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This story is a sequel to The Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 2: Debt to a Doctor (Comment Driven Story)

It’s been a month since the events of “The Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 2: Debt to a Doctor” and you, Bugze the Changeling, have been avoiding large settlements to avoid confrontation. After being sent to an Alternate Universe where, without the Doctor’s presence, you became a monster and destroyed the world, you have vowed never to become the beast you fought.

Also, you have avoided using your immense Nightmare powers to avoid harming Selena, the mare formerly known as Nightmare Moon, who resides in your head. Injured while protecting you, she is quite literally a shadow of her former self and comatose. You and your Alicorn daughter Nightshade (whom you somehow had with Selena) have wandered around the fringes of towns because until you can use your powers again, you cannot hunt down the Crimson Knights, the radical splinter group of your fan club The Horde.

You know your days of inactivity are numbered however, because you are Lady Luck’s punching bag, and trouble always finds you in the end. But there's no way it'll be too bad when it does happen right?



The third installment of the Life of a Wanted Changeling Series!

Now edited by BrownDog77, check him out!

Warning: The Re-cap is pretty lengthy (if you couldn't tell). If you already remembered everything that happened from last season please just read the Author's Notes. Thank you.

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Keep Calm and Flutter On, hands down.
Also, before we forget, Give Nightshade spare inventory.

This needs to start off witha litral bang

repeat déjà vu sense of something repeating itself.

I'm looking forward to twilight becoming an alicorn this season, also the crystal empire will be good too

I'm just wondering if Discords gonna be in this season?

wait, so browndog edited his own suggestions in the last story?


6269628 yeah, its just bugze walking away from an explosion is slow-mo in the most badass way possible while wearing black tinted cop glasses. but in real life, its his tumbling around, freaking out, screaming like a filly, while wearing broken and dented glasses

what im looking foreward to in the flugelhorn

That recap.

As to what I'm looking forward too... I'm not editor anymore so how the buck should I know :derpytongue2: (InsertShamelessPlugForMyStoryHere)

But if I had to choose, perhaps we can use "Sweet and Elite" since we never got around to using it last season.

While on the train you run into Shining Armor and both versions of Cadence.
Dark!Cadence introduces herself as Torchwood.
Princess Torchwood explains about The Appaloosa Massacre.
Princess Torchwood says that when Shining Armor died, he said he didn't want her stay sad forever and to eventually look for love.
Then Everyone notices you then Princess Cadence scoops you into a bone crushing hug.
Princess Torchwood says that Sombra could be saved if they hit him with a combined love spell to remove the darkness from his mind then convince him that he doesn't have to be a monster.

Summing up 500,00 + words of content into 17,000 + words, You are Welcome :twilightsmile:
And I am looking forward to shenanigans, wonderful glorious shenanigans :pinkiecrazy:

I can barely contain my excitement.

Some of the skills in the list are missing, like Stalliongrad Blizzard, apparent Air Bending, the Bucking Bronco plasmid, Psycho Crusher and ect. At least, non-nightmare mode techniques.

But anyways, that was one long re cap.


I knew I missed something! Thanks for telling me!

And it begins again! The hype is real you guys!

We've gotta have an arc this season where Bugzy has to hunt down and stop the Crimson Knights. Those guys are completely insane, especially their leaders. Am I right? *Waggles his eyebrows at the other Hive Prime*

Episode X: The Empire Comes Back
P.S. I'm enjoying this already

I want to see if there is some underlying meaning again, and if it is the same or a different than the last one.

I want to laugh about the comedy, I want to see the happy scenes... and the sad ones.

I want to see Bugze suffer.

...wow, I really AM sadistic.

6269627 ...you don't know what NIGHTMARE!Bugze kept in there.

"Daddy, why is there a dead body inside that looks exactly like me?"
"Nightshade, I think you are too young for that inventory..."

