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She can swim far and wide across the waters of Equestria, but it's not enough. There are places above those waters, places she plans to reach. Where biology failed her, her mind would succeed. Equestria better be ready, because she plans to visit!

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So she builds a pear of mechanical panties with legs to explore the surface? *eyes the picture*

A very intriguing premise. I like the term "above ocean" a lot, too.

Do continue!

This looks to be another great story from you! Now tracking and looking forward to the next chapter!

7144476 It's like someone wearing an inner tube, made of metal.

The trick was he just showed me the picture you see above for the story picture. After that, it's all up to my muse!

I was sharing several rather involved story ideas and made the mistake of sharing that picture first, because I'm pretty sure Mr. Silver stopped listening to a word I said after that.

I look forward to more!

How do you make stew underwater? A fiend and I have had many a discussion on how an aquatic society would cook.

Seems like a interesting idea...and you got another reader looking for the next chapter. :rainbowwild:

This is really good, I don't see much stories about sea ponies here on the site. Only best one for them was in Overworked Alicorn (Which is awesome to read!)

I like to see where you go with this. :pinkiehappy:

This is the first fic that i say this from but......
Damn When i thought of how these creatures looked
It surprised me how adorable my thoughts made them out to be
.........i think i want one:heart:

7144572 Well, I could think of a way that would involve taking advantage of buoyancy. Just turn the pot upside down? Or use super briny water?

7144707 It doesn't get much brinier than the ocean, though there are a few outliers.

7144707 And what about the heating? And getting the stew to the mouth? Unless they cook it in sacs or shells...

He hiked a thumb at the screen that reported the still sinking device."

Extraneous quotes at the end

The fact that I'm posting corrections on this at all is an indication that I enjoy it so far and intend to continue reading it, FYI.


I tracked down the source page for the cover art, if you want to give credit.

7144748 i got a treat for you can you help spread the word for this guys video

7144795 Brave people. Hasbro could bring down the hammer if they decided to, and do so with a scalpel with videos.

7144804 help me spread the word then if only for it to live on as a fanfic if it can not go on as a video series

The Doctor would be quite upset he detests pears. :facehoof: Though I'm with you on picture. I guess a pair of legs to match a front pair of legs was the best idea.

Interesting premise! Looking forward to see where this goes.

aerodynamic - hydrodynamic :twilightsmile:


Cute protagonist and a unique setting, I'm liking it so far and I'm eager to see more as it develops!


No doubt it would have to be very thick and rich, like whale milk.

7144804 7144830
From what I can tell the rule for this is: is it show-accurate.

If it's show accurate, and popular, you have a good chance of losing it. Because that kind of thing might erode copyright claims.

Also, I'm reading one of your stories again, Mr. Silver! Hooray!

I'm getting and not-getting an Ariel vibe from our protagonist. The "part of your wooooorld" is pretty true... everything else about Ariel's personality, notsomuch.

7145321 Welcome back! Good to have you. She isn't doing it for a strange thing she called love that had no basis in anything but sight, so I'd give her more points than Ariel.

7144795 Oh my god damn that is really well done. All the YES that trailer contains.

7144714 Sponges?

Though it strikes me that anything you cook underwater would become stew...

Cherry is adorkable. Looking forward to more of this.

7145473 then help me spread the word about it

7145321 then someone make a fanfic it must be preserved as a fanfic

7145750 and make a fanfic in case Hasbro assassin's come for they are among us

not kiding

7145321 and make a fanfic in case Hasbro assassin's come for they are among us

not kiding

7145321 it's not show-accurate

7145838 Well, so long as you avoid naming ANY of their IP, avoid doing too much like their art style, they can't touch it. If you do, you are playing tag with a landmine.

watches the video, hears 'Zecora'

Yeah, good luck with that.

watches more

Yeah, stomping their IP, even using their official trademarked logo?

Intresting, I look forward to seeing where this goes.

I remember that picture from /mlp/. God it's been a long ass time.

Yay! They finally meet each other. I wonder what kind of adventures they will have?

*see the cover*
Ooooooh the PoNitori pic ! It was a while i didn't see it !
*see the Author*
ohoh, i'm in for a treat !
*after reading*
Yup, i was right. I'm awaiting the next chapters eagerly. ^^

Cue letter to Celestia for not telling her about hippocampus. Even if they are legends Twilight has a great habit of doing things like this.

Oh wow, the image is Pony Nitori, isn't it?

I missed that too.

Well, you forgot the football, but the goldfish bowl helmets will just have to do instead.

First rule of first contact.

Always carry a football.

In the US is a Soccar ball, but in First Contact we aint americans. :pinkiecrazy:

7146239 it still states whose character they are there was also another group that did this they also got away with it then agin might've been because some fans threaten to stop watching the show alot of them as in 1 million

7145321 So that's why the pony.mov videos haven't been taken down all these years...

Not that I'm complaining, I love 'em.

7147055 The pony.mov can get away with it because they can claim parody safe haven.

Welp, I'm favoring this for we need more hippocampi stories! Also, the fic's pic led me here. Too adorable to ignore!

too true, only noticed cuz fo that adorable pic!

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