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Chrysalis has come up with a foolproof plan to take over Equestria, by creating evil versions of her greatest adversaries! The only problem is, Discord already did it... and he's about to tell her so. Based on the latest episode 'The Mean Six'.

Spoilers, of course.

Featured from June 10-11. A certifiable fact.

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Hmmm.. I am smelling Professor Chaos origins.... By any chance did you base this partially on Simpson's Did It!? If not, then man you missed an ideal comedy gold bit! That episode was fucking weird man!

Only the title, not much else. :moustache:

And now that I read it, I have context. It really was similar to the whole Discord thing. However, Discord's antics work better seen. This isn't a slight against you, it just relies on visual punnery and that is slightly lost in written form no matter how in-character you get him. I haven't seen this episode, but thanks to *thunder flashes needlessly dramatic* TV TROPES, I can take a shot. Thanks to this addictive substance I know mostly of what happens in each episode. This was a funny story and I am surprised they did an episode twice.

You might think you're destined to succeed in the cozy glow of your own ego, but with such patently unoriginal machinations, I'd wager a filly poses a greater threat than you at present.

Meta much? XD

I agree, there's only so much you can do regarding Discord in the medium of fanfiction without the accompanying visual jokes and random allusions, but hopefully I've done as good a job as I can. Thanks for the praise, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. :scootangel:

Oh you can definitely do him justice. Just the flare he usually adds is lost cause we are reading about it. Discord is easily the hardest and easiest character both to nail. The easy and slightly shitty way is to just make him hammy and weird, but to truly nail him, you have to go against what people expect. Or so I imagine... I haven't written Discord!

It's tougher than it looks. But still, it's a lot of fun to do, because unlike most of the other characters, virtually anything goes! :rainbowderp:

Who would imagine THAT being so difficult? It's hard not making sense. Discord may think otherwise, but there is a method to being weird. Discord thrives on it and yet it is hard getting down properly! That should be the easiest thing in the world on that logic alone!

When people try to write Discord, they'll know what you mean. You have to find that sweet spot between unhindered lunacy and moderate sanity. Tougher than it sounds, but once you've grasped it, the rest should follow easily enough. :rainbowdetermined2:

:flutterrage: "Shots fired!"
"Kill the shy one."
:ajsmug: "Discord did it!"

🏥 = 1


I'm imagining this literally happening. Like Discord pulls out a newspaper and holds it up. At first there's nothing on it, then it starts shouting at the top of its non-existent lungs.

Chrysalis must be desperate to use a hand-me-down D-Rank plan.

Indeed. Hey, at least it would get the message across. :rainbowlaugh:

'plays South Park theme'. :trollestia:

Ah, you see now it's beginning to make more sense. :ajsmug:

Thank you. I hoped to make people think... :moustache:

I noticed that originally too! I did enjoy this episode, but it's a bit unoriginal.

It was a pretty good episode, agreed. Thanks for reading. :rainbowkiss:

Discord did it.
The whole "anti-mane six" thing. Discord did it, he reversed their personalities.
But he didn't clone them?
Then this is completely different!
Yeah, about as different as we are from the original us.
Shots fired!

Literally was my first thought. 😂 The only difference between these Anti-Six is that Anti-Twilight is cunning and ruthless, not depressed and pessimistic.


Yep, but for the most part they are pretty much identical in behaviour, and the idea is still pretty much the same :twistnerd:

Finally, a resolute Twilight had the most of everypony to say. "Of course it will! With me... sorry, you leading us, nothing could stop us achieving my, apologies, your glory! Hmm... that might not have come out quite right."

Seems legit. A totally trusthworthy lieutenant.

Naturally. How could anypony think differently... :rainbowwild:

Right now, Evil!Twi is my favorite one-shot Season 8 character.

"cozy glow of your own ego"

Well done, well done .)

Not only did DIscord do it, Chrysalis used Mane 6 duplicates in the very first MLP: FiM comic. Except in that comic her plan actually had a chance in hell of working.

In this episode, ha, no. We, the audience, already knew the evil clones couldn't use the EoH, because they'd rejected even the actual Mane 6 when they weren't in harmony, again back in "Return of Harmony".

Since we already knew Chrysalis' plan was doomed to failure, there was no tension whatsoever. And then the Mean 6 were destroyed by the Tree itself... which now raises questions even more about how the hell the Tree works. EXPLAIN, TV SHOW, EXPLAIN!! When you're 8 seasons in and the central McGuffin to the entire show is still utterly nebulous, you really have to question the worldbuilding. It'd be like getting to the last half of "Return of the King" and still never being told that the One Ring contains part of Sauron.