I want to see something like a giant pac-man attacking a city, and for Bugze and the Mane Six to fight him in the fashion of ghosts from the game (Yes, I got this idea from Pixels, which came out on July 24th. Be careful if you go to see it, as its closer to an R rated film than the PG13 it is officially rated as, and the movie has too much "romance" filler time in between the epic battles.)


Hmm. Shouldn't it be a skeleton by now?

6271864 And THATS why we need to clean it out firs- OH DEAR CELESTIA IS THAT CTHULU!?
Okay, I see what you mean...

6272284 Magical corpse-preservation-powers of the Inventory ACTIVATE!
I guess, but even that would be creepy.
6272332 That's nice to hear :twilightsmile:

To right you are, but we are all mad here so it's all in good fun.
I'm most looking forward to many things. How he will handle Sombra without going full Nightmare, how he will get Selena to recover, how he will react once Discord is reformed and him still being wanted, and how he will deal with the voices in his head once he sees Twilicorn. Oh and I almost forgot about him dealing with too many Pinkies. Well I look forward to seeing this play out and hope to be a little more active now that I am not going to be on a ship.

Does anyone think that they we (bugzy) might be screwed on this Season?

Also WOW that is a long recap. :rainbowderp:

Excitied for badassery and humor

WAAAAAAAAIT!!!! . . . . . Is there any loot in the Nightmare Bugze's 'inventory'? My inner selves, 'looter' and his companion 'profiteer' wish to know if there was/is anything in the spare 'bag of holding.'

As Bugzee try to decide what to do, Nightshade look to the nothing and begin to say.

"It's the time, Mister player to choose what Bugzee need to do... Press X to let daddy run to the spooky city or Press Y to let daddy go to the meanie six" Say Nightshade

"Uhhh... Nightshade, honey, what are you doing?" Ask Bugzee

"Well... Pinkie tried to teach me something she called breaking the fourth wall, but I think something is wrong" Comment Nightshade

Just as Bugzee begin to think about how the pink one is corrupting her daughter, a strange and dark smoke appear and the evil six begin to run to the city, leaving only Shining Armor, the smoke begin to follow the evil six but Shining Armor go to the middle.

"Daddy, the smoke is going after them, is he a ally? Or is a enemy?" Ask Nightshade

Bugzee is not sure about that, all he could see in the smoke are big strange eyes that seem very familiar and a strange purple thing that exit from them, just when Shining is going to be attacked by the smoke, Bugzee try to jump and block the strange to protect Shining from the smoke thing but it only pass Bugzee like if it was nothing and go to Shining, for one second Bugzee can see himself as the Nightmare but the image dissapear.

Meanwhile inside of Bugzee, one of Selena hoof move at the same time that the strange smoke pass Bugzee.


The chapters are going to be once a week then every friday? If so... How much time? Is going to be repaired and return to a chapter every two days?

Have you ever lost a beloved electronic to a watery foe? Yes, one of my phones, I liked to go to shower and listen music with the phone, until it stopped to work because the water.

Run for the city (insofar as you are able to run). If you or Nightshade can cast an invisibility spell, do so. Better to hide in the city than be caught and permanently imprisoned or freeze to death.

I can't remember any particular electronic I've lost to water off the top of my head. Sorry.

Get to the city and notice how emotionless and sad everypony is.

Hide from the Deadly 6.

Most importantly SHOVE NIGHTSHADE BACK INTO THE INVENTORY ASAP! You were just in a world where her death caused the bucking apocalypse and now you're having her sleep in a sleeping bag instead of her safe hidden normal inventory bed? Facehoof at how stupidly negligent you've been with your daughter and shove her back into the Inventory!

Press X

When caught, use a combo of the Power Glove and the classic "LOOK, A DISTRACTION!" gag to escape

6294394 It seems it's working... Nightshade is learning to break the fourth wall.

You see the shadowy mass engulf Shining Armor as you grab him in your magic.
You throw Shining Armor through the barrier, before running through.
As you pass through the barrier, the love magic heals your wounds(, though the Orichalcum stab wound scars over).
Your run off somewhere before Fluttershy can thank you.

