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Celestia and Luna announce their retirement and their plans to turn the throne and power over Equestria to the mane 6. Unfortunately, this is the last straw for Twilight, and she goes off on a rant about why this isn't a good idea.

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I totally agree with Twilight, she is not fit to rule, with all that anxiety problems. But in this story, I liked Pinkie the most.
"Yay! So am I your favorite pony now?"
"Pinkie, put down my Rainbow Dash plushie!"

So Luna is Moon Moon?

And I can get into this user's comment to say that this story is exactly what he thought of that idea and that he has loved the story and that it will go directly to his favorites!

... um, yes, what she said.



Haven’t even started the story, and I already found two mistakes. Did your finger slip?

Mirror Pool much? She can edit and be in the comments of SEVERAL users a time. :)
Story: To the Feature box you go. Now.

This was good laugh and a good 'pick-me-up'; really helps ease some of the feels from the trailer.
Nice job!

Do you know Kurt Cobain’s reaction the the ‘Smells Like Nirvana’ video? He literally rolled on the floor laughing.

While not literal, it’s pretty close. This story is hilarious.

While I like the idea behind it, it loses me when the reason Twilight refuses amounts to "these are the singular stereotypes my friends are usually portrayed as."

Yeah, I hear you. The trailer was so emotional. And the fact that they're emphasizing that this is the last season, no doubt about it, is like a punch to the gut.

The whole idea of Celestia and Luna retiring is just a bad idea. Seriously with five of the Mane 6 not being alicorns and we still do not know if Twilight has any form of immortality this is a bad idea. Even if Twilight is immortal unless both Celestia and Luna both start pulling an Oprah and making everyone an alicorn this will not end well.

After Cozy Glow, is a leaf with googly eyes going to take over the world?!

"Your time has come mortals! Rustle in terror for I, the apostle of the ancient Maple Tree, have come to end your pathetic existence!"

Considering Ms. Faust’s original storyline was “Twilight Sparkle progresses from undersocialized bookworm to monarch of Equestria”, this is more or less the ending she was aiming for—though I grant the details likely are very different.

Oh, this get all of my yes

As much as a train wreck it would be, I would still LOVE to see what happens to Equestria if Pinkie Pie took over.

WE might not even be safe from Alicorn Pinkie Pie!

Ashfur, that’s a good view of what happens if Twilight’s friends were in charge. Which would be a DISASTER! I have a few stories of my own if you want to read them.

Do you not have any mercy? That maple leaf will doom us all.

Okay, that animated GIF image is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Jarkes #19 · Mar 9th, 2019 · · 14 ·

Premiere's not even out yet and we're already getting fix fics. Good lord.


I mean, what were you expecting? Actual good reasons to justify fans writing "fix fics" that boil down to using characters as mouthpieces to rant about things they don't like?

Can't wait for it to turn out that the "retirement" is some kind of misdirection and for this to end up looking really silly. Not that it doesn't already.

"Fix fic"
Heh. This is intended to parody the fandom's reaction. Honestly, I'd be interested to see the main 6 run the country.


...Well, now I just feel silly. My bad.

"haven't told us yet?" should be "haven't told us about yet?"

That was hilarious.

I'll admit, I don't really buy this retirement, not until I see it for myself. Yes, I did see the trailer, but it just sounds suspicious, especially the part about "years of harmony!"

9498546 9498573
I think what we're looking at here is a textbook case of Poe's Law. Sometimes the lines are so blurred it can be hard to tell if the author's trying to be satirical, or if they actually mean everything they're saying through their story. I don't blame the story for this whatsoever, even if I wasn't particularly fond of it; it's just another aspect of Internet culture.

Just my random thoughts on this. :twilightsheepish:

Did nopony pay attention to that part? They said Twilight. Nothing was ever said about the rest of them ruiling with her. Helping for sure. Not the samething.

And I doubt Celestia and Luna wouldn't give advice and help if Twilight asked. Retire does not mean they're going anywhere.

> Celestia and Luna 'retire'

> Twilight new leading princess

> Twilight immortal (supposedly comes with being an alicorn)

> Twilight not good leader without friends

> Twilight need immortal friends

> All Mane 6 alicorn princesses confirmed



But I just might write a story about Pinkie Pie taking over Celestia's job, and the following chaos that'll happen under Princess Pinkie Pie's rule.

Agreed. But honestly, I don't think they're retiring. Celestia looks way too happy when she says it.

I'm calling it now; the whole thing is some kind of test for Twilight, and they're actually not abdicating at all.

honestly the original idea also sounds pretty awesome, but yeah this was great

Yeah but I also saw the group high five directly after that which seemed to imply the others are going to be a part of her rule exactly like they handled the Friendship school with the Elements being teachers and Twilight being the principal.

Is the title a Monsters Inc reference?

Well played.

Oh you're right there might be a time skip involved. Cause the past few seasons have been non-stop catastrophe.

Can't be THAT much of a timeskip, seeing as the teaser trailer shows Flurry Heart is no more than a toddler... Two years without Equestria being under attack isn't enough to call it "years of harmony."

...very convincing Twilight. Celestia and Luna should have retired sooner!

I was thinking maybe the premier ends on them retiring, or the season if that really was a season trailer and not a season premiere trailer. But then the trailer would kinda be misleading so I'm not too sure.

I liked this it was very cute.
Personally if Celestia and Luna do retire I can see Twilight needing a co ruler like say Sunset Shimmer.

Comment posted by Write Pillar deleted Mar 10th, 2019

Quit doing acid.

OH this is just brilliant!


Literally the best ending I have ever seen.

I needed the laugh today, thanks for the preemptive fixfic!

I couldn't help but think of DWK's description of Twilight when reading this :facehoof: (Warning a bit Crude language):

(The clip from his Totally Legit Episode: https://youtu.be/uv_aEmxmTLE )

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