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"Be good to yourself, because nobody else has the power to make you happy."


After many hurdles and pitfalls along the way, a very special day has finally arrived for Diamond Tiara. It wouldn't be complete though, without an unwelcome appearance from a certain someone, who might be about to make her an offer she can't refuse.

A sequel to (wait for it) Diamond Tiara's Shock Announcement ,Diamond Tiara's Second Shock Announcement: Better Luck This Time and Diamond Tiara's Shock Announcement, Third Time's The Charm . Reading those in order before this is highly recommended (as well as hopefully, a lot of fun).

Featured from May 14-15 2018. Much appreciated!

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Now that these two are married I wonder how they are planning on starting their family?

Yay more Diamond Fics by Deadpan!

Hmm I wonder... that might come up in a future sequel if this one does well. Watch this space. :raritywink:

You know I can't keep away from writing about my favourite filly for long. :pinkiehappy:

I don't know what I'm happiest about in this fic: the fact that Spoiled is out of Diamond's life for good, that she's married to a mare who loves her, that Filthy has finally found himself a decent mare, or that my girl Coco has made enough of a name for herself that she has a line of wedding dresses. Or possibly all four. :twilightsheepish:

Patrick Stewart Pony: Spoiled returned to her estate and proprly tore apart everything within her sight for the next hour. Not long afterwards, she fell into a deep depression and died of Lou Gallop’s disease. Her daughter would describe her end thusly
“She died loving nopony and with nopony loving her.”

Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day! :twilightsmile:

Darn it, that reminds me, I keep meaning to catch up with your DT/Coco fic, but other stuff keeps me busy. :twilightoops:

I'll catch up with it at the earliest possible opportunity... you're still doing it, right? :twistnerd:


It’s almost finished! I’ll probably release the last two real parts this week and the epilogue next week.

And it’s okay, I still get backlogged on many fics. Plus, the ones I don’t get backlogged on have crazy twists that keep me on edge all week long. /sideeyes Spectacular Seven

Wow, and I thought this guy had to run out of ways to screw around with Spoiled Rich. Not that I'm complaining mind you...

The white sponge cake had to be at least ten, no fifteen tiers high, complete with two carefully carved figurines of the future happy couple hoof-in-hoof.

Pinky and the cakes worked all week on this one. I think it might've outshined the M.M.M.!

After all, he wasn't getting any younger, and all those stairways at Barnyard Bargains were playing havoc on his back.

Time to invest in escalators... or an elevator, have neither of those been invented yet?

(These insulting slurs, used by Diamond in her former role as an irrepressible bully, had somehow been transformed into weird terms of endearment, in the same manner Apple Bloom often called her beloved a 'stuck-up snooty snob'. These fake bouts of antagonistic arguing soon diminished into heavy doses of kissing, sucking and... other associated stuff.)

HEY, save it for the clopfics!

" Hold everything !" Even before Twilight had cleared her throat, let alone gotten to the part where she'd ask 'if anyone has any objections to these mares' etc,

Seriously, she couldn't even wait until THAT part to voice their complaints!?

Also follow up question; WHY ARE YOU HERE!?

"Oh, pish posh, darling. You wouldn't deny a caring mother the chance to see her baby get married, would you? Why don't we just let bygones be bygones, and try to get on with each other?"

"Sorry, what was that?" Spoiled put her well manicured hoof to her ear, in a mock gesture of ignorance. "I'm afraid I've never really understood the guttural tones of dirt ponies who live and breathe muck."

You see, this is why you should always spring for a sniper at these kind of gatherings, you know, just to be safe...


This was it. The big speech Spoiled had been repeating over and over to herself, in the mirror amidst her five hour morning beauty regime for weeks, was finally complete. In her humble opinion, her delivery couldn't have been any better, she even had the whole cute 'puppy dog' pout thing down to a tee.

I think someone like her doing the 'cute puppy'dog pout will be the equivalent of seeing a melting gremlin.

Smash ! Tinkle .

I was seriously hoping that DT had bashed it upside her mother's head...

By this point, as hinted in Diamond's own words, security had finally got off their lazy butts to stand either side of Spoiled Rich in preparation to drag her out if needs be...

Where the hell were you guys 5 minutes ago?!

"Only if you let me carry you through the door of our new home this evening. And also on our honeymoon... whisper whisper "

Again, save it for the clopfics!

Happy Mother's Day to you, too :raritywink:

Coming soon... maybe :rainbowwild:


Wow, and I thought this guy had to run out of ways to screw around with Spoiled Rich. Not that I'm complaining mind you...

NEVER! Check my other Spoiled fics to see ample evidence for that... :moustache:

Pinky and the cakes worked all week on this one. I think it might've outshined the M.M.M.!

