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A Princess in a mood of reminiscence.
A sufficiently curious audience.
A pensieve that strangely enough would only work in grayscale.

There are a bunch of stories left untold by the creators of the show. Luna just happens to be the star of one of them. After all, if you were now Princess Luna and all of a sudden you were stuck on the moon... What would you do?

A story about a humour blog about a pony on the moon.
Written with the permission of egophiliac.
I understand that there was another novelisation being written, but that one has been on hiatus for a really long time now...
Update: Thorax gave me his blessing :D

Also, check this out. It's an experiment, an ask driven story.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 16 )

Pretty good so far. I loved the tumbr and I'm sure I'll love this.
Keep going!

May your story prosper far better than my own did.

Thanks for your blessing! Are you still stuck?

I started a Moonstuck stories about two years ago back when it was just getting started. Then I got bored and never went back to it.

4401120 So how do you find my take on it so far?

At the moment I've only read the first chapter (I'm gathering things to read while my internet is out) From what I've read the set up is good and you've integrated the questions quite nicely into the story. Hopefully you can take this all the way to the finish line.

This looks promising, I´ll keep it on my favorites till it reaches 15K or so, till then keep it up!

flipping the fuck out that this is a thing

>As Wonna draped herself back against well
-Woona. Just to point that.

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