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Remember when Twilight and Starlight overheard two ponies saying mean things about Rarity, which caused her to run off in tears? Well, this is the cut scene from that episode, as Starlight confronts these poor, unsuspecting dopes. Grab the popcorn...

Contains partial spoilers for Fame And Misfortune. Duh.

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Huh, well you certainly got this out quickfast didn't you. Not bad at all. Well written as always too. They did sort of leave us hanging with how Starlight would actually deal with said two in the cafe. This is an interesting take on it and I imagine it's rather a unique interpretation in several ways. Definitely not quite as one sided as I would have thought it would be. Personally, I got the impression those two ponies were absolutely screwed. Starlight was terrifying in this episode. In a good way but I did get the impression she was sort of ready to regress on a few friendship lessons after seeing how the mob was affecting everyone. Though Twilight did have a lot of confidence in letting her handle things soo there's that. Still, choice words indeed.

I loved this little story nonetheless. I loved how the events interconnected with the rest of the episode and I loved how the two airheads were written. I wanted to hate them but unlike with Spoiled Rich, it was more of a pathetic hate. They were so idiotic that I wanted to facepalm or smack them upside the head. I can only assume that was what you were going for since you hit the note so well. They were so clueless I sympathised with Starlight who probably felt like she was talking to a brick wall. The fact that she did not get through to them is another little tie in with the episode which I loved.

Nice that you gave the two ponies names. Though I didn't look at the credits so maybe they had names. Either way, it gave them a bit of depth for me to latch onto and have feelings about. Negative ones maybe, but feelings nonetheless. Gah, I swear I had more to write but it's 6am so everything's sorta slipping. All of Starlight's points felt well thought out and despite how easy it would have been, she never felt like she was just ranting with no point. She tried different approaches and then finally got physical...er magical. Did you try and tie that in with how quickly she was willing to resort to it with the second situation or was that a coincidence. Either way, it worked.

Okay before I become as long as the story itself(yeah I know I'm nowhere near, hyperboles for the win!). Everyone felt like themselves and everything felt like it could have happened in context. The interconnections were well put together and I enjoyed that you brought Spike into it. The humour came from the cluelessness of the two ponies and Starlight's reactions. Just a nice, quick story that I enjoyed reading very much. Good job as always. Have a nice day!

As late as season 3 or even 4 I kinda viewed Rarity as bad. She had a very rocky start but she improved over the years.

Christ it's like talking to a brick wall...

How should I put this? Is this like what? Rarity's fans cant handle criticism? This whole thing is like beating a dead horse from season 3 season 4 all the way into season 7. Majority of reactors were saying Starlight to go kick their asses.

Thanks for the review... glad you enjoyed it! :raritywink:
Well, she's better now than she was a few seasons ago... I agree with you there :pinkiehappy:
Perhaps that should've been their cutie marks... :facehoof:
I'm not writing this from the perspective of a Rarity 'fan', I'm simply putting down how I think the conversation that wasn't shown would've gone. Just a bit of speculation from my side, that's all. :moustache:

Ooh, this... Ought to be good.:ajsmug:

A good story.
8364932 basically hit every point that needed to be hit.

And I believe that you meant to type "Ciao" at the end there? You transposed two letters.

BenRG #9 · Aug 14th, 2017 · · 6 ·

I have to say that I thought the next time we'd see those two, they'd have pudding bowl mane-styles, equals signs instead of cutie marks and fixed, lobotomised grins. Starlight would then offhandedly say something like: "I didn't like their personalties so I took them away." Just as reminder that Starlight is a high-functioning sociopath and doesn't always understand the concept of 'limits' when it comes to protecting the things she regards as 'hers' (like her friends).

Comment posted by son_of_heaven176 deleted Aug 14th, 2017

We'll, they've done a spoof of many things, why not one flew over the cuckoo's nest? :eeyup:
8365280 thank you! But why did you delete your last message? Ciao! :raritywink:

I was hoping you'd say that... :raritystarry:

Just kill them, It would be quicker and easier to explain...

8365427 Just sayin', not nearly as good as some of the roastings in my favourite transformation based fic. I posted that in the Transformations group forum, if you're curious.

A touch dark there, dude.

Thou doth not know the extent of dark that thy touch...
But really, it would be kill them, or time travel to make them never born, and killing's easier.

