• Published 25th Sep 2018
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Prank War! - Ashfur

A crafty human and two alicorn princesses get into shenanigans together.

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Nick lay on the floor, doubled over in laughter, Celestia and Luna faring little better. It almost seemed as though they would pass out from lack of oxygen. However, after three more minutes of shifting between pain and joy, Nick finally regained his ability to form words.

"Y-you guys didn't even think of this as a consequence, did you? Looks like..." he suppressed a guffaw. "Looks like the loser in this prank is all three of us! Of all the ponies, THAT ONE pranked us!"

Celestia and Luna wheezed out an affirmative noise, before all three took one look back at the ridiculous situation and descended back into endless laughter.

1 week earlier...

The Grand Galloping Gala is one of the biggest events of the year, and every important figure was to be in attendance. Diplomats and noble ponies from all across Equestria and the lands beyond were converging on canterlot in a week's time, and it was all hooves (and hands) on deck to get everything planned and ready. Nick had to wonder why Celestia had called an urgent meeting right then and there, and he was very tired from going over a few dozen work orders ranging from decorations to catering. Still, he was willing to help his pony princess pals, so he soldiered on.

So when he opened the doors to the meeting room only to be met with the enticing smell of cooked meat, something that was in short supply among the vegetarian ponies, he was simultaneously very hopeful, and very skeptical.

"Surprise, my not-so-little human. Happy fourth anniversary of your arrival in Equestria." Celestia's voice shook him from his thoughts, and he turned to find a warm yet somber smile on her face. Of course, how could he forget? Four years ago to the day, a freak magical anomaly teleported him from Earth and straight into the throne room, more specifically ten feet above Luna. No one involved was pleased. Still, after an explanation and a few medical checkups, he was cleared for release into society.

Since then, this day had been a celebration and a day of remembrance: a way to recall those he would likely never see again, but also a day to celebrate the new friends he had gained along the way. Plus, it meant he got high quality meat to 'remind him of home', so he was on board.

"Wow, Celestia. I completely forgot that was today! Thank you. I couldn't ask for better friends than you and Luna." On cue, Luna stepped put from behind a pillar and the royal sisters embraced him in a warm hug, the kind that only the best of friends can truly enjoy.

"We also happen to have a gift for thee, Nicholas," Luna interrupted. "We have searched thine dreams for a fortnight and have prepared some human entertainment for thee. Would thou wish to hear some music from thine old world?"

This day was really looking up for Nick now. He was quite the music lover, and he had shared hundreds of songs with both sisters in his dreams thanks to Luna. Glancing over to the right, he saw a small band assembled, instruments at the ready. With a nod from Nick and a wave of Luna's hoof, the band began to play.

The private party went on for another two hours, with music Nick loved playing as the friends chatted about the Gala and their lives. Nick managed to keep a straight face, and swore revenge under his breath.

The Gala was in full swing! Ponies and other races from all over to dance and have 'fun'. Well, as much fun as could be had with no less than fifteen political discussions going on, five ponies trying to talk to each princess, of which all four were in attendance, and as many lightly salted drinks as a pony could ask for.

Yes, salt. Nick wasn't too much of a drinker, only preferring a bit of alchohol at holiday parties to avoid doing something stupid, but in Equestria, salt was the equivalent of booze and alcohol was just a disinfectant. "Cheer up, Nicky," Cadence began as she sat with the human. "At least you won't embarrass yourself in front of the nobles. I swear, one little slip-up and they don't stop talking about it for weeks!"

"Yeah, yeah," Nick replied, leaning back in his chair. "At least Celly, Luna and I called a ceasefire on pranks for the night. Honestly, the only way this night could get any more dull is-"

"Attention, Mares, Gentlecolts... and my lovely wife."

Nick slammed his head into the table. "Great. Shining Armor is gonna give another speech about the guard."

The prince of the Crystal Empire and husband of Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, stepped up to the stage. "I stand before you all today to remind you all that love is a wonderful thing. Many a bard has written songs about it. And a few nights ago, I had dreamed of a glorious love song. I heard it so clearly that it was as though Princess Luna herself was keeping the dream steady."

Nick and Celestia turned to Luna. Nick spoke up first. "You didn't..."

Shining kept talking. "And after singing it to my wife, Cadence, we have decided to declare it the official song of Hearts and Hooves Day!"

"Sister, I hope you realize what you just unleashed..." Celestia grimly remarked.

"So without further ado..."

"I can't believe it. He made it official? He out-pranked us!" lamented Nick.

"My original song, A Promise Of Devotion!" And while the trio of pranksters breathed a sigh of relief, the band kicked up and Shining began to sing.

The noble ponies and other races all agreed it was a fantastic song, worthy of being sung every Hearts and Hooves Day forevermore.

As two alicorns and a human tried to stop laughing at the spectacle in front of their eyes, a lone figure stood watching from the corner, eating unpopped popcorn with his mismatched limbs. He chuckled. "Yes, it seems that Shining has won the day. I suppose Luna forgot to name the song, so he came up with a name on his own. But I think the real loser here is all of you who fell for those links, hm? But don't fret. You'll be seeing me again soon enough..."

Author's Note:

You have been 'Rolled'. Show of hands/hooves/other, who fell for it?

My mood right now: This.

Don't worry, who pulls that prank 3 times in a row? :scootangel:

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