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Why are alicorn rulers in Equestria princesses, and not queens? Because when Celestia was crowned, it was the mistake of a lifetime...

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This was a fun take on how the Princess title continued to stick around. I really didn't expect Star-Swirl to be the one responsible for it though. :rainbowlaugh:

So is Luna a card shark or is Swirls an easy mark...or both?

This needs a sequel where Twilight finds out her hero made that mistake. :trollestia:

Thanks! Yeah, I went with Star Swirl because I needed somepony other than the Princesses to make this gaffe, and at this point in canon history there weren't a lot of other options.


So is Luna a card shark or is Swirls an easy mark...or both?

Well... we're talking about an alicorn with sufficient math skills to redo the night sky every evening, so it's more likely Star Swirl just didn't realize what a bear trap he was letting himself in for...

This could also explain why Luna had such a hard time speaking regularly if she had decided to stick with the Royal speak for the majority of her life.

This is a very good one-shot. So, That answer s that question why they are not queens.

Lovely concept, but the inconsistent archaic diction added nothing but furstration and distraction. Better to have dropped it all together.

Aside from that, again, a nice little narrative arc. I can't help but wonder if Star Swirl's slip of the tongue was intentional.

I have to think it was intentional.

My take is that it was an honest error (as Star Swirl himself says, he's a creature of habit) which Celestia takes as confirmation that her hunch about the title was right. But it could be read either way with profit.

BTW, no props for Luna magnanimously setting aside her lifelong dream for the good of the nation? I mean c'mon, this could explain Nightmare Moon all by itself...

And all along, I thought the reason that Luna and Celestia were Princesses and not Queens was because Hasbro told Lauren Faust that Princesses are more playful and appeal to little girls more than Queens who have an animated history of being cold, ruthless rulers.

I prefer your explanation much better.

Thanks! The directive to Faust is the meta-explanation, and this story provides a potential in-world explanation for that, so the two are compatible. But I agree, I like having some in-world justification for this -- and I got a nice one-shot story out of it, bonus!

The main plot point was creative while simultaneously, surprisingly simple. Very gracious of Luna to set aside her personal preferences and roll with it, but really, it would've been a bit unseemly had she done anything else, which I expect she realized at the time. I'm wondering if afterwards she gave Tia an earful for changing things on her like that, though. A unique read. Thank you for sharing. :eeyup:

The ancient tablet of hasbro says that queens are evil

Great story lore. One must wonder if this incident affected Luna more than what is written here?

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