• Published 25th Sep 2018
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Prank War! - Ashfur

A crafty human and two alicorn princesses get into shenanigans together.

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Munched 2: Chromatic Munchaloo

The kitchens of Canterlot Castle were among the best in the world in every aspect. Cutting-edge, top of the line appliances, five star chefs, and only the freshest ingredients found their place in, as Nick so eloquently called it, the Nom-nom room.

But there is a section of the kitchen few dare to tread, a special fridge that any of the chefs could add to, but only ponies with Celestia's express permission could take from. Coveted by many, the Royal Cake Vaulttm was kept under lock and key. Nick had made many, many, many attempts at its contents in the past, but never one like this. In the dead of night, the shadows his only friend, he struck.

As Nick left the kitchens, all the lights switched on and he was left staring at a VERY peeved Celestia. The heat growing in the room was very noticeable as embers wafted off of the solar princess's mane. "Put it back."

Nick threw his hands up in surrender. "Alright, alright. I know when I'm beat. I will take this small cake and put it back in the fridge. You sure I can't have just one slice?"

"No. Have the chefs make you one if you are that desperate. But don't take my cakes."

Nick reopened the fridge and knelt down to replace the treat. "Alright. Just let me move this one so I can..."

It happened so fast Celestia didn't have time to react completely. In one swift, practiced motion, Nick first grabbed one of the smallest cakes in the fridge, and tossed it over his shoulder. Then, he gave the cake he was holding a nice, long lick before putting it back un the fridge and running away, cackling maniacally.

Barely catching the cake in her magic, Celestia let out a loud sigh. "I suppose he can have that one, at least. Nopony wants a treat after it's been licked. I swear, that human... sometimes I wonder just how much thought he puts into those attempted cake abductions. This one almost felt like he was TRYING to get caught!" And with her thoughts laid bare, she gobbled up the dessert in her magic in a single bite.

Suddenly, her eyes went wide in realization. "Oh, ponyfeathers."

The elements of Harmony are in a panic! Rarity is laid back on the couch, crying about how she will need to recolor her whole sunshine collection. Applejack and Rainbow Dash are debating over who is going to punch whoever is responsible first. Fluttershy was cowering in the corner, and Twilight was running experiments to see if the local plant life will be affected by the current situation.

Pinkie Pie was doing something with a bucket, 17 rubber chickens, and twine, but that's just Pinkie being Pinkie.

All heads turned to the map room doors as they swung open, the planet's only human illuminated in the morning sun's Ray's. Nick stepped into the map room, a notebook in his hand. "Sparky and company, good morning! I have a scientific theory I need testing, and it relates to our current... minor predicament."

Twilight flew right up in Nick's face, fury evident on her features. "Minor predicament. MINOR PREDICAMENT?! YOU CALL THIS MINOR?"

"Compared to Starlight nearly destroying time, Cozy nearly deleting all magic, the Storm King fiasco, and Tirek trying to kill everything, not even counting the adventures you had before I arrived in Equestria? Yeah, this is minor."


"I believe the term is 'environmentally friendly', Sparky." He booped the fuming alicorn on the snout. "Besides, green light doesn't really make the world look TOO different, doesn't it? I doubt anyone's noticed."

Twilight paused. "...you did this, didn't you? Fix it. Now."

Nick took a step back in fear. "Okay, okay! I didn't expect this to happen, but, like I said, I have a theory. I think Celestia is an extension of the sun, or something. Because otherwise there's no way what I did to Celly would have had any effect on that giant fireball."

Twilight's interest was peaked, now. She put a hoof to her chin in deep thought. "It is true that such a theory has been passed around, but nopony has ever proven it, not even the princesses. If there is a connection between Celestia and the sun, as well as Luna and the moon, anything done to them could have an effect on the other. If we could prove that, we'd be in every scientific journal, ever. What makes you think you have proof?"

Nick sheepishly grinned. "Uh, I have my reasonings. On a completely unrelated note, Celestia sent me down here get a poision joke cure...?"

"You didn't."

"Spiked one of her cakes with the stuff. Didn't expect the sun to go green."

"You and your stupid pranks just opened more scientific possibilities than 100 years of research has."

"Just get the cure."

"Fine," Twilight sighed. "I'll contact Zecora. But you know, Nick, one experiment doesn't prove a hypothesis. You think you could pull the same stunt on Luna if I helped you sneak around more easily with magic?"

Nick did a double take, unable to process what his purple pony pal just said. "Wait, you want to HELP with a prank? You, the one pony who follows every rule and protocol ever written? That only happens once in a blue moon!"

"Exactly!" Twilight beamed. "A blue moon is exactly what I hope to make!"

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