And that's why this episode wasn't the season finale. This episode had so many red flags it was even funny.:facehoof:

Just Chrysalis getting played by her hand-me-down creations.
Good story.:moustache:

8976330 And it was a plan we already knew COULD NOT POSSIBLY WORK, because we already know the EoH will not permit someone not in harmony to use them. Neither Chrysalis nor the episode writers were paying attention here!

8976294 Basically, I just write myself. :pinkiecrazy:

Honestly, I could imagine Discord suing Chrysalis over the whole evil mane 6 thing.

There isn't much competition, but agreed. :ajsmug:

It was rather predictable, but at least I wasn't bored. The problem is now the hiatus until the next episode, I wonder how long it'll last this time... :rainbowhuh:

Thank you. :pinkiehappy:

Yea, I expected a bit more of an epic considering the setup, but what can you do? Thanks for reading. :scootangel:

Hence the line in the fic... :raritywink:

I would love to see or read a story where Chrysalis runs into Quibble Pants. Maybe she'll get a frikkin' clue after QP goes on a 20 minute rant on how her plans are so ill-conceived and destined to fail epically.

"You might think you're destined to succeed in the cozy glow of your own ego, but with such patently unoriginal machinations, I'd wager a filly poses a greater threat than you at present..."


You DID mention spoilers, but I never expected spoiler double duty.

Nicely incorporated. A nod to the future, whatever that may be.

Oh, yes. Someone do that, PLEASE!

An ingesting story. It would be quite funny if this actually happened.

By the way:

all I see is a pitiful antagonist in desperate need of consul,

"counsel", not "consul"

I'm not the only one who noticed the Mean 6 are exactly like the Discorded Mane 6.


The Mean Six were far more concentrated as separate entities than what Discord did, to a point that they even had their own cutie marks.

The regular six ponies never had their cutie marks change, their colors only became faded and muted.

Also Twilight discorded never went full on opposite, which was what Betrayal Sparker did in the episode. Rainbow was still loyal to Cloudsdale. Rarity was only obsessed with a single big gem, whereas Rapacity was obsessed with multiple material possessions. Pinkie Pie was turned angry and laughed at you instead of with you by Discord, whereas Bland Pie was trying to be boring and uninteresting. Discord Applejack lied, but it was more believable then Hedge Apples.

Fluttershy was always evil, so there's no changes there.


It could be set up for a future episode, the tree did just absorb negative magical power and could become corrupted.

Anything Chrysalis does is doomed to eventually fail. If not because of her, then because of something she missed.

Hmm... interesting idea. :moustache:

Yep, you got it. And thanks for reading. :raritywink:

Fascinating... and, somewhat disturbing. :twilightoops:

Judging by a lot of the comments here, yep. :scootangel:

Umm... yes. :derpyderp1:

Chrysalis. How the mighty have fallen.

I must admit, humiliating her like this episode does is even better than splattering her against a wall with a giant fly swatter.

From what I'd heard, I'd expected something more grand, like capturing the main six and sending in their duplicates in their place to ruin their reputations and wreak havoc on Ponyville and Equestria.

Going after the Elements was doomed to fail.

The whole idea of taking control of the elements makes sense, but Chrysalis' execution of the plan wasn't particularly good. Her Mean Six weren't loyal to her, got lost, were lazy, and ultimately planned to betray her. I think her strategic and tactical ability to mastermind events has slipped. Like, a lot. If she was able to manipulate (and later, mind control) Shining Armor in the S2 finale, I'm not sure how she failed to do the same here.

8977776 It's one thing for the villain to fail because the Master Plan has a hidden flaw or the good guys find a way to defeat them. But when there's no possibility of success from the get-go, it negates any actual threat. Without tension, there is no drama.

8977781 Most of us old-time Internet trolls are ancestors of Discord. :trollestia:

:moustache: Twi? Look at this ----->:raritywink::duck::raritystarry::raritycry: :flutterrage: DISCORD!
:twilightoops: Spike!
:duck: Absolutely genius Precious Scales! More 'Rarity for You'!
:moustache: Me like!
:raritywink: Me too!
:twilightoops: Stop encouraging him!


I think the drama was the viewer watching the mean and main six cross paths and not realize it. They at least noticed that something was off with Rapacity.

Still it definitely feels like a set up for something bigger.

You'd think with how famous the Elements of Harmony were, Chrysalis would've realized the moment that the Mean Six were created her plan was doomed to fail. I mean, how was she honestly expecting a group of ponies who were the polar opposites of what the Elements represented supposed to wield them? On a side note, who else thought that episode's ending was super dark?

Were there references to "Die Hard" and "The Big Short", or did I just read too much into a handful of lines.

I didn't intend to put anything like that in the fic, but if they're there, they're there. :rainbowwild:

It was a bit yeah, it reminded me of the conclusion of a Star Trek Voyager episode, where a similar thing happened to a bunch of clones. Please reply if you can remember the name... :rainbowderp:

Another delightful exchange! :raritystarry:

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