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Twilight discovers, as ruler of Equestria, she is the one that makes the law and the one that is the last word of what the existing ones mean. Their wording feels a bit outmoded as cases come before her.

Done as a random challenge from the fine folks on the FimFiction Discord.

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Equestria is a silly place.

Well this is something, I think this deserves a "slice of life" tag?


Princess Twilight Sparkle nodded at the common before her.

'The commoner' or perhaps 'the commons', I think. The word 'common' can be a singular noun, but that usage doesn't seem correct here.

Ah yes, the confusing and many times unnecessarily redundant laws that govern. Can be a real pain in the patootie.

This made me chuckle. Good story.

Equestria needs lawyers.

Fix, with a bonus nearby.

As somebody who deals with ridiculous and redundant laws quite a bit, this was relatable and hilarious. Here are a few of my favourite silly and bizarre laws:

1. It is unlawful to put salt on railroad tracks. (Alabama.)
2. It is unlawful to be drunk in a pub. (England-this is rarely enforced.)
3. It is unlawful to walk a cow down the street in broad daylight. (Also England-presumably walking a cow down the street at night or on a cloudy day is fine.)
4. It is unlawful to fire a cannon within 300 yards of somebody's house. (Scotland-this one gets broken every day in Edinburgh at 13:00 hours as a cannon is fired at that time at Edinburgh Castle.)
5. It is unlawful to tune a piano after nightfall. (Germany.)
6. It is unlawful to wear a false moustache in church. (Alabama.)
7. It is unlawful to drive whilst wearing no clothes. (Germany.)
8. It is unlawful to sing on a train. (Scotland-again rarely enforced.)
9. It is unlawful to own a pet rat. (Alberta.)
10. It is unlawful to build a mud hut with a straw roof. (Alberta-weirdly specific.)

Wanted to add to this in regards to your number 9. Some towns/cities in the U.S. have had an ordinance prohibiting rats and other mammals. While not a law in my town, most managed properties will refuse all pets except non-mammals without some kind of medical clearance/necessity.

Because the plague still existed where I am in the 1970s, last recorded public cases were from the 90s. Alberta was and might justifiably still be concerned about Y. Pestis or another strain of plague appearing. The mud hut with straw roof might be related because straw=fleas=plague.

Hadn't considered that.

On a side note, it's worth noting that many of the bizarre laws you find in US states were passed to get around the 13th Amendment. As involuntary servitude is only permitted as a punishment for a crime in the US, many southern states passed laws such as 'walking without a purpose' to give them an excuse to arrest and convict Black people- who were then put into chain gangs and rented out as effective slave labour.

Couldn't #2 just formally turned into being nusiance when drunk in a pub? seems like the main reason police would enforce the law.

True-though you'd hope the publican would keep tabs on how many drinks somebody had bought.

"My allergies are my business."

Sorry miss… but if you want to impose on others due to your allergies impose, you just made them also THEIR business.

Your aware of nuisance lawsuits yes? Now lots of money hungry lawyers + lots of weird laws = lots of weird lawsuits

While chuckle worthy this idea is far too fertile to only do a story about laws about flower beds. The kind of bizarre laws that have to be created to satisfy the rich and entitled is kind of crazy. Simplifying a law spread across 4 volumes is a minor inconvenience compared to unraveling real legal what the fuckery. Their are so many out thier laws that people just forgot to get rid of!

So Twilight rewrote the law, and then immediately found in a manner contrary to that law?

Also, want to see the inevitable followup where the laws she just erased are referenced by a dozens other statues, which now no longer make sense, resulting in Discord having a good day.

My favorite bizarre law will always be the one that prohibits eating peanuts and walking backwards on the sidewalk while a concert is playing, in the small New York town of Greene. Not sure if it's either of those things or specifically both at the same time, but it's still funny.

#9 is because Alberta doesn’t have rats. They’re the only place in the world that doesn’t have rats, and they have an extensive extermination program.

I didn't know that.

Its interesting!

Where I'm from rats and mice are fairly common, so to an outsider that law would seem odd.

It is estimated a person, on average, violates three laws a day.

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