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Starlight notices Twilight's fear of a particular style of grilled cheese snack and decides this is a problem she can solve. What could go wrong?

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And thus we learn the Kryptonite of magic is a quesadilla.

And thus Ponyville shall be cheesy forevermore.

This was a gouda story. I even liked the cheesy pun in the title.

I feared the comedy may be a bit too sharp.

Enough with the puns, you Muenster!

9463525 These puns make me feel bleu

Dangit, now I want quesadilla.

"Are you giving me permission to use Big Magic?" She cocked a brow. "You know the standing rule. No Big Magic. You promised punishments if I broke that one."

Oh by Starswirl’s beard that was perfect. That is totally, 100% in character for both. Awesome!

Starlight wiped some of the dust on her face free with a swipe of her arm across her face.


Huh. Not only did she not cure the PTSD in one pony, she may have given the same problem to others. Consider the bar raised I suppose.

These was really cheesy. If I wasn’t so sharp I would have missed the meaning.

Arm. Horse/pony forelegs are called arms. Extending into cannons and terminating in hooves.


Both are correct. They are legs in the fore. But any fore limb of an animal is also an arm. It is a foreleg that is also an arm.

Starlights sense of tact is... like an alligator, trying to pull a splinter from your finger... by maw.

Just another day in Ponyville.

:moustache: It's a cheese sandwich but only flatter
:facehoof: take it away
:moustache: pizza?
:moustache: cheese cake?
:duck: cheese cloth?
:pinkiehappy: chunky cheese?

Imagine the confusion of the weather ponies that day.

In the quesadilla factory, where the cheese and tortillas come through...
In the quesadilla factory, where we make some tasty food...

wheres the cheese knife?🧀

* celestia looks out the window, and sees that it is raining crabs *

discord, the chocolate milk rain was not enough last week ??!

celly, I swear by my magic chaos this time it was not me

then it must have been her daughter's screw ball. make it stop ... after an hour ... and make it cake next time:trollestia:

* get out of the castle catching the cracks that fall and eating them *

Luna keeps it next to her battle axe. With the crackers and wine rack.

That was a great story, but now I'm hungry.

And two days after you posted this, Hasbro released an official short of Starlight helping Twilight get over an irrational childhood phobia.

A coincidence, I'm sure. :duck:

My Discord is quite convinced that Hasbro literally watches what I write and takes notes.

I'm sad that Twilight didn't overcome the fear and eat it, and even more sad that there wasn't a flashback :( I may have to expand upon that :trixieshiftright: hmmmm...

Well that ended more quickly than expected.

Thus began the annual Ponyville Quesadilla Festival

That was part of the inspiration for it. :pinkiehappy:

Food for all!

I love this, but why did it have to be about my favourite food!? You gave me a quesadilla craving! :twilightangry2:

You are now living the nightmare.

Still no answers, and they will never come.......
But still... :rainbowlaugh:

Care for a cheesy treat? Free today!

sweet cheesy golem of death ahhhhhhh!

The death we should have seen coming.

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