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After Diamond Tiara's first two experiences delivering big news to her parents, you'd think that'll be it. But, nope... she has yet another bombshell to drop, and this time Spoiled Rich isn't going to take it lying down.

Sequel to Diamond Tiara's Shock Announcement and Diamond Tiara's Second Shock Announcement: Better Luck This Time. It's probably best if you read those ones first, or you might be slightly lost.

A fourth sequel is here... just waiting to be read...

Featured from 7/11/17 to 9/11/17. Thanks everyone!

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Of course their son would be a rapist. Excuse me, I need to go make preparations to make some donations to the glue factory.

Not quite, but definitely getting there without some sort of major intervention. :twilightangry2:

*crosses hooves * please have Spoiled live in poverty

I have an idea how about having her propose to Applebloom and than tell both their families at the same time it would be so awesome to see the reactions on everyponies faces

8535001 I'm sure if there are future instalments, we'll cover that territory. :scootangel:
8535015 Not a bad idea, that... :twistnerd:

glad you like it. PS I would love to see a Diamond Applebloom Wedding. we just don't get those very often

Perceval bears a distinct resemblance to Harvey Weinstein. Better keep him away from the ficus.

Well, he wasn't supposed to. If you didn't write about anypony who behaved in such a way on the site, then I think a lot of good stories both past and present would get canned. It's all about how you handle the topic I think... as long as everything related to that is handled in a manner which doesn't condone or excuse it in any way, I don't see it as being too much of an issue.

Just when I think of this series can't get any better, you somehow managed to surprise me yet again. Why doesn't this have a TV Tropes page yet?!

When a story has you grinning from ear-to-ear from beginning to end, you know the writer has done something magnificent!

Even better, have her propose at a restaurant that her mother just so happens to be eating at, partly to make a grand proposal and partly to piss her off even further!

And if DT's convinced of how officially official with her relationship with Apple Bloom to her mom then maybe physical evidence should work.

perhaps I'll visit Randolph's grave later to ask him myself.

Randolph died? :applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry:

Well in all fairness, he is very old. :fluttercry:
Thanks! :scootangel:

It was preferable over having to keep working for Spoiled.

8535222 True. That could make for an interesting story, especially from Diamond's point of view.

Wow, you're absolutely right! Let me try and clear some room in my schedule, and I'll see what I can do... :raritywink:

Ha! That's what you got, Spoiled! Wonderful Work you did there! Even after 2 years, she won't understand, maybe she does now.


I find quite horrific how Crust, Set and specially Spoiled unashamedly treated Diamond like breading stock about to be sold, and set her for a rape date.:pinkiesick:
Also, Precival's sex assault is almost ignored besides Tiara's response.

They didn't exactly set Diamond up for that kind of treatment, they just idiotically left her alone with a stallion who hadn't been taught by his neglectful parents that there are certain 'boundaries' when it comes to mares. :facehoof:

Also, I purposefully left out the part where Spoiled (Filthy's probably already figured it out, as you may be able to tell from the ending) and maybe the others would have to deal with the consequences of her actions, because I may get to it in part 4 next.... :moustache:

Well, you know what they say... some ponies never learn. :twilightoops:

Sic Semper Tyrannis, miss Milk.:ajsmug:

Oh this was ~beautiful~ Kinda wish I could see Filthy ~explode~ once Diamond tells him just what Percival tried to do

8535529 Indeed :rainbowdetermined2:
8535537 I think he has some inkling already, but I think you can use your imagination about how he'll react when he hears the whole story. Or alternately, it may be bought up in part 4... :pinkiesmile:

Spoiled, you finally got what you've long deserved. :pinkiecrazy:

Spoiled Bitch must be dumber than she thinks if she wants to set up Diamond with a dunce like Jet Set and Upper Crust's sexual offender of a foal.

I think the personality of the teenage stallion Spoiled set her daughter up with is somewhat irrelevant to her... she just wanted Diamond to be ‘normal’ and marry into a ‘prestigious family’ while climbing the social ladder herself at the same time, and her method of doing that is unorthodox (and disturbing) to say the least. But this is Spoiled we’re talking about here, so yeah. :moustache:

...And whatever that might be, will probably be continued into part 4. :pinkiesmile:

So I just read through the whole series. It got a few chuckles out of me. Also reminded me of how much I hated Spoiled Rich. Its a shame we don't see Diamond in the show anymore beyond a few background cameos. Would have been great to see her interactions with the CMC post reformation. Well done Darling :raritywink:

you have alot of possible announcements yet, enegagement/marriage, possible decision to have a child via artifical insemination or adoptions, they won the lottery, just pick something.

8536138 Hi there, glad you enjoyed the series so far and they made you laugh a bit. After all, what is life without a smidgen of joy every once in a while? No, a famous playwright didn't write that... I just made it up. Amazing, huh? :moustache:

:rainbowderp: And I consider it an insult that Spoiled Rich has TWO whole speaking appearances in the last couple of seasons, when her far more tolerable daughter has precisely none. BOO!! :twilightangry2:

8536188 Yep, don't worry I will! I just like a big of 'audience participation' sometimes, that's all. :raritywink:

I read that completely in the wrong tone because of your profile picture :rainbowlaugh:

8535015 I like this idea for the fourth fic.

Yes, Diamond does have rather an 'unmistakable' voice, doesn't she? :twistnerd:

So do I. But whichever one I use, will be the one I think holds the most potential narrative wise. Watch this space. :raritywink:


So they DID set her up for the rape date. Just they weren't INTENDING to.