Indeed. Credit where credit is due. :pinkiehappy:

Time to invest in escalators... or an elevator, have neither of those been invented yet?

Not very relevant to the fic, but let's say for the sake of everything... no. :scootangel:

HEY, save it for the clopfics!

This is rated 'T' for a reason, you know. And it's safe to say, everything is implied. :raritywink:

You see, this is why you should always spring for a sniper at these kind of gatherings, you know, just to be safe...


This is Ponyville, not gears of war. :rainbowhuh:

Also, I think what you suggested there might be beyond Twilight's morality. She probably saw that Spoiled's relations had the situation in hoof anyway. :twilightsheepish:

I was seriously hoping that DT had bashed it upside her mother's head...

Nah, otherwise this would be a very different kind of fic... :duck:

Where the hell were you guys 5 minutes ago?!

You just can't get the staff these days, can you? On the plus side, if they hadn't been so bone idle, we wouldn't have had a fic, so there you go. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for reading. :twistnerd:

Maybe now Spoiled will finally leave them alone... unless she'll continue to pester them anyway. In that case, Diamond and Apple Bloom should put a restraining order on Spoiled. :ajbemused:

Anyway, great job on this story! :twilightsmile:

I don't think a restraining order would really stop her. She'd probably hire someone to hinder their progress business-wise or (if DT and AB ever have a child) possibly have another kid and attempt to raise him/her to be just like her, then possibly use said child to harass DT & AB's kid just as a way to spite them.

Hmmm, there's a potential fanfic in both ideas... deadpansnarker, I'm giving you an easy one here...

These never end.

"Don't worry, though. Unlike you, me and Apple Bloom aren'tcompletelyheartless. We'll pack you a doggie bag, for you to take on your way back home on the train. I recommend the olives that we've grown ourselves, very sour with a pungent aftertaste. Sound familiar? Do watch your step on the way out, too. There's an awful lot of jagged bits of cheap metal on the floor. It would absolutely kill me to see you end up with a nasty splinter,honest..."

That was it. A now shellshocked Spoiled was firmly escorted outside, the crowd finally woke from it's lengthy stupor to celebrate her exit, Filthy Rich and Rarity hugged each other in relief, and Diamond finally returned to her true love's side... giving her a special peck on the muzzle for being such a patient and understanding mare.

Bit of a run on sentence, there.
"Ushers. Remove this mare. With excessive force."

Good eye. Hopefully, my minor edit has settled the matter now. :duck:

Awesome story

Spoiled doesn't even know how to take "Get Lost" for an answer. She's persistent, I'll give her that much. :ajbemused:

I knew that Spoiled’s delusional and all, but she’s persistent in her denial. That’s alright, seeing as she’s pretty much a noble wannabe who will never be part of the Canterlot elite for being an earth pony. Also, since when is Rarity old enough to be DT’s stepmom?

cant wait for part 5 there better be a part 5

Ding-dong, the witch is dead!

Also, what is it with this fandom making me amenable to lesbian ships?

Thanks for reading, and glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

'All Good Things Come To An End'... but maybe not in the near future now. :rainbowdetermined2:

Thanking you kindly. :twistnerd:

That might be the only thing she has going for her. :moustache:

This fic is set a few years into the future, with an young mare DT and an older adult Rarity. So, it's not beyond the realms of possibility. :scootangel:

I don't know. There's no shortage of good ships, that's for sure. :twilightsheepish:

You're telling me. I've been a hardcore Sunlight shipper for months now. I blame FanOfMostEverything.

Any more to this? Please say yes!

Shock of the Year for spoiled. Happy Mother day and Great Work!

Now what? Diamond Tiara's Fifth Announcement where Spoiled will try to convience her middle-aged daughter to come back, even though Spoiled is already an elder?

Nah. I was thinking more along the lines of something involving Diamond’s married life, not so long after this fic Concludes... :raritywink:

8924024 Still, nice piece of work. :raritywink:

Go go Diamond Tiara! :yay:

The level of vitriol that you manage to inject into Spoiled is actually impressive. You turn her into the kind of character who you want to see get thrown into a dragon's maw, but not before she's had her say. Just so you don't miss out on the show.

Nice to see that in this fic she's completely on her own. Though she also hits something of a new low. I must have missed the fic where Spoiled tried to cure DIamond's Lesbianism... or my brain is doing the hokey kokey with a rusty sieve again, but it was nice to see her get the public dressing down she deserves. There's what Spoiled has done before, then there's trying to spoil a wedding and brainwash your daughter right in front of everyone.

I really liked the bit with Diamond's old Tiara. Interesting that you had it made of tin, and be fake. I think most headcanons are that it comes from her father but I think I like this one better. That tiara was as fake and worthless as the old values that Diamond clung to. So to finally see it smashed to pieces was absolutely cathartic. I'm probably looking too much into this.

