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It's no secret at the office that there's something between Tempest and Wallflower. Its not like they hide it, anyway. Still, it's nice to get out of the office and do something that's just the two of them for once.

Too bad someone else didn't get the memo.

Technically part of the Beanis Cinematic Universe

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This was sweet. =)

Well, it's not like we're likely to get a lot of tender moment from Sunset and Twilight...

This was genuinely sweet, and Trixie was magnificently horrible. "Trixie thanks you, restaurant minion" may be the best sentence I've read this week. Thank you for this.

something something unofficial Beanniversary sequel

Nice to see someone come out of Beanis Inc with their sanity intact.

Majin Syeekoh

This was lovely.

Quite enjoyed this.

You know, I like these two together.

I've read a fair number of Beanisverse stories, and it's the sweet ones -- like the one where Rainbow gave Sunset something non-bean-related and she cried -- and this one I like best. Over-the-top action and/or sex aren't necessary for a good story.


Proof that the BCU is large enough for any story, even quiet romances.

I love this strange crackship and how genuine it's become, and I think you did a lovely job of selling it. The dance in the rain was wonderful!

It's just a shame we'll never see Trixie again after this ;)

I like the name it rams with viva la vida

I think this story has the best "thumbs up" to "thumbs down" ratio in the entire BCU.

“Say hi to Twilight for me.” Trixie called to Tempest’s back.

Trixie had been completely ignoring anything to do with Tempest until that last line. This worries me significantly. Especially as the last story, Midnight had decided to up her game a bit when it came to Tempest and her slowly recovering memories.

The back tire had blown out. Whether that was a result of the accident or the cause, Tempest wasn’t sure.

And in that light, this definitely seems a little less accidental

Nicely done. Have a like and fave

That was very tender and soft, like well made bean curd.

In all seriousness though, this was a good little date night story with a weird ass couple that works. I really rather liked it and the change of pace it brings, like a few other entries, to BCU canon. Thanks, Dwarvish, you do good crackshipping.

Will you make a story showing how EG Tempest and Wallflower met?

Are you referring to a story within the Beanis Cinematic Universe, or were you asking about a story outside of it?

No, just this story in particular.

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