With your choices of confronting the party of seven, traveling to the city with Nightshade, or attempting to weather the blizzard you choose the party of seven since, with the way your misfortune finds creative ways to antagonize you, you figured it would be best to deal with the problem now than meet the in the city will wearing your Offender outfit. And speaking of the Offender, you should definitely change to a different disguise. Perhaps your "El Hunko" suit? You can't have everyone know your still alive just yet. But then what? You need an alibi. Maybe you could convince them you are a part time adventurer. 'Why are you wearing a suit in this kind of weather?' they might ask? Just because your part time occupation is dangerous, doesn't mean you can't look good while doing it.

Have you ever lost a beloved electronic to a watery foe? If so, how and what.

Does a liquid based substance count cuzzz . . . . .

Aw man, it was the stupidest thing I remeber when I was like, 6-ish? One day, I saw one of those "got milk" commercials, reasoning that if you don't drink milk your bones will become supper brittle to the point where you arms will tear off you torso if you do anything to extraneous. So I figured, 'Hey! maybe if I feed my Super Nintendo some milk, it could transform into a Super SUPER Nintendo!!' And you know what I did? I pored a god damned glass of milk down the cartridge slot!! Freakin scared me for the rest of my childhood. I was bawling my eyes out for the fest of that month, grieving over the lost piece of my life that I had unintentionally destroyed because I miss interpreted a commercial . . . .

An idea popped to your head
"I have an idea. Night shade jump in to the inventory right now." you said as night shade jumps in

"Then what?" nightshade asked

"Then I roll in the snow with the clock on and cover myself up wit the cloak and lay on the snow and wait for them to get past me." You said as you started to camouflage yourself.

The Box trick didn't work in the past. So camouflage has to work. if it doesn't work then I'm bad at stealth you thought.

"It is like that Call of Duty 4 mission 'all ghillied up'." Nightshade said staying in side the inventory.

"Quiet they are coming" you whispered

As you lay there in the snow waiting the deadly six to past you listen in on there conversation.

The voices are getting louder.

Please hurry its getting cold here you thought having trouble at staying still. The wound on your chest isn't helping out either.

The voice are even louder. They are on top of you.

"Do you have a plan B daddy?" nightshade ask at the wrong time.

"Yhea it's run to the strange dome place" you replied

"Did somepony hear that?" the voice said which sounded like Twilight

"It's just the wind Twi" AJ said

"I don't think so it sounded like another pony and it is close"? Twilight said

You then felt a hoof pressed on your back where your cut is and made it a bit worse.

You screamed in pain which blows your cover.

"!" Everypony saw you.

Twilight looked at you and said in shock "YOU AGAIN!"

The scream in pain part was suppose to be 'Tom scream' for Tom and Jerry

Elsewhere, in the Badlands...

Where once was barren desert now stands a blue call box with the words 'bad wolf' scratched into the side. From the strange edifice walks a timberwolf, a diamond dog, a changeling, and a pony.

"Man that was close," Grey Rebl sighed. "The breach nearly closed while we were still over there."

"Well, let's have some fun while we're here," growled Solarkness.

Also, who wants to bet that Sombra ends up staying in Hotel Bugze?

It's either run for it, or risk a fight in your weakened condition. Before you can decide though, a big black mist of smoke appears with a horrifying face on it.
"Ccccrrrrryyyyyyssssttttaaaalllllssss..." it seethes as the others encounter it.

"Alright, Buck this noise!" you scream seeing the literal ghost appearing. You pick up Nightshade and run to the creepy city.

And boy were you right when you called it creepy. All the ponies are dull and speak in dulcet tones and all seem depressed.
"Oy, you there, what's the name of this creepy place?" you ask a random mare.
"Um...this is the Crystal Empire?" she asks you.
"I have no clue, is it? You're the citizen aren't you?"
"I...uh...think..." she says with a confused look before holding her head in pain.
"OK..." you say as you back away from her, before calling out to a nearby stallion.
"Hey, you there, do you know where the nearest doctor is?" you ask.
"I-I'm not sure. Maybe at the palace?" he suddenly winces as if his head hurts, "Ugh..."
"What, you guys don't have a hospital? What is this, Medieval Times?"
"I-I don't know..." he says.
"Yeesh you ponies are useless," you huff as you and Nightshade make your way to the big palace.

