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What do you get when Twilight finds a thing that has never been categorized in any book?


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The moment you mentioned hyperbolic geometry I knew this had something to do with Discord.

Had to blame the noog-noog on SOMEONE, might as well be the resident chaos master.

I would've called Discord first.

:facehoof: I didn't want to even LOOK at that coupon unless it was absolutely necessary. It used wrong words, had no capitals, Discord was spelled wrong...

:twilightangry2:...and it was written in comic sans!

"Monster. Outside. Fix it." Twilight had officially run out of patience. She pointed at the balcony, where the creature was still visible. This time performing 'Swan Lake' with nothing but a Kazoo made of smaller, swan-shaped kazoos.

It’s official, I know he stopped it but now I want a Kazood of the MLP theme.

The real mind-boggling mystery here is how nopony even dared guess that this was somehow related to Discord the moment they clapped eyes on it.

This is just....

I can’t think of a good word.

"Simutaneously turned and did not turn" Oh it sounds like a hyperdimensional object! Like revolving a tesseract around one of its axes!

Outrageously amazing.

.....Does this mean she gets that favor back?

Don't mean to hijack a conversation that ended 4 years ago but does anyone remember a fic with the same thumbnail? I'm going crazy trying to find it and as you can tell I'm getting desperate.

What do you get when Twilight finds a thing that has never been categorized in any book?

A reason too run, take cover, pull out the binoculars and enjoy the show :trollestia:

Author's Note:

My brain is so weird.
This comment is in Haiku.
Why? Because: Why not?


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