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Imagine not writing about ponies in the current year


Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara have been dating for over a month. Diamond has finally decided to come out to her parents in a well thought out and elaborate plan, Apple Bloom has other ideas.

This story takes place 5 Years after the Season Finale, the CMC and everyone in their age group are around 16 Years old. Cover from the DiamondtotheCore Ask Tumblr Blog

Featured 12/6/2019!

Thank You to PoisonClaw and Night-Shade for editing

Warning: Contains Cute.

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This was quite good, I quite enjoyed it.

I honestly just don't see this ship as a thing at all, but that's just me

come on dear we tested you on that when you were four!”


“Hush dear,” Spoiled then looked at Diamond Tiara “Are you happy?”

And then the world exploded.

that was nice

Apple Bloom was seated nex to her talking animatedly about foal names and it made Diamond smile as well as eased the tension she felt.

Add "t" after nex.

ah told you we didn’t need no convoluted plan.” Apple Blooms smug voice filtered through the couch cushions, alongside her father’s laugh.

Capitalize "ah"

they were the ones who had encouraged it in the first place, but Apple Blooms siblings and grandmother alongside Diamond Tiara’s parents were none the wiser about the whole thing.

Also, Find and Replace all the word "Blooms" with Bloom's

This was a pleasant reading in between my spare time from studying. I really liked the plot twist where Spoiled Rich is happy about their relationship and Filthy Rich is somewhat reacting the way Diamond expected her mother to do.

Hey thank you for pointing that out my editor missed these

Occam's Razor DT. Look into it.

I can see a scene where Filthy has Diamond conduct a report to the board in a play to gloss over sub par growth for a quarter with cuteness.

Will there be a sequel?

One is not currently planned but maybe

A comedy of awkwardness.

It deserves a sequel!

The Image I found was cute and summoned the muse inside me.

An excellent reason to write a story. And the story is as cute as the art. Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara are such a cute couple :heart:

Spoiled added in “and you do realize that I cried at Lyra and Bonbon’s wedding correct? Or that nearly sixty percent of Barnyard Bargains clientele are homosexual, come on dear we tested you on that when you were four!”

You're in Ponyville, Diamond, the gay capital of Equestria!

I'm tempted to write a scene where Filthy and her are at Bon Bon and Lyra's wedding and it's based on a scene in DBZ abriged.

Filthy leaned into whisper to his wife "I'm surprised you came to a gay, inter-tribe wedding honey..."

Spoiled scoffed "I merely wanted to see the gay agenda up close, and frankly I'm not impressed."

-suddenly an army of changelings show up-

"AND NOW IMMIGRANTS! Truly a liberal wonderland around here!"

This was a very cute story to kick off the holiday season. Well done.

Y'know... It's nice not to see Spoiled being a *total* raging thunder:yay: for once.

I haven't read it yet, but I know I'll like it, so have a like in advance and lets get this show rolling!

I just have to say, I love the cover art for this one.

Though her dignity was scared

I do believe you mean scarred. Unless you mean her dignity is afraid. :rainbowlaugh:

Guys, don't downvote a person who is in a different shipping fleet. I like the ship personally, but we each have our own opinions.

xonxt #23 · Dec 7th, 2019 · · 2 ·

The thing is, unless he wanted to say something about the story itself, he had no reason to leave that comment. That's why people are rightfully downvoting him.

Warning: Contains Cute

Well, what do you know. It did.

Cute, but it needs a TON of editing work.

Yea im gonna submit it to the editor group

The running gag with the bet could have been taken further in my opinion.

Probably could have at the same time though this was written on a whim without a plan

Fair enough. I am fond of a good running gag is all.

OH I understand that, This was my second real attempt at Romance and was literally written within a five hour span of time between 1 am and 5 am so alot of missed opportunities.

Makes sense, best writing seems to more often not be during that timeslot for most barring being a major night owl/insomniac.

Comment posted by Professor Donger deleted Dec 8th, 2019

Nice. Cute. And Simple. Like it. :pinkiesmile:

I'm personally a fan of the idea that Spoiled Rich was really just trying to look out for her daughter but didn't know how to do it, and really mellowed out when she stood up to her.

Kind of like a lot of parents do for real life, you know?

(Relatedly, I'm personally of the mind that giving Spoiled, or really anyone, prejudicial traits not shared by anyone else that appears in the story is just a cheap and lazy way to make her the obvious antagonist. Instead, we have this story where the first concern she raises is that her daughter appears to be romantically involved with a serious shareholder, which is a legitimate conflict of interest and might cause actual problems, so there's even more points to you!)

...underneath the mistletoe last night...

I honestly didn't see Filthy being the one with hang-ups, what a funny twist 😂

It was totally adorable. Poor Diamond, she's too young to have such high blood pressure.

I'm actually was never a shipper of Diamondbloom, I was always more of a Tender Taps X Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara X Silver Spoon sort of gal, but after reading this I'm now proud to call myself a Diamondbloom shipper, It's just SO CUTE! Great job on writing it :yay:

Ever since I saw it a few years ago I like this ship, and I don’t know why.

Yeah, and of course it’s only because no pony is good enough for daddy’s little princess.

That's literally why i made him cranky about it XD

Yeah! Dropping the "what are your intentions" bomb gave me a chuckle 😂

Kinda like the idea that the biggest problem that Filthy sees is that she's “Dating one of our shareholders."

Spoileds the one with the shareholder problem

Filthy doesnt want anyone dating his princess they are all unworthy

This was indeed really cute.

“Ah’m worryin too much?!”Diamond scowled at her sudden slip into a country drawl, the scowl only deepened when Apple Bloom couldn’t cover her snicker.

And that was just adorable.

Filthy being the one with problems (and not about Diamond being gay) was a fun twist.

I feel this ended too soon. But it was a great read.

it probably did, might do another chapter in the future if i find the time

It would be great to see how their relationship bloomed. ^^

Good story. Three thumbs up.

Awwww. Cute!

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