Well I can't roast two ponies that much when we know very little about them and they have just a few lines each. I think I did the best with what they gave us... :raritywink:
8365456 Ouch. Quite drastic move there... :twilightoops:

Not enough roasting. Should've been given at least a dark char. :rainbowwild:

8365653 Apart from Starlight not knowing the ponies well enough to criticise them too severely, I wanted to keep it mostly clean, as I imagined this as a scene from the episode. If Starlight started swearing like a sailor, I think it may have trouble to be passing the local censor... :moustache:

Hahaha that mad me chuckled, nice one-shot! Poor Starlight, I would have gave up too.

For one thing, that would be "Thou dost not know the extent of dark that thou dost touch.".

You misunderstand. I mean literal charring. :pinkiecrazy:


Hmmm... I see... steps back a few paces grinning nervously, waiting for the right chance to break into a sprint :twilightblush:

Someone needs to take that stick those two have up their asses and beat 'em upside the head with them.

I was about to a fanfic like this and art

But you beat me

Especially after watching bronymonster44

I was lowkey mad we didn't get to see Starlight kick their flanks. :rainbowlaugh:

You tell 'em Glim Glam! NOBODY hurts Rarity!!!:twilightangry2:

I'm guessing you're a fan...:scootangel:
It's okay... they already got SERVED. (Little tennis humour there) :trollestia:
Well, that's why when you come up with a good idea, you need to act on it ASAP. I've delayed writing stories about a particular episode after it's aired before, only to find that by the time I've started writing them weeks later, no-one cares. :twilightoops:

I always knew there was something shady about that bunny... if only they'd been more evidence in the show itself... :trixieshiftleft:

I hope like hell Celestia gets word of this and kick them two stuck up snob's in the flank.

Nice little imagining of Starlight confronting those two jerks. I'd like to see them try to trash Rarity within Applejack's earshot because I'm sure she'd give them just as much hell as Starlight did.

And also if spike was there he would evoled into charizard

Well atleast Starlight tried.

Those ponies who bought the book drove me crazy!!! Why can't they under stand what the Mane 6 are saying?!? Oi!

Starlight Glimmer isn't a sociopath.

I beg to differ. To me, it's what makes her interesting as a character.

Sorry but a defining characteristic of a sociopath is a complete lack of remorse for their actions and Starlight has regularly shown remorse for her past actions and it was the first thing she showed after returning to the unaltered present with Twilight.

Starlight has only shown remorse after considerable 'therapy' with Twilight. Given that she repeated the same mistakes later in season 6 (albeit on a smaller scale), one must assume that it was taking a while to take hold. The 'remorse' at the end of The Cutie Re-Mark was at least one part fear of the consequences of her actions, IMO.

Dude, she dealt with guilt throughout the season and the only reason she made those mistakes is because she was learning about true friendship and didn't understand everything. And don't forget that the season finale showed she was hesitant to visit her old village and didn't want to be in a leadership role both because of her past actions. Stop living in denial.

It might be interesting to see thier reaction to working with Appljackl

Not to complain, but you've got a bad habit of writing haughty snobs pretty much the same way.

Mmmm, was hoping that Starlight would be able to make at least a DENT in their perception of Rarity. Not impressed with the story, sorry.

"Lets do it, darling!" Daisy Cutter literally leapt off her chair in eagerness, and together the two newest additions to the Apple clan sped off to face their new exciting destiny. Yee-ha !!


The episode that this story is based on is one of my most hated episodes except for that song that was in the episode. The song is one of my favorites.

Well what was the problem? The episode hit a little too close to home for comfort, or you didn't care for the way the Mane Six handled the criticisms initially?

There's critisism, and then there's unhealthy obsessions. Rarity was being driven out of business. Ponies simply stopped buying her stuff just because they didn't like what was written in the journal. Applejack's lesson was taken apart, and complete strangers came into her home and loitered around like good for nothing layabouts. She considered good friends as good as family. Twilight is basically family. Fluttershy, Rainbow, Rarity, Pinkie. If anything, she'll help them, and they will pay her back. They will work on her farm, or pay her in bits or something. Fluttershy also suffered. She was accused of being a doormat and having no progression, while she can stand up for herself now. Pinkie is treated like a clown all the time. Rainbow's lessons are ignored alltogether, and instead ponies are there to listen to cool stories. I guess, this is my second most hated episode, simply because Mane Six suffers because of IDIOCY of their "fans". First episode that I really hated was the (in)famous 100 episode. I could go on about what I hate there, but this is wrong place to do so.

<*nods*> Fair enough.

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