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A newly-reformed Diamond Tiara reflects on her fresh outlook after the events of 'Crusaders Of The Lost Mark', and makes some big decisions about her future. Written to commemorate the fifth anniversary of my favourite episode.

This was a true labour of love I had to mark the occasion with. Enjoy.

Picture credit goes to sergeant16bit at Deviant Art

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Short but good! Great job!

And interesting idea about Silver's cute mark.

my favourite episode.

Same! :twilightsmile:

Thank you. And I like that the show gives us so much head canon material. :pinkiehappy:

Great minds think... well, you know the rest. :rainbowwild:

You're welcome! Me, if I may say, I had the idea that Silver's parents wanted to use special cutlery for Celebrations and Silver came up with a spoon design, getting her cutie mark

DiamondPip is best ship!

Then again best pink pony is always in my stories as most well know.

It really is a shame how little Diamond Tara we got after that episode. There never really was a moment were we saw the result of her turning over a new leaf, was there?

Interesting idea. Quite possible! :ajsmug:

Seeing as we got so little of her on the show, it's left to fanfic writers to pick up the slack. And don't we do a great job? :rainbowdetermined2:

Well, I think we saw her help her butler out of a cart accident... she cooked with Silver Spoon and another filly... then we saw her as a grown-up mare in the last ep looking happy (see avatar pic) aanndd... that's about it. Shame. She didn't even have another spoken line... :fluttercry:

Thank you! I also took the idea with Octavia and Vinyl regarding Silver

The perfect anniversary present. :pinkiehappy:

It's not quite a 'diamond anniversary', but it's important to me... :raritystarry:

How about that; It's MY favourite episode too! :pinkiegasp:

Diamond Tiara could not believe how far she’d come.

Well actually, despite the impressive size of our mansion, trotting from my bedroom to the kitchen and back to get a little midnight snack isn’t that long(!). Diamond giggled slightly at her little joke there, before getting serious again.

Ah, Silver Spoon. You’d think her cutie mark indicated that she dealt in metalwork or cutlery, but you’d be completely wrong. What it showed was she was extremely proficient at cookery, with fine soups being her raison d’etre. But she quickly discovered that her culinary talents could be extended to other elegant dishes, a fact Diamond planned to take advantage of.

Awesome twist! :yay:

Side note: I was under the impression that she was 'born with a Silver Spoon in her mouth'._

It would be a bit of a shame if that was the only reason for her cutie mark... :trixieshiftleft:

Looks like Pinkie's not the only one who likes puns... :pinkiecrazy:

Hurray! Welcome to the club. :twistnerd:

Deciding that there wasn’t really anything pegasus-relevant in her huge heap of stuff, Diamond reasoned that maybe her new friend would enjoy a day with her idols the Wonderbolts in lieu of anything material-based. The problem is, to hire the entire troupe would cost me another week’s pocket money, so bang goes that new dress. Never mind, it’ll be worth it to see the ginormous grin on her face when I tell her about it tomorrow. Who’d have ever thought ‘it’s better to give than receive?’ Looks like all that friendship stuff you taught at school isn’t a sappy dappy load of nonsense after all, Miss Cheerilee. Speaking of which...

Oddly, that reminds me of part of A Dream That Wasn't, by Another Army Brony.

“I am an Equestrian citizen.
I live each day in service to the Princesses and in service to others.
I shall treat everypony as family, regardless of relation.
I will act as an ambassador to the Princesses in all I say and do.
I will conduct myself to bring credit to myself, my Princesses, and to our nation.
In all things, I will love and tolerate.
In all things, I will strive to embody the Elements of Harmony.
In times of darkness, Laughter will light my way.
In times of need, I am Generous with all I have.
I will meet spite with Kindness, as an act of Kindness begets the same.
To my Princesses and my family, I will always be Loyal.
I will embody Honesty in all I say and do, and I will live the virtues of honor and integrity.
Whether I be a Unicorn, Earth Pony, or Pegasus; I will share the Magic of Friendship.
I vow to uphold this Creed and live its virtues for all my days, As a member of the Equestrian Nation, United under the Princesses in whom we trust, Indivisible, and with Love and Tolerance for all.”

It's a shame that the show itself never touched upon this.


Damn it, Diamond Tiara, you're still acting (or rather thinking) like a spoiled bitch... :ajbemused: I guess this will take time, (or... a few sessions with a cattle prod) before she reforms completely... :unsuresweetie:

Sounds like wise words to live by. :rainbowkiss:

Yep. I still love the show, but if I could've changed anything, it would be the lack of DT in later seasons. :facehoof:

Oh c'mon... she's not that bad. We don't want her to lose all her sassiness... she wouldn't be who she is without it. :scootangel:



Oh, don't get me wrong, what you wrote here seems like a very realistic depiction of DT - people don't change 180 degrees in one day. I'm just saying there is (or was) a long road ahead of her to drop her way of 'rich-thinking.' That's all :rainbowwild:

It's nice to know if Diamond Tiara can make an effort to change, then I'm pretty sure we all can too. Tiara is doing what she can to help and that is something I admire. This was a sweet fanfiction. I appreciate your passion project, you snarkster you! :ajsmug:

Thanks. Someone has to give DT the attention she deserved but didn't receive in the show. I attempt it by writing countless fics featuring her, and now you've followed on by reading one. You see? Each small contribution helps in its own way. :scootangel:

Five years later and Diamond Tiara is still getting her rightfully-deserved attention. :twistnerd:

This was a very nice story and a lovely follow-up to the episode it draws from. :twilightsmile: It's a shame that the actual show never followed up on Diamond's reformation afterwards. Oh well. That's what good fanfics are for, eh? :raritywink:

Well, someone's gotta fill in the gap. It may as well be yours truly... :moustache:

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