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Since before the founding of Equestria, when darkness threatens the harmonious balance of the world, souls of heroes are called upon to save it. The greater the power, the more potentially disastrous the coming doom. So when a new, mysterious pony ascends to alicorn-hood, Twilight Sparkle immediately calls upon her former mentor for aid, bringing the power of the royal sisters to help determine the cause of her sudden appearance.

Will Equestria be ready for the potential threat that can come with such a powerful force being unleashed? It will take courage, patience, and weathering the ire of one rather angry mother to survive.

Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian
Pre-read by: Perfectly Insane and Stormfox
Cover Art: Extra Life's Logo edited by Myself
Inspired by: Jan Animation's series, Button's Adventures, and his Deleted Scene: Hearts and Hooves Day
Featured from 12/29/2021 to 01/02/2022. Thank you!

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but why he stuck as a girl tho
i don't accept the hand-wavey bs you used in-story

Rego #2 · Dec 29th, 2021 · · 2 ·

To each their own then. Sorry the joke didn't click with you.

how is it a joke
it ain't funny in the slightest


gonna answer/reply?

This was an enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:

truekry #6 · Dec 29th, 2021 · · 1 ·


Humor differs from person to person. If you don't like a joke, get over it and move on.
I laughed.

That was made of nonsense.

Gamer logic nonsense.

Pretty good for what it was actually trying to be, which was nonsense. :moustache:

PiMan #8 · Dec 29th, 2021 · · 11 ·

That all alicorns are princesses and it's because allegedly alicorns princes wouldn't sell toys, is a kinda funny joke. Where I think this story misstepped by saying that just because his body was transformed that he must henceforth be referred to as a girl and by feminine pronouns.
As far as I'm concerned, by the end of this story Princess Button Mash is boy, regardless of now having the body of a princess.

i agree with the misstep part of your comment
but the misstep ruined the whole joke
the misstep makes the "joke" feel like a really drunken, confused attempt at saying Button is now trans or w/e
and anyone that's followed me for a time knows my feelings on saying "so-and-so is trans cuz i said so" or "so-and-so is trans cuz muh rep"


Thank you. I am glad you all enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

While most of this story is hilarious, the "male alicorn princess toys don't sell well" feels a little out of place from Luna, even considering the situation. Mostly because it doesn't feel like Luna to brush something off like that. Now, if that were followed up by Cream Heart glaring at her and Luna explaining - somewhat bashfully - that it was likely because the "dream alicorn transformation" was based on Luna visualizing Pommel Granite's transformation, that superimposed itself on Button, I think that'd work better.

Hmm... that is a fair point to clarify the transformation like that. If I have to go back to do some rewrites if the responses get a little too spicy for a simple ye olde mindset gag based upon Hasbro toys, then I might use this, if you don't mind.

If you do, go right ahead. Honestly, the joke does work well here - in continuity, Luna might be referring to toys based on the game or similar games, for example - but leaving it at that doesn't really feel natural to everyone else involved.
Overall quite enjoyable, though.


So, will Luna return in PPG IV? Is the ship still canon?!

So... All Equestrian hardcore gamers are gonna eventually beat the game and become alicorns?

And if Luna herself beats her game, does she become.... a double alicorn?

Actually, the way I see it, it's actually *not* "good trans thing" but rather it sort of flies in the face of it.

Being trans is that your gender identity doesn't match what was assigned to you at birth. IE: A trans man was assigned female at birth, but is still a man. Using feminine pronouns for a character that identifies as male -regardless of the fact that he now suddenly has female parts- is *not* pro-trans in the slightest. In fact, it's a bit of a slight against.

I still got the joke, but I agree the joke is in poor taste. Just not the way you are thinking.

-Your friendly neighborhood gender fluid changeling.

I see! This was the thing Spike came home with two weeks ago. I was wondering why he’s been spending so much time in his room.”

How long until Princess Spike?

“When you put it that way, perhaps I should submit a bug report.”

Once this bug becomes common knowledge the number of alicorns will certainly rise faster than ever.
Just like the sales of a certain game.

Cream sighed despondently as she pulled at her face at the new alicorn’s antics. “And you said you were going to help him!”
“Her,” Luna corrected. “And what is there to help? She ascended into an alicorn and earned her place among the likes of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.”

Luna has a good point there.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Bro, you unironically ship your OC with Fluttershy. Outside of your own fanfics. Maybe you should shut up about "missteps".

Splendid! I thoroughly enjoyed every line of this!

Depends if Azure can think of the next angle for Pommel's story. PPG III was honestly a bit meh.

Luna better hurry up with helping patch that game and fast! It was quite the magical fluke, but every speedrunner knows how to exploit a bug.

Thanks for your insights as well as answering a few questions I had. I appreciate the feedback immensely.

I'm glad you did! I thank you for your time and kind words. :raritywink:

Honestly, my favorite of this was how changing sex, changing tribe, and becoming a princess are all completely ancillary to missing the true ending.

i wasn't the one who brought them up
try thinking for once

A pony has gotta have their priorities. I know I've been plenty upset by my two attempts at trying to get the Pacifist achievement on Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I checked every body possible to make sure they didn't die, but sometimes after you tranq them or knock them out, they wind up dying from bugs.

