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She did it! She's not only gotten into school, but Celestia has taken her under wing, quite literally at times. It's her first day of direct tutelage and Twilight is beside herself with anticipation.

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Whoa. Gotta say I didn't expect this, and it did hit me like a ton of bricks. Not in a bad way, mind you, only unexpected. :rainbowderp:

Thoroughly enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

Huh, well that was... Interesting.

Very cute. Thank you for sharing.

Glad to have pleased you with this little tale of a new chapter in life and old regrets.
Good or bad interesting?


I really don't like cracking down on stories like this, but the bad kind of interesting. The interesting you use to describe a random fact your friend just told you. It's interesting in that it is exactly what you said it was, but it is neither good or bad, it's just... there.

the important of clear visualization - the importance of clear visualization (typo or cute mispronunciation from a little filly?)

I like this! :heart:

It's short and sweet and it adds a little plausible backstory to the canon events, especially in light of S07E01.

When I think of Twilight's first day:


In order to use magic, you have to be able to visualise it with absolute clarity. ?

Sod it. Ill invent the computer. :trollestia:

That was freaking adorable.

Minuette saw Twilight's frazzled mien

To say nothing of her frazzled mane.

In any case, a sweet one-shot with some shadows in the corners. Past and future failures loom around teacher and student, but this still marks the beginning of a largely happy relationship. Thank you for this story.

8103951 You are quite welcome. Glad you liked it.

I like the way you characterized things. Definitely got the feeling of two ponies tiptoeing around and feeing out this new relationship, neither wanting to mess it up, but both having some deep-seated fears in the background (Twilight and Magic Kindergarten(tm); Celestia and Sunset Shimmer(tm)).

I was expecting her to wind up making a copy of herself, truth be told.

Cover image is so cute

8103670 Ah, Equestria. The one place where frilly dresses are actually a very good idea, and not a clear indication that the wearer is living in the Dark Ages.

Wait, so why was everyone like "Celestia lost another student before"?

If I had watched past season 2, would this make more sense?

In any case, this was pretty good, even without my understanding some of it.

8105465 If you watch the movies that part would be illuminated.

All of them?

Man, I didn't even know that there were multiple movies haha.

Oh man this might take a while...

8105570 The first EQG would be enough.

Hehe slice of life can be so relaxing!
Keep going! ;)

Well this was cute. I liked the origins of Twi’s Star Swirl obsession and the subtle reference to Sunset.

I enjoyed writing it, glad you had fun with it.

Overall I liked it, but there just seems to be something... missing.
I think it feels like a great first chapter; it opens up a lot of neat new issues, introduces a lot of things, and then it just stops. It leaves me wanting more. I understand that it's basically a prologue to the series, but there's so many little, similar things you could do with it, to continue it, add more scenes to it. It's like a very nice, light, appetizer. It leaves me wanting the main course, but instead it was actually an hors d'oeuvre, those little bits of nothing food you get at big, fancy parties. I think my only problem with it is, now I want more of it. :P
It was a very nice piece of writing, and all of the characters were on-point. It had just the right amount of detail it get the point across. And that's all you really need. Let the reader imagine a bit.
Anyway, good bit of writing; I gave it a thumb up.

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