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Nick has lived with the royal sisters since he appeared in Equestria with no way home three years ago. In that time he made friends and gained the trust and respect of most, if not all of Canterlot Castle. He even has access to the treasury and minor command over some staff, but only for one reason: pranks.

Nick is one of the few souls capable of matching Celestia and Luna in pranks, and has been semi-willingly inducted into their endless prank war. These are some of their memorable moments.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or reminders that my writing is bad and I should feel bad, please put them here.

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lol great shit man.
have a like and fav

remarkably no errors!
Nice story.

is diarchs a word?
try co-rulers


Diarchs is a word, diarchy is what they have.

"Hi i'm Nicholas Abernathy, Welcome to Jackass"

Sorry, but if there's one thing I don't mess with, it's character origins that haven't been established in canon yet. Remember when everyone theorized discord was starswirl? Look where that ended up.

loving this

Of course, I try and write stories and what ends up being the best weapon? Insomnia. Honestly, half-asleep Ashfur is practically the drunken fist of authors... even if I do get a sleep deprivation headache later.

sounds about right... xD

i think twilight should be the victim next

I, too, am loving this series of hilarious shorts.

As for who should be the next victim?

Luna or Nick. One of each. :moustache:

'Nuff said.:trollestia:

Thank you for a delightful wake up, this was the perfect way to wake up

Okay, this prank was genius. The pictures would've been worth framing, too! :trollestia:

Also, your pc autocorrect should be put to bed. With a crowbar. :pinkiecrazy:


its not autocorrect but automangle

Oh I watched that show

Have to be good at something, and I know I can't write lewdz. I mean, I could, but it would probably be slightly worse than this.

And let's be honest, my writing sucks. I sit in bed, sleep deprived, and type all this on my phone. How the :yay: is that professional? Maybe if I could find someone to flesh out my stories, the extra length could do SOMETHING...

lol dem names doe

There were also two rejected ones! "Moon moon" was one, for obvious reasons, and the other was supposed to be ">tfw u get pranked", but I was afraid some folks might not get the references.

rest assured... I do not get the reference

Long story short, Moon moon is a meme, and I can best describe it as "what if we crossed derpy's propensity for screwing up with a wolf?"

ohh ive not seen that one

OK, this was hilarious! I didn't know about The Secret Show, but this is really creative. "Princess Everynight Shufflepuff Shake Dat Flank" just popped in my mind. :)

...I approve

Yeah, never gonna happen. I'm waaay too awkward to have any chance at a relationship lol

Gotta say, I loved how you used those youtube links for the story. And that song's quite catchy, don't you think? :trollestia:

Gotta love it. :trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

Honestly I expected you to do that song

It's German for "Fuck you."

I know. And I'm saying I'm never getting laid.

I was saying that for Rick Rolling us, Du verdammter Bastard.

And why should I limit myself to pranking fictional characters? How many times have readers said, "Oh I wish I could go to Equestria and go on a pranking spree with Trollestia?"

This is as close as you can get, for now.

Ah celastia you walked right in to that one

Welp pranking for science...gotta see where that goes.

Saved from a rick roll by ads xD

With how many people are asking for it, I just may have to! But not for a few chapters. Dont wanna repeat pranks close to each other!

Wait a minute... BULE bathwater? A bath bomb that neither Nick nor Twilight wanted to touch?

Looks like you're all getting your wish next chapter, because that prank was no joke. It was POISON joke!

Genius, absolutely genius

Well you all frickin asked for it
I was gonna wait like a week for this but y'all went and asked nicely

Good thing Athena and Hera aren't there those two are quite the pranksters for being HEAVILY armed giant war machines here's the story.

I suppose that would make more sense if I knew the franchise.

i like you m8
u funny

VERY nice addition to the story

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