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A few days after the events of 'Crusaders Of The Lost Mark', an apoplectic Spoiled Rich goes to Twilight to shout at her. A lot. This should be interesting... let's eavesdrop, shall we?

Featured from 21/7/23 to 25/7/23. FACTS.

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love the story i really want to see what it would be like since she is no longer in that job

One anonymous pony did though, in the end. Using their best cursive hoofwriting, they put in a giant ‘THANKS’ in cute pink lettering with a heart, before quickly adding at the bottom in much more harsh block capitals…

Is that who I think it is…?




Thanks, glad my little parable apparently gave you the laughs it was intended to. :ajsmug:

Considering how well this is doing so far, a sequel could well be 'on the cards', so to speak. Watch this space! :yay:

I wonder who indeed... :trixieshiftright:

One visit and unnecessary latte expenditure in Canterlot later

The Two Sisters regarded the incensed battle ax who had deemed to grace the alicorn with her presence, and pulling out a pair of theater glasses, Luna marched up to Spoiled and leaning down, scrutinized her through the spectacles a moment, then nodding, looked to her fellow diarch.

"Sister mine, I seem to have spotted a cunt!"

Sputtering, Spoiled made to stamp her hoof, but stopped short at the raised hoof of the Sun Princess.

"Im quite certain you have protestations against your treatment Citizen Rich, but counterpoint: I don't give a fuck. Get lost."

All those bits we donate in form of TAXes as if you have a choice in the matter. A huge news item silver rather than gold ear ring

Ditto, and second that. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

That was DELICIOUS! Haha! :moustache:

Eat it ya Karen.

Comment posted by Perpetually Confused deleted July 21st

No, its voluntary. Ponies tried it otherwise once

Who can the sun lifting mom horse call a nonce. Whoever she wants

If this story wasn't rated 'E', this could well be the epilogue... :trollestia:

Yep. A bit naive to the ways of the 'common' folk, is our Spoiled.

:twilightsheepish: Rarity, How did you deal with the Rich's all these moons?
:duck: Well Twilight as a lady of style I have several options...
:moustache: All packed in the ice box marked ice cream

:moustache::raritywink::twilightsheepish: Nom nom nom nom nom
:raritywink: Spike darling did you know her maiden name?
:moustache: Spoiled Bit . . . BRAIN FREEZE! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Who took the Karen off her chain?

Spoiled Bitch got what was coming to her.

Well that was a fun read.

I think I like what you did better than what I did.

Was half expecting Twilight to send her to Tartarus, where Tirek would inevitably complain about cruel and unusual punishment.

That last part was a nice touch

One anonymous pony did though, in the end. Using their best cursive hoofwriting, they put in a giant ‘THANKS’ in cute pink lettering with a heart, before quickly adding at the bottom in much more harsh block capitals…


Now, kindly...

T"Go Buck Yourself"
Coco Pommel finally stands up for herself, and in the best possible way.
Fire Gazer the Alchemist · 1.9k words  ·  1,135  13 · 12k views

Nearly had it there... :twilightangry2:


Why is it said she's one of the most disliked ponies in the fandom? Judging by these comments, she's universally loved. :moustache:

I'm sure whatever you did was great too. Don't compare yourself with others, and concentrate on doing your own thing. :raritywink:

Would've been an amusing ending, but I wanted to make it a bit less surreal... :eeyup:


The ending is the most important part. Or the middle. Or the beginning... oh, I can't decide. Make your own mind up... :applejackconfused:

Then again, RD's parents did MUCH worse than Spoiled Rich ever did. I'm afraid Equestria is built on the foundation of Anarchy and Terrorism.

I know this sort of thing is written as a release valve for the people in our own lives who we bristle and loath and were there yesterday, are there today, and will be there tomorrow, and will be there on the day we retire.

But the thing is, ponies (and griffins) don't just vanish into the ether. If jerk ponies (and griffins), just vanished into nothingness when the heroes were done "popping the zit" ... Trixie and Gilda would have never been heard from again.

Honestly, I'm more curious at what happens with these kinda characters AFTER the fall.

So Diamond Tiara paid back Filthy Rich on the 10 months rent on her womb?


I love the word "defenestration."

Later, at Rich Manor...

Filthy: Possible embezzlement. Trying to make our daughter an enemy of the family of my family's long time business partner. Threatening foals. Spoiled, you need to leave.
Spoiled: I shall be in the library.
Filthy: No. You need to leave Ponyville. I don't want to SEE or HEAR you for a week. That should be just enough time for me to consider if giving up a quarter of my fortune is worth NEVER LETTING YOU INFLUENCE MY DAUGHTER EVER AGAIN!
Spoiled: A quarter of your fortune?
Filthy: Yes. That is how much getting a divorce from you will be. Now, LEAVE BEFORE I BUCK YOU OUT THE WINDOW!