You make your way into the palace, yelling for anyone to answer, you hear some noise upstairs, so you go up and see a familiar looking Pink Alicorn.
Seeing her triggers a flashback to the otherworld, so you hide behind a pillar and hold Nightshade's mouth shut when she tries to walk over and talk to her. Good thing you do because some other guests arrive.

While my phone hasn't fallen victim to a watery death yet, I know what I would do if such a thing were to happen. Just leave it in rice and let it soak up the water for about a day. The phone should be working afterwards, when you try it again.

Dat snow...
And your weakened state...
Makes you wish you brought the Nanosuit from the TARDIS, hm?

Before you can decide. Black smoke creature thing appear and keep whispering loudly and evily 'crystals, slaves and stairs...'
"Fuck this shit I'm out." You said as you and Night Shade run to the creepy city while the deadly six is distracted.
As you run through the love barrier, the love magic that created the barrier healed most of your wound and greatly sped up the recovery rate of you sword wound.

As you and your daughter yell you curse to lady luck, you hear a strange hissing as smoke starts coming out of a crack in the ground.
Bugze: Nightshade run! It's the darkness from the Quiet Ridge games! Run to the dome before Pyramid Head finds us!

When you get inside the dome:

Nightshade: Wow it is really nice and warm in here huh Daddy?
You realize that she is correct. The weather feels as nice as it was in Ponyville.
Bugze: Wait a minuet Dear, let me change into something that will not get me killed on sight.
You take this time to don the "El Hunko" outfit.
Bugze: Alright, let us go and find out what this place is and what is up with the Dark Smoke out there.
Nightshade: OK Daddy. Wait there is Fluttershy and her friends.
You look to see the Deadly Six, Spike, and Shining Armor have just made it into the dome. You noticed back crystals growing on Shining's horn and you look to see the smoke at the dome's edge, green and red eyes with a purple smoke coming off of the sides. You can only think that the eyes look familiar, and not in a good way.
Bugze: Why does he look familiar? Nightshade, get into the Inventory. If they realize who I am, then we will need to run.
Nightshade: Aww. I wanted to say hi to Spike.
Bugze: I know, but now is not a good time, especially with that thing around.
You point to the smoke who glares at you and Nighthade.
Nightshade: Yikes, that is creepy. OK Daddy, I'll go in there now, but I want to say hi to Spike later.
Bugze: Hopefully you can.
Nightshade jumps into the Inventory as you get closer to the group. Not that you wanted to, but the only path to the city is the same way they are taking. As you get closer you hear the group talking about the shadow.
Twilight: So you can't use your magic at all?
Shining: No Twily, whatever Sombra did to make these crystals grow on my horn is stopping me from doing anything.
Sombra? Why do you recognize that name? *Facehoof* Of course, he was the scary unicorn using dark magic against the Nightmare in the other universe. I think Selena said something about him enslaving the Crystal Empire or something like that.

Have I lost an electronic to a watery foe before?
Yes i once lost a cellphone to the surprise force pull of a glass of Orange Juice. After I fished my phone out I showed the OJ the power of the Dark Side as I then chugged it down with pure malice.

6294819 "Dalekarian! You have to come too!"
At this Solarkness drags out the demontaged Dalek, before looking around. "Anyone wanna stay here, or go somewhen else?"

. . . . . The ground beneath you collapses, taking you through a network of cartoonish tunnels that leads to a dark cave. "Omph, Bucking tunnels, and that turn!! Hnnngg, I think my wound just reopened. Hmmm, some lighting would be nice. Would you kindly burn." you for got to change you power glove from high to low, as the intense heat begins melting the icy cavern, causing several stalactites to nearly impale you and a lucky mount of ice (not so lucky for you) to fall on your head. "Ack, that was too close. Ok, would you kindly make a light?"

