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Reading Storys is easy. Making one is hard.

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your bio is true


Thanks mate :pinkiehappy:
I already made a story it's called Dearest of cr'ICE'is I just need to get someone to look at.

This maybe a stupid question but hmm... How do I make a Thread :twilightsheepish:


Well I'm not sure how good my grammar is for the story is it possible to ask someone to look at it before being posted?

Yes, that is what happens when you submit a story. There are three staff members, the Story Approvers, who look the work over to make sure that it is readable and that it follows the rules of the site. It's not a big deal, and unless the work is entirely far off the story will most likely go through. Just make sure that the grammar is good and that the story is actually about Ponies and it will be fine.

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