Ah, heck. He didn't get a Celestia song.

Indeed. I will happily report though that I have pacifist on Mankind Divided! Goat mom would be proud.

Sorry, might've been a little obtuse with the reference. I got pacifist on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which I am sure Toriel from Undertale would be proud that I didn't kill anyone, aka goat mom.

Unless I misunderstood what "That's cheap" is referring to in your original reply. Then we are talking past each other entirely at that point.
Oh! Such a horrible misread at that point on my part!

I can't understand why there are dislikes in this wonderful little story.

I can only hope for more.

I love this story so much. Thank you! :heart:

//Bug Report: Accidentally creates Demi-gods. Please patch.

BTW, isn't this kind of how you create a Freakazoid?

I can think of a few reasons, but I don't agree with them, so I am glad you liked it!

Your welcome so much! I can't stop picturing your profile pic clapping, so it definitely adds to the excitement.


BTW, isn't this kind of how you create a Freakazoid?

I didn't even think about that comparison. Freakazoid is one of my favorite shows ever.

Rather than ruling any existing town or city... Why not Cyberspace? Heck might as well call it Cyberquestia (bad pun :derpytongue2:)

I can imagine that Princess Button Mash being the first to enter Cyberquestia could potentially unleash a technological leap for everypony for eons to come...

“We are getting way off track, everypony,” Celestia warned as she took the box for herself. “Luna, why do you say Button Mash has earned the right to become this alicorn?”

“Simple, because he has. Cadence defeating a witch and discovering the power of true Love? Hard. Twilight solving Star Swirl’s last spell and unlocking the true power of friendship? Very hard. Defeating Chaotic Discord, the final boss of PPG:O on Ultra Nightmare difficulty deathless? Impossible. Not even I, the mistress of the night, have been able to defeat such a foe woven of pure dream magic. And I have spent many a sleepless day confronting the challenge.”

Amazing. A bit slow in the beginning, but then the jokes really kicked in.

If someone wants to do something like that with say a ReBoot crossover with this version of Princess Button Mash, they are welcome to do so. Just need to research how to write Tony Jay's Megabyte, and you have my blessing.

I'm glad you liked it. In the event someone missed the tags, I was hoping the build up would subvert some expectations before realizing they were on a train of madness careening into a mountainside.

I can honestly see why this got so popular. It is well written and it is HILARIOUS. It comes back and forth with several types of humor, well-crafted jokes, one-liners, witty remarks, irony, and even random-zaniness.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and whilst some of the initial ones didn't land, I was laughing out loud at just about every single joke that came after the princesses reached Button's house. Though it is both kinda hilarious and kinda cruel that Button got irreversibly changed into a girl, Luna gave the best defense of the situation.

“Have you ever heard of a male alicorn princess?” Luna asked in disbelief. She blew a razzberry and waved a dismissive hoof at the very thought. “Please, who would buy a toy of that?”

Other highlights include:
-Gamer Luna somehow deliver third-degree burns to Celestia with her remarks

“So the sudden ship was your idea,” Starlight teased.

Well, she is the princess of the Night. She has the authority to make dreams come true, especially her own.

Celestia balked. “So, a dream version of you transformed Button Mash into this alicorn princess?”

“When you put it that way, perhaps I should submit a bug report.”

I don't know why or how, but this left me wheezing


I thoroughly enjoyed it, and whilst some of the initial ones didn't land, I was laughing out loud at just about every single joke that came after the princesses reached Button's house.

I'm not surprised by that as I didn't write any jokes before getting into the house. If there was anything humorous before that, it was the setup being unintentionally chuckle-worthy.

I don't know why or how, but this left me wheezing

Having beta-tested a game before, this was a personal favorite of mine as well.

A children's card game pfahahah
Little Curibo much? :D

Of course. It's the original magic of friendship.

Decades later, Princess Button Mash has difficulties managing the land bequeathed to her. That is, until Luna tells her to think of it as a management strategy game.

“Oh. Oh thank Celestia. It’s safe…” Button sighed in relief as he looked over at the clock. 4:38 AM. Even though Chaotic Discord didn’t kill him, his mom would if she found out he had stayed up past his bedtime playing video games again. He didn’t want to be grounded, but Princess Pommel Granite: Origins was worth the risk. It was just too good to put down.

This is why I stopped playing video games when I was in my mid-teens: too much of a distraction.

Anyways, great story.

While mayhaps not the funniest story I've ever read on this site, I happily claim this wins a smirk:derpytongue2:

Wholeheartedly agreed with you on this one. It's one joke and I try to tell it well. A kind of one and done fic for sure.

I really want to play the PPG series now.. somehow another very good story with an iffy uncomfortable bit

Button's situation by the end gives me strong Troop 37 vibes. This was a fun read!

I have no idea what Troop 37 is, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Troop 37 was a collaborative webcomic project from the late 00s. The plot was that a ten year old boy inexplicably wakes up as a 16 year old girl and then it's slice of life shenanigans from there. The gimmick is that each strip was written and drawn by a different person.

What!? There's no "next" in here? NOOOOOOOO :fluttercry:

Sorry, the ride stops here. But it was fun while it lasted, right? :ajsmug:

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