The room now looks less like an icy prison and more like and abandon warehouse. Rows a pone rows of valuable (with a few degraded due to time) artifacts as far as your eyes can see. The most noteworthy of them all is a massive suit of armor that looks like a pony shaped tank. On the sides of the tank-armor are a pair of large and intimidating weapons, a flamethrower and some kind of automatic cannon.

"Sqeeee! This is the most stallionist thing ever!" Running toward the armor to see if it's your size, you trip over your own hooves, causing you to comically tumble forward into a skeleton. "Eww, its in my mouth!!! Dead pony in my mouth-, whats this?" When you tumbled into the corpse, you dislodges the strange gem that was firmly gripped between its hooves. Being the smart (*cough cough, idiot) buggy that you are, you pick it up to see how many bits it could go for. " Wow, I've never seen anything like this. Maybe this has something to do with the city? Oh neat. a button." A hologram of an aged mare if projected from the crystal that you dropped from fear caution. "AAAAHHHH!!! A ghost. PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!" You pass through the projection and collide with the suit of armor, leaving not a scratch. The hologram appears unphased by your attack as it repeats its message.

"Entry 1: I name is Fractal Beam, the arch magus of the Crystal Empire , and what stands before you is what we hope to be the salvation to the crystal empire, The Indomitus. It is probably the will be the most advance piece of armor ever to be created by the crystal ponies. We hope to use this armor to best King Sombra and free the other crystal ponies that are still enslaved in the capital. Now we just need to finish the darn thing."

"Wow, the crystal ponies made all of this? They must have been super futuristic. I wonder if there's anymore records."

*click* "Entry 21: Were losing the fight against Sombra. The jerks cutting through our forces like a hot knife through butter! We've cut ties with the with other and relocated our base in hopes it will delay him eventually finding us. We have so little time, but were so close to completing The Indomitus.

*click* "Entry 23: we've finally did it, the blasted things complete. With this, we will take back our home. Ain't that right!!" (You can hear the sounds of cheering in the background) "Anyways, just for a precaution, we've contacted the Alicorn sisters to assist us in our final battle for the Crystal Empire. Lets hope we make it out this alive, heh.

*click* "Entry 24: It's . . . . . it's gone. THE BLOODY TARTARUS, WHERE IS IT!? He took the blasted thing with him because the 'dark overlord with a crystal fetish' can't play fair! And the best part about this? . . . . one of the scientist made a mistake in one of the Indomitus's spell matrix's . . . .

*click* "Entry 27: " . . . . Heh. We've found the problem in one of the spell matrix's in the armor. Good news? Turns out, it now has a semi-magic dampener that can drain the residual magic rear the armor, draining the magic from the air and making it resilient to magical effects. Bad news? We didn't find out about this until now. Oh, but don't worry. At this rate, the Indomitus won't kill us in roughly . . . . 13 more days until we die of magical deprivation. Lets see here . . . . these say that the spell matrix should fix itself in, 1000 years? . . . . Buck."

*click* "That's it? No more Entries? well, this sucks bal-" A needle jams itself into your neck, filling you blood stream with some kind of paralyzing drug that renders you motionless. several metal appendages emerges from the ground lift you up and lay you across a medical table. the crystal recorder turns on, showing the same mare, albeit with backs in her eyes and looking as if she was barely standing.

" . . . My name is Fractal Beam, arch magus . . . of the Crystal empire. Who ever you may be, you have been chosen to *cough cough* . . . use this armor to defeat Sombra . . . . whether you like it or not. However you won't be able to properly use the suit without . . . proper modifications . . . "

I have such fan tiredd.

Hows this for bossfigt music?

