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And The Winner Of My One-Shot Prize is... (drum roll please) · 1:35am Monday

...None other than ZanyZapper ! I'm sure they'll be deliriously happy... when they finally come back online. :ajsmug:

Their fic premise appealed to me the most out of all your great ideas, and so the first part of four or five I'd guess (I intended to make it a one-shot but there's too much to cram in there) is up now. Follow The Link

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Do you want a one-shot written by moi? READ THIS... · 2:04pm Saturday

I'm pretty bored right so I've come up with an idea. The next 10 people who already follow me can come up with an idea for a one-shot, and I'll choose the one which I think is the most interesting and write it. I won't tell the winner who it is... they'll only know when their story is published! :pinkiehappy:

Of course I may get less than ten entries.... and if that's the case, I won't write a thing! :trollestia:

Thems the rules folks... let's see what happens next...

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Has anyone else noticed… · 11:35am Dec 22nd, 2023

…You can longer see how many people are viewing your story at a time, unless I’m missing something? It’s a shame, it was quite a useful tool to have… :fluttershysad:

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I’m curious… · 9:03pm Dec 16th, 2023

…What do you like most about writing?

All you non-authors can just butt out; this question is just for the budding scribes out there to comment under.

(nah, just kidding, you can hang around and read if you like, after all you’re so good at it :raritywink:

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I am SO glad this exists... · 11:35am Sep 1st, 2023

As a environmental message, it's fair-to-middling at best.

As a story which depicts how they might've handled Diamond Tiara AFTER her redemption, it's positively flawless.

Check out her inspiring scenes where she hangs out with the CMC, the lovely daddy-daughter moments in part 3... and the BEST part?

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...So anyway, here's my new story... · 4:14pm Aug 6th, 2023

Twilight's X-Rated Bookshelf.

...Which two people downvoted within four minutes of publication. :ajbemused:

It's amazing how fast people can read 3k fics today. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, hope you enjoy and it made you laugh (if you're into slightly controversial subjects, anyway). :twilightoops:

Next up: another update to Twilight Sparkle's Diamond Daughter (at last). :moustache:

Be seeing you! 🤙

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This is actually one of my favourite one-shots I’ve ever written… · 10:07am Jul 11th, 2023

And it’s getting absolutely slaughtered.

No accounting for taste I suppose. 🤷‍♂️

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SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: Can everyone who hasn't seen it yet, PLEASE take time out of their busy lives to read... · 5:10am Jun 9th, 2023

My latest fic, Where is Spike?! Or: Spike Is Missing!!

If you 'get' my style of humour, or you like random stories stories where NOTHING is as it seems, you'll (probably) like this. At a piddling 1330 words, it surely wouldn't take much effort for you to give it a go. Read it on the toilet, or something. :raritywink:

Also, in case I forgot to mention this... it WILL make your life better!!*

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Happy New Year Everyone! · 9:05pm Jan 1st, 2023

...And hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Just to let you know I am not dead... :yay:

Currently working my way through 'The New Generation Of Ponies' series. First few episodes... meh. But they seem to be getting better. There's continuity, at least. Watch this space for further developments, and even maybe, some updates. I know, crazy right?! :rainbowhuh:

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Hi, I'm Back! Two Questions... · 6:14am Apr 30th, 2022

1. Are there any new episodes of MLP G5 planned for this year?

2. Are there any trailers for them? Sorry, I've been out of the loop a bit due to 'external pressures'... :trixieshiftleft:

P.S Check out my first fic of 2022: Around The World With Six Mares (And A Dragon) It's got comedy, adventure, mystery, and a whole bunch of random nonsense! Who knows, I might actually finish this one... :yay:

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