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After the events of 'Rock Solid Friendship', a certain magician appears on the scene, jealous of Starlight's newfound friendship with Maud. She immediately challenges her rival to a 'winner takes all' contest... most unfortunately for Starlight.

A strictly imagined follow-up to the most recent episode.

Apparently some talented guy called Jacob liked the story enough to do a recorded drama of it on Youtube. You should check it out, it really is very good. Linkie

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Apparently I'm not the only one to see Starlight getting a threesome or a harem.

Not to be "that guy", but last I checked, Muad's pet is Boulder, Tom was Rarity's "diamond".

Otherwise, great story! I can actually see this being an episode of the series!


Hmm... I name this ship: Muadixielight!

8130177 Meh, can't think of anything that would work.

8130177 Oops, you can tell I started writing this late last night. The good thing about this site (among many other things) is these sort of small errors can easily be corrected. Thanks! :twistnerd:

Poor Starlight! :rainbowlaugh:

8130179 Someone'll think of something... somehow, somewhere... :twistnerd:


And, with a sudden flash of light from Trixie's horn, Tom was magically spirited away. After opening her eyes to confirm the spell had actually worked, the unicorn began dancing around in joy at her unexpected success.

"I told you. My name isn't 'Treachery' or 'Ms Rock Lover', it's Maud. Most other ponies don't seem to have any difficulty in remembering it." the Earth Pony reminded her opponent. "...And I have a question: where has Tom gone? I don't like it when he's out late, there's so many evil pebbles out there ready to lead him down a bad path."

Yeah...there were a few more mentions of 'Tom' that might be better as 'Boulder'


"...And I am familiar with 'Spike'. He's a small dragon, not like the large one that almost gobbled me up back at Ghastly Gorge. Our most recent encounter was when I helped him find a common rock under Equestria's crust with Rarity..."

Unless Maud is mistaken in story, I'm pretty sure that creature in Ghastly Gorge was a Quarry Eel, not a dragon.

Sorry, for nitpicking, that's just how I am. I thought the story was pretty fun overall though.

8130271 Fortunately I'm at home now, so editing is an easy business. Thanks for being the best 'nitpicker' around! :scootangel:

8130242 Don't worry, she'll be fine. Friendship related accidents are relatively common in Equestria, after all. :derpytongue2:

He's a small dragon, not like the large one that almost gobbled me up back at Ghastly Gorge.

That was an eel. One from May the Best Pet Win.

8130299 That part has now been edited. Still, thanks for pointing it out. It's been more than two years since I've seen that particular episode... the only thing I really remember is the song... :pinkiesmile:

You did great! Awesome to see a story about Trixie in, I hope to see an episode like this.

8130411 Thank you, my friend. :pinkiehappy: And I agree, it sure would make for an interesting episode... :duck:

This was bound to happen eventually, I mean Trixie and Maud used to be an insanely strong ship a few years back, and now that people are already talking about shipping Starlight with Maud, I just knew people were gonna pit Maud against Trixie for any number of reasons, friendship, romance, you name it. :rainbowlaugh:

8130417 Yup. The bandwagon starts here. All aboard... blows whistle :rainbowdetermined2:

Pinkie forgot to give Maud a Housewarming Party.

Trixie x Maud x Starlight OT3! :trollestia: :rainbowwild: :rainbowlaugh:

I feel like this should be an episode. :pinkiehappy:

Quite funny. And IMO, you did justice to both Trixie and Maud. This is a believable continuation to the story.

However, a rush to get something published can lead to errors cropping up, like the following:

Trixies finally found you!

Missing apostrophe: Trixie's finally found you!

"No, I'm Maud." The aforementioned pony responded bluntly to the new arrival.

Mispunctuated. "No, I'm Maud," the aforementioned pony responded bluntly to the new arrival.

"Whatever."Maud replied,

You're missing a space after the closing quotation mark. Also, same mispunctuation as before: that period should be a comma.

said the completely sane mare who constantly spoke of herself as the third pony.

The idiom is "in the third person"—or in this case, "third pony"— not "as"

"... You were thinking about my new best friend, Starlight Glimmer?" Maud asked somewhat pointlessly, as by now both competitors had seen where Tom had touched down.

Didn't Trixie Teleport Boulder? Having Tom fall on Starlight's head would be...:twilightoops:

And, at it's epicentre,

"its", without the apostrophe.

This had the potential to be funny, but you ruined it by being too fast, and write Maud speaking too many words, and it felt a little forced.

8131611 I don't think Maud has a moratorium on the amount of words she can say. Also, considering what else I had to work with, I think anything else would've been just padding. But, thank you for reading. :raritywink:

8130467 Thank you. :pinkiehappy:
8131090 You get on the phone to Hasbro Studios, I'll try to make the arrangements. :moustache:

...*gets the joke*


Great work, very funny.:rainbowlaugh:

This was an okay story, though I feel like there was a missed opportunity to bring up the fact that Trixie apparently worked for a while at the Pie Family's rock farm.

Hello, I’m Jacob M. Keene, a voice actor and narrator. I just wanted to inform you that I did a dramatic reading of this story on my YouTube channel, I narrate the story and voice the announcer bits, DarkNightPrincess voices Starlight Glimmer, Gina M. voices Maud Pie, and Agent Fluffy voices Trixie, I hope you enjoy: https://youtu.be/j1kXEM2CRC4

After being born and finding a penny in my sock drawer last night, this is the greatest things that's ever happened to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and I will now post a link to your amazing audio drama on the front page of this story. Have a great day! :pinkiehappy:

This should definitely be canon I mean I'm sure we all wanted to see Trixie and Maud fight for Starlight after that episode

"That was also a joke. I have more than one, since I do stand-up regularly. Boulder doesn't actually eat anything, because he's a mineral composite, you see. He can absorb a little bit of moisture, but that's about it."

Actually, we have seen Boulder eat, or something similar at least.
It's a subtle gag in Maud Pie, but for some reason I still remember it:
Maud placed a sandwich in front of Boulder during the picnic, the camera cuts away when Maud eats the rock from Rarity's hat, and when it zooms out again, the sandwich is gone, and everypony is still in their original positions.

...I don't know why I felt the need to point that out, since it's a quick line of dialogue that doesn't even really affect all that much, and the rest of the fic is hilarious.

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