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Rock Slide

Hey guys, im rock slide hope you enjoy my stories!


It's the Canterlot High yearly Harvest Festival and Silver Spoon, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo are frustrated how their friends are ignoring their hearts.

But, Apple Bloom didn't want to go to the Festival to get her heart broken twice over.

Diamond Tiara didn't want to risk seeing Apple Bloom with someone else.

Can their friends really show them how wrong they truly are?

Edited by OkemosBrony and Feather Note.
entry in: Amore's DiamondBloom Shipping Contest

Featured on the non-mature box: 8/29/2017

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 19 )

:3 hugs all around!

I'm not a fan of the DiamondBloom ship, but this one was written well and the coverart helped convey the appearance of 'em being star-crossed lovers.

I am glad you liked it I had fun writing it <3

Little story, but of great beauty. Congratulations on this small masterpiece!

<3 thank you for your kind words

Well-written. Nice characterization. I think you gave more thought to Diamond Tiara in this fic than the writers have the entire series. ;)

That was sweeeet. I'm always down for Diamond Tiara being, y'know, nice. Especially when there's love in the air.
:pinkiesmile: Nice story, and I hope we see more of them at some point!

It was sweet, but maybe a bit too short. I liked the characterisation and it was very well written, but the ending felt a bit rushed.

Still, good job. I liked it. :twilightsmile:

"See you later. Not!”

I have never been so happy to see Silver Spoon snark at someone. But the bitch had it coming so there is that. Really there is no more to be said on that part of it.

Onto the actual story itself, well this feels a like a prologue for a longer story to be honest. And it's really well done too.

I'm willing to support this relationship if only because it makes the Equesteria Girls version of Applebloom and Diamond Tiara different and I can not make it clearer that that is very, very, very important.

By the way, I'm putting this on my list of stories to review.

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