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You are a changeling lost in the Everfree forest a couple of weeks after the failed invasion attempt at the royal wedding. You're not the brightest changeling out there and you tend to be really clumsy. You only have two goals in your mind right now, one is to get out of this blasted forest, and when you do get out, try not to get captured. Your whole kind is wanted by the royal guard after all.

[New} BY Episode 14 I have a editor, so give thanks by then to Jeray2000 for it, check him out and other stories he's edited for here

lNew]New} Episode 33 was edited by Kersey475. He/she will be substituting for my editor until he gets back from his trip. So give credit to him for awhile ok.

[New]New]New} The cover image belongs to forevertheDoctor, not me.

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Due to recent unemployment (seperation from the hive) and in favor of advancing his carrier as an evil henchbug, he should rush over to whoever is in trouble and attempt to take credit for the ensuing chaos, because causing trouble like this looks great on an evil resume if you intend to go anywhere as an evil henchbug. Also it always helps to sell it if you add a mustache.

Seeing as how you were never really that great at the whole "evil" thing (or anything for that matter), you decide to rush toward the scream and help out.

When caught by the orange pony (or any of the other ponies who kicked your flank, you still aren't sure if you got all that confetti out of your skull from the pink one's cannon) later you point in a random direction and yell "Look! A distraction!" then run away when she/they turns her/their head(s).

Right... this is an interesting idea for a story, but clearly for it to work you need more attention and readers. I advise you add it to as many relevant groups as possible.
Secondly, if you're chapters are all going to be this short you'll need to update very frequently if you're to be taken seriously.
Lastly, the writing is very awkward at times, have you got an editor/proofreader(s) for this story yet?
Also I think the changeling should never have investigated the scream to begin with, since it seemed to conflict with their initial desire for self preservation, but since we're here, I think they should transform into Twilight and see what's wrong with Rarity, not realising that the two know each other.

Transform to some cool stallion. Like a hero in shining armor and fix her dress.:pinkiecrazy:

Suddenly remembering that the unicorn was one of the six mares who was kicking everyone's flank (you somehow had the bad luck of being the only changeling to get beat down by all six of them while the other changelings went down in one hit from one pony each), you decide to tread carefully and smoothly in the form of a handsome stallion carrying the sewing kit... and by that I mean you did what you THOUGHT ponies considered "smooth" and "handsome" but end up looking "adorkable" (endearingly awkward and clumsy) instead and somehow manage to injure yourself with the contents of the kit.

The only name I can think of is.... Lindsay [I know about 3 men named Lindsay

Duh the Changling should transform into Crono:pinkiecrazy:

Just tell the truth that you want to help and if possible atone for my mistakes and do the pinkie promise

Suddenly, transform into a giant Prince Blueblood and bombard her with hatred.

Run off further into the clearing then let your wings out. Fly up into the air until you determine you're high enough. Hover for a time to gloat at easy eluding the orange menace. Perhaps park once self on a cloud and let out a good laugh, a natural way to release some of that tension you've been building up. Once you've settled down and are obviously out of reach the land walkers, open a dialogue. One way or another always bear this thought in mind, "The orange one's hat is glorious. It shall be mine."

RUN!!! GET OUT OF TH- oh, well, maybe if you tell them the truth, that you want to be a 'good guy', then- OH, SHE'S REALLY FAST! RUN, RUN!!!

4345901 does he/she know about the Pinkie Promise, though?

4346551 hmmm good point..... I always assumed when they change firm the changling gets residual memory

Become resigned to your fate and let the oncoming mare pummel you, and hope that maybe, MAYBE you can explain everything... or at least hope the dungeon food is ok.

That's Applejack, right?

Kiss her. :pinkiehappy:

I am really enjoying this. Stories driven by the readers always go to fun places.

Also: Seeing no other way to avoid the train of pain coming your way, you do the only logical thing you can think of and grab the white unicorn. Holding her between you and your attacker, you proudly proclaim "This is my meat-shield! There are many like her, but this one's mine!"

Ah screw taking this seriously, panic and turn into an eldritch abomination and eat Applejack's hat. Why? Why not.

Passion kiss with Rarity like prince kiss a princess. Steal some love from her to increase your megic and use magic to power up your speed.....after that...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! :flutterrage:

Point in a random direction and yell "LOOK! A DISTRACTION!" Then try to fly away, but the rainbow blur from your nightmares slams into you during your escape.

As the ponies argue over what to do with you, WILD TIMBERWOLVES APPEARS!!! (cue cliffhanger ending or you accidentally taking down all the Timberwolves with your clumsiness)

Scream and fake a massive headache, writhe for a bit, then get up and claim you've been cut off from the hive mind, making sure to thank the mares for "freeing" you. Then swear eternal servitude to the white one as an apology.

Then do whatever she asks.