Fixed it
If it is still no good then I will change it again. Also if you know the mlp version of 'hell' please let me know so I can correct the error.
Now it is a good time to run. you thought as you made a mad dash out of the room. Running from room to room corridor to corridor gutting much distance form Cadence and Flash Sentry.
I have no idea where I'm going all these hallways all look the same. you thought.
you stop and take in some breaths
I think I lost them. Now where am I? you thought and looked around the hallway trying to remember where the way out. Sadly all that running had made you lost track of the exit.
AAH! Buck now I'm lost can this day get any worse. as if someone has answered your call. You then hear voices in the hallway. voices that you will never forget.
"OH COME ON!" you shouted "WHY ME!" and run like Tuartuers.

As you turn round a corner you crashed in to some thing or someone. You opened your eyes to see the you are on top of Twilight your mouth inches away form touching the other pony. You then looked up to see the others looking at you with shock and angry looks.

"This is awkward?" you said.

U.U a early chapter of Bugzee, that is very strange, Are you a changeling DWC? The normal DWC usually is late and we need to wait a day. Tell us where is the real DWC!! Wait... Early chapters? Nevermind, continue replacing him.


Bugzee decides to go away slowly before Shining manage to see him, as he look to both Shining and Cadence. Cadence is very tired, seems that she cannot do too much and Shining is not also very good with those crystals in his horn.

"Daddy, do you think we have something that could help cousin Cadence?" Ask Nightshade

"Maybe the Doctor could... Wait... COUSIN CADENCE?!" Scream Bugzee surprised as he hide himself inside a big vase before they can see him

"Who is there? Reveal yourself!" Scream Shining looking around

"What is that about cousin Cadence?" Ask Bugzee in whispers

"Well... It's something I was thinking... If mommy was Nightmare Moon and Nightmare Moon was Luna, that mean Cadence is also her niece, right?" Ask Nightshade

Bugzee nod following the theory and Nightshade continue

"Well... If Cadence is Mommy niece, that make her my cousin, right?" Ask Nightshade

"Uhhh... Wait a moment, does that mean that Celestia and Luna are my sisters in law and Shining Armor is also nephew?" Ask Bugzee

"NEVEEEER!" Say a voice as Bugzee look to Shining that was looking to them

"Gaaaah!" Bugzee is surprised and try to escape, breaking the vase

"Crap... I just get out of the debt from the Doctor, I hope that this is not too valuable" Groan Bugzee

Meanwhile somewhere in the space between time and dimension

The Doctor was in the TARDIS with Ditzy

"Come on, Ditzy, we are going to meet Princess Platinum, she was a very good leader" Comment the Doctor

Just then the Tardis begin to move in shock and the front of a Delorian appear in the door

"Crap... Not again! Wait here, I need to talk with mister Emmet Brown, this is the 12º time he crash with the TARDIS

Back with Bugzee

"Wait there! Don't move! You are under arrest!" Shout Shining

"Wait, Wait... I'm innocent" Say Bugzee

"You are not going to fool me, I listened all your talk, you are the hooded offender, I will never forget your voice... Surrender yourself and free that filly from your mind contr... Is that a Alicorn? You bastard! What did you do!?" Ask Shining surprised as he see Nightshade

"Come on! I was here by accident!" Say Bugzee

"I don't believe you, you used your magic to create that filly, and she say her mother was Nightmare Moon, After what happened, I'm sure that you are here to make Sombra your ally and put all Equestria in a thousand years of misery with Sombra, Discord and Nightmare Moon" Say Shining Armor

Nightshade was confused but Bugzee and Cadence face-hooved, until Cadence moved to Shining

"Shining, honey... Did you listen to yourself? Please, stop before something happen, remember that you can't use your magic" Say Cadence


I think the worst of the season 3 was "Spike at your service" from where he did get about the dragon code?

P.S: If maybe is too much or is there a problem, I edit.


Suddenly your reflection in the mirror…changes. One second you were looking at your familiar changeling face, the next, it was different. The face was flatter, your horn was gone, and your hooves looked like weird claws.

2. you must perform the most epic facehoof in history that even the stoned discord would sense it

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