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After Filthy's divorce to Spoiled finally came through, the poor mare is left penniless and friendless in a seedy motel room. On Hearth's Warming Eve, too. But then, she gets a surprise... a sequel to two other fics.

And here are the links to them: Filthy Rich Gets Divorced! (Almost) and Filthy Rich IS Divorced! . Read these first please (in that order). I would.

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Wow. I didn’t think anyone could have had a lousier Christmas this year than EA loosing $21 billion in stocks, but here we are. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Looking forward to the sequel! :twilightsmile:

...Oops. And I thought I was unlucky when I dropped a pound coin in a drain the other day. Thanks for putting things in perspective. :twilightoops:

Not as much as I'm looking forward to writing it! :raritywink:

It can always be worse. I’m guessing by the currency that you’re in the UK?

Yep, in case my unique spelling of words like 'colour' wasn't much of a clue. And may I just say, the weather here is beautiful! :pinkiehappy: (if you're a duck) :pinkiesad2:

Ah. Noted.

And it can’t be any worse than the weather we on the east coast are currently getting.

Wonder what could prompt Filthy to bring Diamond along for a personal visit? Perhaps he's hoping to give Spoiled some parting advice, or one last second chance? :trixieshiftright:

because he bought in roughly 100% of the family's income

“Brought” does make considerably more sense, though it would fit her warped perspective.

This'll be a two-part fic, so expect the next one soon-ish.

Why not two chapters, then?

And no, before you ask, Spoiled and Filthy are not getting back together

Good. Was hoping you weren’t giving him that severe a case of Battered Spouse Syndrome. Guess we’ll let Taylor Swift take it from here.

I’m honestly surprised Spoiled hasn’t either been stabbed or become the leader of a gang focused on becoming nouveau riche.

Fuck them, they brought it on themselves. Get woke, go broke. After the shit they allowed Bioware to pull with Mass Effect Andromeda and the asinine history revisionist Battlefield V, they deserve ALL of it.

All true.

Even when they managed to fix their shitty Battlefront II, it would still mean giving money to a company that treats their customers like idiots.

That POOR mare? She's a huge bitch who emotionally abused her young daughter. Fuck her.

Pal, you're preaching to the converted here. I was being ever-so facetious in my synopsis. Of course I could've meant 'poor' as in 'not wealthy', which would also be accurate. :moustache:

Definitely not the latter. Check out the Author's Notes... :rainbowdetermined2:

I'm not sure what format I'll publish the next segment in yet, wait and see. And as :eeyup: would say 'Nope'. I do not encourage spousal abuse of either gender, funnily enough... :unsuresweetie:

the next bit outer be in-trusting.

Silver Spoon and the Crusaders getting into the act?

And no, before you ask, Spoiled and Filthy are not getting back together, in case you missed what Filthy said at the end there.

Swift Tail said it best: never ever ever.

She couldn't remember her exact wording, but it'd been something along the lines of 'Well, if you're so worried about spare cash, why don't you sell that useless old fossil Randolph to the glue factory in Phillydelphia? It's all he's good for these days after all.' Pretty hilarious, I'm sure you agree...

It’s a beautiful day outside
Birds are singing
Flowers are blooming
On days like this,
Ponies like you...

Well, that’s Elecctronic Arsonists for you...

I won’t be surprised if they run themselves into bankruptcy within 5 or 10 years. Happy most definitely, but not at all surprised.

So if it's a two-parter, shouldn't it still be marked as incomplete?

So... whens the second part? Or will there be a sequel to this?

Funnily enough however, Filthy didn't quite find the callous mocking of the loyal servant who he'd known since he was a young colt quite so amusing. In fact, considering the devoted butler had helped him deal with everything from minor owies to overcoming the sudden tragic death of both his parents ( much more than his wife had ever done) you might say it got him a bit hot under the collar.

Filthy rich is batman

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