Comment posted by butterfield pancake deleted May 6th, 2014

U run across the rope bridge, but it snaps and you fall to your doom... but then you remember that you're a changeling and fly to the other side and breathe a sigh of relief (the white unicorn and orange pony are still on the other side of the bridge and can't fly). You then go into the castle to try to find something to eat. All that running made you hungry (also, it's a little known fact that changelings can temporarily stave off hunger with normal food, but love IS necessary for survival)

-Also, thanks for using my comment and I like the story so far, but that Manticore was random and a waste of a good joke :applecry: (unless you plan on making "LOOK! A DISTRACTION!" a running gag which I hope you do :pinkiehappy:). Oh, and by "rainbow blur from your nightmares" I was referring to Rainbow Dash. Remember, you were beaten up by all of the Mane 6.

Oh, and I would transform into random celebrities (especially the deceased legends like Bogart, Monroe, and Brando), go into my favorite stores, endorse my favorite things, then go home and see the effects of my actions on the internet.

Once he get to castle transform into Neanderthal pony and walk into ponyville

And use spear to spear fruit and (Me get from cave next door)

Hide in the castle, wait for a opening, then flirt with Rarity to make amends and get her on your side

Quick! Hide under the bridge, they'll never look there.

Also, if i were a changeling, i'd turn into this legend

Spread your wings and flyyyyyyy!

On a side note-

Awww, no AJ love?

Transform into a red and black alicorn, take over the castle and declare yourself the new ruler of 2edgy4me-ville

Run across the bridge, and lead them in, get them separated in the castle then turn into one of them

transform into another weeping ang.... uh, pegasus, and stare down the other

Your shapeshifting already failed once, so you can't trust it to keep you hidden forever. Try putting the armor on to disguise yourself.

Put the armor on the statue, then hide and make spooky noises to try to scare the ponies off.

Turn into Neanderthal pony and spear fruit and say ( me get from cave next door

Search the library for information, find info on nightmare moon, transform into her and wear the armor.

Then the statue gets you and you go back in time, becoming nightmare moon herself.

you remember why that statue gives you the creeps ITS A WEEPING PEGASUS FROM DOCTOR WHOOVES
you decide to use a banishing spell to send it into the void between universes

A) build a portal to equestria. i know it sounds really selfish but come on! a chance to hug my favourite pony? im there.

for the love of luna do not look away from the statue pegasus and trust your instincts, now move slowly move over to the armour and put it on. who knows it might be enchanted.

You decide to leave the armor alone since you did make a vow to Princess Luna to not be evil and that armor seems pretty evil.

Accidentally smash the crying pegasus statue (which was actually a weeping angel, but you had no way of knowing that) with your clumsiness.

Leave and explore the castle, looking for anything that may improve your standing among the ponies (or at the very least, make them less likely to banish you to the sun or (*gasp*) strap you down and force you to watch "The Last Spellbender", "Freddy Got Hooved", "Garbage Pail Foals", and "My Little Human" in an endless loop)

And my answer is b)

At this moment, a brown stallion with an hourglass cutie-mark runs up to you.

That statue behind you; don't look away from it! he yells "Whatever you do, don't look away. Don't even blink!

You hungry, darling. Just ignore that strang armor and find something to eat! :raritywink:

dont trust the armour, dont trust the armour!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

it looks like nightmare moons:fluttershysad:

as for my answer.......
this world is full of greed (even tho my answer is greedy:unsuresweetie:..........or is it?:raritywink:) the air is poluted and many are suffering.:ajsleepy:
if i could build a portal, not only would i go and bring(Kidnap :raritywink:) my friends but i would also take those who have suffered. (i.e. Asthmatics, Orphans, ect.) those who disserve another chance. :fluttercry:

Favourite character: Pinkie Pie, why?

As for what you should do...
Build a book fort :twilightoops:

You must find a way to defend yourself against the ponies until they understand you have changed your ways. However, you have to avoid hurting them. Find a book on etiquette and learn the Royal Canterlot Voice.

Build a book fort , then read some books to help you defend yourself without hurting the offender, and then read some Sherclop Hooves.

Learn elemental magic and discover yours is heaven/light/holy

(Assuming the author has read the Warriors books by Erin Hunter); find the Heroes novel by Bearin Jager (about fictional clans of lions, tigers, and panthers in the wild) and learn about the epic and honorable Soldier's code, laid out by Sunclan, in order to learn more about how to be a good participant in society.

(...Assuming the above isn't the case); make sure you aren't being followed, then look around for anything that will help your magic and flying abilities. Remember, though, that the two ponies after you have pegasi friends, who might be willing to transfer them over the gap left by the busted bridge, so search quickly. If you wish, keep checking the skies and hide at once if they do come to find you (there must be thousands of places to hide in a castle this old).

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