Unfortunately, Spoiled is unlikely to have such a fall. She has a very wealthy, henpecked cushion to land on, and I doubt she'd let herself get cut out without a significant settlement. She's smart enough to make sure her horribleness is well defended.

Diamond, I'm curious about. I imagine her life was a lot happier, but suspect she'll have some significant challenges maintaining the changes

Watch out, that's the kind of thing Spoiled might actually ask for... :twilightoops:

Now, now. she's not a pegasus... :rainbowderp:

If I do write a sequel, they'll be a bit more to it than that. But interesting starting point you propose there. :trollestia:

That's what this site is for, elaborating on the possibles they skipped in canon now the show is officially over. Glad to be here. :pinkiehappy:

I nearly fell off my chair giggling, bravo! Spoiled was especially beautifully written. Probably the only beautiful thing about her.


Died in prison, or on the streets, or of a heart attack?

Spoiled Rich is the type to laugh at live dragons. Filthy Rich won't be happy but there's nothing he can do to un-skeletonize his wife.

“No, I will not ‘come again’, you rude little reptile! Don’t you know the significance to whom it is you speak? I am fortunate enough to be married to one of the leading business-ponies in Equestria, not just Ponyville! Lest you forget, we make thousands of donations to the crown in terms of tax bits every year, so when I take personal time out of my busy schedule to address your mistress I expect to be treated with the respect I deserve! But more importantly, aside from my many accomplishments as head of the school board and encouraging local investment, I’m the proud parent of a shining jewel who I fear has been cracked and led astray from the path she was designated from birth. It’s all the fault of those wretched rapscallions who intercepted my blessed progeny as she took a sabbatical around town, and brainwashed her into acceding to their happy-clappy ways. Sadly, I fear the so-called royal here may have played some small role in my now besmirched offspring’s downfall, and I wish to protest in the strongest possible…”

Yeah this is where you lost me lady your tone and your attitude

…Hmm, better skip that last one. Say, look at that buzzy bee burnishing pollen from that begonia! Ain’t that something?

Lol even you think it doesn't really matter what she thinks which I don't blame you spoiled rich is a psychopath

Lol that was pretty awesome so it looks like spoiled Rich wanted to complain to Twilight about the Cutie Mark Crusaders how they change Diamond Tiara for the worst and I had to give it to Twilight she had so much patience dealing with a pony like that and good thing she gave what that crazy lady get got fired and everything even the kids and Miss cheerilee we're pretty happy about that again this was pretty good and that's what she gets keep up the good work

For the first time in so many years, Filthy Rich finally found peace.

You mean a pint sized dragon bound by the laws of civilization.

I'm curious what happened with Spoiled Rich next, now that the illusion has been shattered.


Then what do YOU think should happen to her?

Her artificial sense of reality and the bubble she's lived in shattered. Forced to confront the truth she's a flesh and blood person. Dig into her psyche and learn how she became a link in the chain.
One of the best fanfics I read involving Spoiled Rich was her and Filthy taking a trip to Canterlot early on in their lives... and the unicorns being, not rude, or hostile, but wondering what Earth ponies were doing wasting their time with higher education when they won't use any of it when they get their farming cutie mark, and being generally treating Earth ponies stereotypically. Heavily implying Spoil Rich's behavior is a corrupted version of the events of Rarity in Canterlot with no one to save her.

And I really need to ask, didn't the writers drop the idea of ponies being painfully ignorant of the mane six saving the world by season 5?


Why would the writers bother wasting time doing that for every single member of their already very bloated cast? By that logic every single incidental character and minor antagonist should have a full-blown episode of their own and nobody cares.

Oh they know, they just don't care.

Who said anything about episodes?
It doesn't cost a million dollars to write a fanfic.

And dude, a major theme of Pony POV Series, Butterflies, WAS to give every minor character their own chapter until I fell over exhausted and could give no more.


Yeah, you kinda just made my case as to why that's a bad idea.

I already know characters on the show vanish into the void. Others being pushed into the void to make room for the newer shinier characters.
I was talking fanfiction wise.

What case? What are you talking about?

I was saying it would make an interesting fanfic.

Twilight learned how to troll from Celestia.


That trying to massively flesh out absolutely everything leads to burnout and isn’t worth it


Didn’t you write a story where one shot characters went to hell when they were no longer needed?

Will it last, though? :twilightsheepish:

Funny you should say that... :moustache:


I wrote a story about how reboots being treated as cosmic disasters in universe as their reality is changed by forces beyond their control. And I later rewrote that idea without Hasbro characters involved. And I gave the original story way more context involving mortal hubris trying to rewrite time and space with the tools of gods but still with limited mortal perception.

A friend once described cosmic power is like winning the lottery, people who get their hands on it haven't been taught how to actually use it.

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