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Zapper Frost

"There will be people you get along with and people you don't, but that just makes life interesting"

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A complete history of all the things I've ever had as my bio · 1:09am Mar 30th, 2019

(Will be edited as I change my bio)

1. Don't expect me to post stories anytime soon

2. Don't expect me to post stories anytime soon, does anybody besides me actually read these?

3. I have a question; If we have never seen, heard, or thought about something, does it exist?

4. A random wild meme has appeared!

5. Various words that rhyme with dog (i don't remember all of them or the order they were in)

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Hey could you look over something for me. If you don’t mind and give me your thoughts on it?

Thank you for add A desire paradise :twilightsmile:

Ty for the track:twilightsmile:

Your profile picture is feckin adorable

Thank you for letting me know

Just as an FYI, Dark Aura is now getting rewritten and republished soon. :twilightsmile: I had a bolt of plot inspiration. King of Love Bugs is almost done, and once that's done, I'll be working on this.

If you're wondering where one of my stories went, check my blog post.

I hope you enjoy 'The Fox of Everfree' thanks for taking an intrest in it

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