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Celestia sits down for morning tea. That much is regular and calming and a good way to greet the day. She looks across at her darker self, Daybreaker. It would perhaps not be as calming as she had hoped.

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"Oh, is that what you think?" Daybreaker snorted softly. "What if I told you that you were being made a fool of, even as you did your social dance, trying to outplay and distract me?"

In context with dat ending... :trollestia:

Great, just great these two incompetent guards just proved Daybreaker's point. Twilight needs to be informed and Luna as well. This will not end well.

Sadly, I think Daybreaker has a point here. It's fairly obvious that this Celestia might be very close to the edge of insanity, if not already there.

You get a favourite good sir!

Fantastic reinterpretation. Been sitting on this one long?

Celestia finally cracked.

Neat. A very fun One-Shot.



Glad y'all liked it! It was a request from a patron and I ran off with it. They asked for 'Celestia and Daybreaker at a table. Daybreaker doesn't attack because she only has a day.'

My mind filled in the rest as the words came out. Why does Daybreaker only have a day? Why would that stop her from rushing out anyway?

Love the twist at the end. Great job!

It was fun to write. Glad you liked it!

Mare be crazy


Poor Celestia going crazy huh, so daybreaker only has one day, or better said Celestia is crazy for just this day? :D

It was implied Starlight did something with magic involved.

The ending really tied it all together. Nice work.

Hmmm we wonder if this could spinoff into a series of Me, Myself, and Irene plots...
Keep going! ;)

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Name of Story: Sunlit Morning

Total score out of 10: 7.5

Pros: Good pacing, really, bud. There wasn't a single moment that I found myself wanting to skip ahead, not that this story is very long. The premise isn't the most original idea ever, as I've seen similar stories with Nightmare Moon and Luna, but this was well executed, so that matters little.

At times, it feels like a fight, and at others, it feels like a chat between ponies that were once friends. Celestia is, in essence, bickering with herself, shown especially well at the end. The arguments which Day Breaker raises have varying ranges of legitimacy, and it shows in Celestia's responses. The bits of Celestia offering tea and biscuits is a nice way of her trying to get her hotter side to 'chill out' and enjoy what time she has.

In the end, Day Breaker actually makes decent points, and though Celestia isn't partial to them, she doesn't quite refute them absolutely, so it makes you wonder...

Cons: A few grammatical flubs here and there, as well as some dialog that could have been improved upon. The story could have used a little more content, or maybe an actual emotional response from Celestia, but that's just me.

The ending scene, while funny in a sense, actually takes away from an earlier point for me. If the two could only have a conversation one day a year, and it was some binding of magic, why would she still be imaginary/invisible. I figure that Celestia probably talks to herself on a regular basis, so why is this any different?

Summary: An enjoyable look at Princess Celestia giving herself grief, quite literally. Topped with a few, almost comedic moments and finished in a way that leaves you asking questions :twilightsheepish:

Thanks kindly! She's imaginary because she does not 'exist'. She is a fragment of Celestia's psyche, acting out.

Now I really want to see a continuation of this through the rest of the day. Imagine if Daybreaker suddenly piped up during Court...

"I am a shadow, the true self!"

It's like the Pixar short of the two old guys playing chess. Except, you know, more dangerous.

It's worth seeing, if only for the parallel.

I would love for Daybreaker to be one they have to face in the season 9 finale

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