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There were many things Shining Armor was expecting when he got home from visiting Twilight. Seeing his daughter getting thrown out his bedroom wasn't one of them.
Things only escalate from there.

Preread by: Skeeter The Lurker
Cover art by: Glacierclear

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Your stories and your blogs are like two separate universes.

Dude, gotta say i was not expecting this kind of misadventure. I love it

“At least it wasn’t a giant, overgrown lizard,'' he muttered quietly before running into the hallway.

I KNOW!!! Why didn't you have a lizard? You had Kong. All this was missing was Godzilla.

Great story by the way 😜.


To quote Aldaris:

Nice job :raritywink:


Given the Crystal Empire's best plumberponies have a distinctly Italian cast to them, I'd have expected Bowser.

Funny enough the first draft of this story had the plumber speaking Italian and making a reference to everyone's favorite firebreathing Koopa.


It's probably for the better.

Flurry would have found Bowser adorable and counts as a Princess, plus he has all those kids at home.

He'd have REALLY needed another castle. Or six.

"Despite summoning two monsters, it is great to see she's inherited the Sparkle family knack for reading and casting high level spells at a young age," Shining spoke as he looked over his shoulder to his sleeping baby. "Daddy's proud of you, my little filly."

Silver lining, I guess.

Comment posted by Kichi deleted Apr 19th, 2021

And that is another normal day in the Crystal Empire... Now I wonder if Thursday in Ponyville is mixed with Flurry playing

I felt kinda bad for the monkey, he was protecting Shining and Cadence but got zapped into non-sapience along with the snail that was attacking them. :fluttershysad:

“Okay but why did you take her Whammy away in the first place?” It’s the only toy that calms her down.” Shining asked again before returning to a standing position.

You have an unnecessary quotation mark. I highlighted the area in red.

“How is this not healthy!?” Cadance snapped at him as she beat Shining to the punch and pulled Flurry away with her magic. “She’s having fun, and I'm having fun . She’s not crying and I'm not crying! We are having fun , Shining!”

Unnecessary comma, I highlighted it in red.

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