8536369 I don't think things were going to go that far in Diamond's particular situation, she was just on the verge of being groped by somepony who wouldn't take 'no' for an answer (which of course, is no small matter in itself). :twilightangry2:

Fortunately, she took care of the incident quickly, and I think it's safe to say that the ponies behind this outrage won't escape scot-free in the future once word gets out... :moustache:

I swear, I enjoy this series the more installments I read. Good show old chap!

More that I read it as pissed until the end. Complete mood flip :rainbowlaugh:


One thing I didn't get was if Spoiled was a lesbian
herself who ignored her preferences to pursue the money and social status of advantageous marriage.

As soon as I had the image of a pony couple and their son, I knew it was going to be an arranged marriage. But I was a little confused if he was just a spoiled colt that acted like a baby... or a colt too young for Diamond(and a marriage like that could happen).

Also, could the next chapter be them getting married, or even adopting a folly or colt of their own? I would consider one of those two the next step in their relationship(or the next-next step with the adopted child).

Still, I like your one shot stories in this situation, I could honestly see all of this happening if the show somehow went in that direction with Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara.

I would like it if you made a chapter story of what goes on at the college in manehatten

Hah, kicked his nards into next week. Would bee funny to see Spoiled bi- I mean milk's reaction to the wedding announcement.

( there seems to be something off about the cover art. It's like DT has two right forelegs. )

You actually made me care about DT though these three fics. Well done! :pinkiehappy:

8539054 Hey, don't blame me... have a go at the animation department for not paying attention before that picture was screen-capped. Never mind though, veterinarian surgery has come on in leaps and bounds of late and I'm sure somepony with DT's capital would be able to shell out enough to correct the fault when she's a wee bit older. :scootangel:

Changing the subject, DT has been a reformed filly now in the series for more than two years and in these stories for longer than that,so I would've hoped you'd found it in your heart to forgive her by now. Go on, you know you want to. :raritywink:

Glad you liked the stories, anyway. Do come again! :coolphoto:

8538815 Nice catch on her possibly known as 'the former Mrs Rich'. And yes you would be a fun scene to write, the next part though will be a mystery until I get around to publishing it. Watch this space. :pinkiesmile:

8538743 Perhaps I will, but while you're waiting to see what I'll be serving up next I refer you to the space above. Watching it makes the time go so much faster... :twistnerd:

8538371 I doubt the show will go in that direction, which is a shame as kids should be taught that same sex relationships are just as valid as hetero ones. Scoot apparently has two gay aunts who live together though, so maybe it's possible. Thank you also for giving me ideas, but... that space above to going to get a lot of use, isn't it? :yay:

8538246 It could be either way, but in my universe Spoiled is straight. A fic where she was gay could be possible, but I wanted to focus on Diamond's shenanigans and not concentrate on Spoiled's private life in these fics, so that's what I did. :ajbemused:

8538006 Well, at least it amused you in the end. :trollestia:

8537981 Cheers old bean, what what! :pinkiecrazy:

8535214 BTW, I like this guy's idea. If anyone wants to do a TV Tropes page for this story, bring it on. I'm FAR too busy and bone idle to do that myself, so any free help would be gratefully appreciated. :raritystarry:


DT has been a reformed filly now in the series for more than two years and in these stories for longer than that

I haven't read any of your other stories... yet. Might just browse though them in a bit :)

I know she was reformed, all would be forgiven. What I meant... it's more like, perhaps Discord. I like him as a story character, he makes for fun adventures and that he is Q from Startrek is all kinds of awesome. But on a personal level, even reformed and forgiven, if he were to exist for real, I'd be kinda 'meh' about meeting him. Fluttershy on the other hand, if she existed for real, I'd really want to meet her. I'd want to be her friend and defend her from all the bullies and I'd practically move Heaven and Earth for her, if she were to need me to.:heart:

DT was kinda like Discord for me on a personal level. Reformed and forgiven, but I wouldn't be much interested in getting to know her. In your story, she got a nice push towards me caring for her personally, like I do Fluttershy. (though not for the same reasons)

Does that make sense?:twilightsheepish:

veterinarian surgery has come on in leaps and bounds of late


Had an account for three years and written many stories, but I can honestly say I don’t make enough of a habit to read other people’s stories.

Maybe that’s a bit of a pitfall for me, because I’d likely enjoy other stoies as much as I’ve enjoyed this series.

I love your characterisation of the characters. I really get the vibe that you see Filthy as a self-made man whereas Spoiled has simply taken advantage of his caring nature. He’s a business pony, but he also has heart, which maybe explains how he’s stayed in business with the Apples for so long.

I love the pacing of this series. You spend a fair amount of time building a scene that I would likely have finished in a paragraph or so, hah.

You’re getting a follow from me, and I’m going to take a little time to sit and read your other fics.

8553138 Thanks for the follow, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my stories that you deign to read. I like to be patience with my build up, and if that means using lots of BIG WORDS and descriptive text in my fics, so be it. I prefer to write than read myself, I guess I'm more of a creator than a consumer. My general opinion of the hierachy in the Rich family is just as you described, although occasionally I like to mix things up a bit, as you might see if you delve further into my work. Anyway, have a great day! :scootangel:

I can hear Jet Set and Upper Crust's son getting the Brock Turner treatment: getting out of jail early, due to the charges being knocked down a peg, but living with mumsy and dadsy and the rest of the Canterlot Elite avoiding them like the plague.

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