Diamond and Apple Bloom are pretty adorable together. I love all the little touches you put into their relationship and their characters in general. Like, the little pear motif on Apple Bloom's wedding dress. That they've turned previous grievances with each other into pet names and fun is cute as well. I dunno! I'm rambling, what's new, but it was just nice to see them all grown up in your usual style with every little detail being brought to the forefront.

Then there are the obvious differences between Filthy Rich and Spoiled. He dotes on his daughter and just wants to be happy, though he does also have a somewhat practical view on the whole thing. He's not getting younger and he needs to know that everything will be taken care of. Which it will. On the other hoof, we have someone who throws out all the demands with none of the love. Someone who wants to gather all the most powerful ponies to her. In the end, he's the happy one and Spoiled is alone. Nice to see. I love how you write both characters. Though I love Filthy and love to hate spoiled. Meh, it works.

There aren't enough DT fics going around, and the fact that the show has shied away from doing any post redemption stories with her is disheartening. A reformed diamond tiara can be a lot more interesting than a mean one. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for reformed characters. Either way, I really think they're missing out on a golden opportunity. Either way, good story. Now I need to go back and read any of these I missed. Have a nice day!

8924727 Hi there. Regarding Spoiled trying to 'cure' DT in the fic before this, it was more a case of Setting DT up with an awful upper class colt as a boyfriend so Spoiled could be elevated socially You can read the spoiler explanation, or you can read the fic. It's the third one in the series. :twistnerd:

As far the rest of your review is concerned, as usual it's an interesting mix of personal opinion, illuminating commentary and good observations. I really appreciate you taking the time out to go into such great detail, and I hope I continue to live up to your expectations. Have a good day! :scootangel:


If I have one complaint, it's that the fourth shock announcement wasn't that DT is pregnant.

Otherwise, a marvelous tale!...but does that mean DT doesn't have her own tiara anymore?

She always has the one on her flank. No one's ever taking that away from her... :raritywink:

And I'm sure she can replace the fake tin one which Spoiled used to manipulate her, with one that truly means something special, perhaps one chosen By Apple Bloom herself. Hmm... the list of ideas for the next instalment just keeps getting longer and longer now :raritystarry:


Well, Starlight could, potentially. :derpytongue2:

Glad to be of service?

I was thinking that Diamond should have put the Tiara on Apple Bloom's head. That could have been a bigger kick to Spoiled's ego.

Almost definitely. Is that a good enough answer? :moustache:

Thanks commander! :duck:

Indeed. :trollestia:

Huh? I actually like the idea of Rarity and Filthy getting together, even though she must be way younger than him. The only thing that would have made this story better would have been Diamond making a small speech in front of everyone after Spoiled was escorted out. Something like this...
"Rarity, I know I've been a bit stand-off-ish with you since you and Daddy started dating. Well, that was because I was concerned that you might be a gold-digger. I never actually thought you were, but after her, I couldn't quite shake those concerns. But you know what? I don't care anymore, you make Daddy happy. I haven't seen him so happy in, well ever. So I just wanted to say, I wish you and Daddy a long happy relationship."

Yeah, something like that, wow that got rambly... Sorry about that.

8926875 I wish that was added, but oh well.

I think that would've made the end part a bit too long with AB and DT's conversation too, I thought the hug between Rarity and Filthy was enough to imply that everything was alright. And who said DT had been standoffish anyway? Her and Rarity were getting on okay, they just needed some time to bond, that's all! :scootangel:

Nah, I wanted to make the comparison between the fake tiara and SR's fake love for DT. And may I say, I was quite happy with how it turned out. :pinkiehappy:

8931657 Oh yeah, I get that, the standoffish thing was all me. I put that there to make her acceptance of Rarity more impactful. Your way is more subtle though, which is cool.

Really liked this whole series. It made me want more but in a way that I didn't know what I want. The ending was so harsh I almost would like to see spoiled have some kind of redemption. Like... They have a kid and she shows up and pulls the, "just let me hold my grand baby once" sort of thing.
Buuuut, I could also see a sequel where she tries to pull another thing like at the wedding and diamond very politely responds with "mom".. only to have Rarity answer and she tells her to call security or something.
Very nicely done.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the series. :twistnerd:

There WILL be a sequel at some point after I've finished with my other projects, but whether it'll be along the same lines of what you suggested or not, you'll have to wait and see. :scootangel:

So your saying I'm gonna have to follow you. You sneaky son of a gun:trixieshiftright:

Another good job. I suspect that DT's change of character in the series was an excuse to write both her and the CMC out of the show.

There have been seven CMC centered episodes since then, I wouldn't call that writing them out.

Not hugely good ones, in my opinion.

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