer 40k nerdiness going on. Upvoted and faved more for that than anything else 😜.

Though, did you make it Battlebludgeon 50k on purpose? Or did you forget that it's 40k? Minor nitpick.

Since Dungeons and Dragons in MLP is Obulettes and Ogres i decided to change Warhammer 40K to Battle Bludgeon 50K

well, since Shining Armor IS Twilight Sparkle's brother it only makes sense that he's not completely stupid.


Exactly! :twilightsmile: And if Flurry might well have gotten the Sparkle family brains.

Oh, I get the name change. What I was wondering was if it going to 50k was on purpose or not. But I get it now.

This story is definitely silly. :pinkiehappy:

I could go for some more from you.

Sorry, not until I beat his obsession with commas out of him... The dissuasion procedures are coming along happily though!

There are no commas in Ba Sing Sae


Astra Militarum best faction:moustache:


The concept alone has me interested, LETS DIVE IN!


Maybe it's time Aunt Twilight introduced her to Marechiavelli.

Cadance isnt really on a short VK. She is off on a bender the likes the world has never seen!

This story put a smile on my face, just what I needed.

Thanks for the entry! Looking forward to reading it. :)

She sighed “I may… Or may not have sent a couple million bits to Groks Workshop to get them to give the Chaos Lords and Discord Marines the update to the ninth edition that they deserve…”

Oh yeah, you're a Xenos/Chaos player all right. Keep waiting, we got plastic Sisters after all. I'm sure Xenos/Chaos will get some love soon.... maybe.

I actually don't play the table top at all (too poor) but I do keep up with it

Neither do I, but the issue extends to the books as well. The latest Necron book is from what I've heard (and read) a huge step in the right direction, but overall the Xenos and Chaos always lose, no matter what.

Age of Sigmar and the End Times look over sweating nervously

Yea...lose always...

Even before I start reading, I know we're all doomed!

Lose. Loose is the opposite of tight. And necrons ftw.

"Best Princess Flurry Heart"

The Drukhari Codex that came out these past few weeks is amazing.

She sighed “I may… Or may not have sent a couple million bits to Groks Workshop to get them to give the Chaos Lords and Discord Marines the update to the ninth edition that they deserve…”

Okay. Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines, and Necrons, I see the equivalent for. But what would Chaos Lords be? Chaos Daemons is the only other 40k faction I can think of.

Unless of course, Flurry is also collecting Age of Simgar (or whatever it's name here would be). Then I can add Slaves to Darkness (or Warriors of Chaos if you want) to the list.

Just curious. We have no other story where GW and it's games exist in Friendship is Magic. Ponyfied or not.

so Chaos Lords would be the overall faction of Chaos while Discord Marines would be a specific faction like say Death Guard or Thousand Sons

Makes sense now. Though Discord Marines sound closer to Thousand Sons. Going by the name, and the fact that Discord is closest to Tzeentch in terms of what he does.

I'm overthinking this probably 😵.

Yea probably, maybe i should write a fic with it at some point.

She was awful when it came to the actual day to day maintenance and work that went into keeping a kingdom running, which was where Shining Armor came in. He had been THE captain of Celestia’s Royal Guard and knew how to micromanage. He knew how to rule a kingdom (after all, the Royal Guard didn’t just exist in Canterlot) and he knew how to make sure things went smoothly with any type of operation.

I really like this take on the two, usually it’s the other way round but this makes a lot more sense when you think about it.

This was an extremely fun read, Flurry being a total nerd is always fun and cute as heck. Great work, though I hope we get a sequel to see Cadance’s punishment

“Yeah but… But why can’t we just let the ponies do that stuff on their own? Why do we have to tax them? More importantly why do I have to figure out how to write said taxes?! Can’t we just… I don’t know, delete the tax code?” Shining almost jumped in right then and there...not his precious tax code! He had finally balanced the budget and gotten taxes as low as he could before he left!

Grabs ancap flag

But then GW won't be able to release their new SUPER DUPER Primaris marines! With karate chop action!

Before I start reading this story, I have to quote a infamous video game/cartoon bobcat.

"What could possibly go wrong!?"

I love this! What a wonderful story!


And how was Cadance punished for dereliction of duty?

Celestial Militarum...

*insert rage here while screaming about how Luna is better than Celestia*:trollestia:

Would it have two sides like the Guard in the show? Day and Night Guard? Or would Luna lead a different faction inside the Imperium or a completely different faction entirely disconnected from the Imperium? :trixieshiftright:

Well Vanilla Ice Cream was banned for one

Silly stories like this are the best :rainbowlaugh: I snort laughed and spat my drink out in the staff room at work

Pfff hahaha what did she do to ask for that

Crystal Empire, signed by "Best Princess Flurry Heart" officially asking for annexation by "Aunty Twily the Great" into Equestria.

And so Flurry Heart and Cadence were assassinated, very sad.
(Dark Joke but I do not expect the citizens to take this lightly)

Okay, now I wanna know how Flurry & Shiny handle Cadence's punishment.

I might add a second chapter after the contest is over.


We need a fic where Flurry gets put in charge and tries to run things like a Civilization match.

With Button Mash as advisor.

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