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Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 3: Tyrants, Terrorists, and Tiaras, Oh My! - Down with Chrysalis

The continued adventures of you, Bugze the Changeling! (Comment-Driven Story)

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Episode 2: Press X to Flee (Crystal Empire Arc Part 1)

Kichi’s Comment

After you and your daughter curse your longtime ethereal foe, you look down upon your more physical foes and see they have stopped. With the wind, you can’t quite hear what they say, but you do hear a familiar scared voice say,

“Did you hear that?”
Nightshade hears it too and her eyes light up.

“Daddy, that was Spike. Spike’s here too!” she says with glee.

“That’s nice honey, but we can’t catch up quite yet, we still got to figure out what to do,” you say annoyed that your daughter is excited about a boy.

“Oh, I know!” she perks up as she stares into some point behind your shoulder.
“Alright players, it’s time to choose what Daddy should do next. Press X to let Daddy run to the spooky city, or Press Y to let Daddy go to the Meanie 6.”

“Uhh…Nightshade honey, what are you doing?” you ask as you look over your shoulder and see nothing, “And who are you talking to?”

Her face scrunches up in a pout as nothing happens, “Well…Pinkie tried to teach me something she called “Breaking the Fourth Wall” but I don’t think I did it right.”

You facehoof at that. “Honey, I don’t want you dabbling into whatever voodoo Pinkie practices OK?”

“Alright then,” she says as she sees the group moving again, “So what do we do? X or Y?”

“Ummm…” you say as you look at the snow that’s billowed up over your legs in the short time you’ve been standing. An idea comes to you as you look to your daughter with a smile and say

Kropsling66's Comment

“Neither. Quick Nightshade, get in the inventory, I have an idea.”
She does so without hesitation, although she leaves it open a bit, as she asks,

“OK, now what?”

You fall to the ground and start rolling around, “Now I’m going to roll around in the snow and make my cloak all white.” After doing just that, you lay flat on the ground spread eagled.
“Now all I have to do is lie here and let them walk past, and once they do, we hop on the train and get the Buck out of here.”

The Box trick didn’t work in the past, so camouflage has to work. If it doesn’t, then I’ll know I’m terrible at stealth, you think to yourself.

“Oh, it’s like that Call of Duty 4 mission ‘All Ghillied Up’” Nightshade says from the Inventory.

“Quiet, they’re coming,” you whisper to her.

As you lie down with your face in the snow waiting for them to pass, you listen in on their conversation.

“Be on your guard, we don’t know when he’ll attack,” you hear Shining Armor say.

Buck, did they see me? You think in panic.

“Way ahead of you Shining, I felt a magical disturbance once we got off the train, as if somepony was searching for me,” you hear Twilight say.

Buck your awesome sense Twilight!

“Let’s just say that the Empire isn’t the only thing that’s returned,” Shining says, his voice even closer than before. “Something keeps trying to get in, we think it’s the Unicorn King who originally cursed the place.”

That sounds ominous, you think as a gust of wind and snow covers up more of your head, making you lose track to what Twilight was saying. For the next few moments you can’t tell where they are.

Please hurry, it’s getting cold here you think, fighting the urge to move. Your chest wound isn’t helping either.

“Do you have a plan B Daddy?” Nightshade whispers to you.

“Yeah, run as fast away as fast I can,” you whisper back at the wrong time.

“Did anypony hear that?!” asks the startled voice of Twilight from directly above you.


“It’s probably just the wind Twi,” you hear AJ say above you as well.

“I don’t think so, it sounded like a voice and it was close,” she says.

Suddenly you feel a hoof step directly onto your back where your exit wound was. It doesn’t give you as much trouble as your front, but still, it’s a tender spot.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” you scream in pain, blowing your cover and startling the ponies above you.

Wasting no time, you use a burst of Air Bending to launch you up and away from the group, causing a small blat of snow to hit them, as you land further up the hill. You look down on the group who are scrambling.

“What in tarnation was that?!” shouts Applejack.

“Twily, are you OK?” asks Shining.

“Yeah I’m fine, just startled,” she answers.

“Did anypony get a good look at it?” asks Rainbow Dash.

“We didn’t,” says Rarity as she, Fluttershy and Spike hug each other in fear.

“I did, it was white and scary and it flew away like a ghost up there,” Pinkie says as she points to your location.
They look towards where Pinkie is pointing and only see your form causing them all to huddle together and gasp.

SnapDrakeGames' Comment

BrownDog77's Comment

Kersey475's Comment

"I-I-Is that him?" you hear one of them ask. "Oh no, oh no!"

"King Sombra! By order of the Crystal Empire, I command that you leave this place at once!" Shining Armor screams.

King Sombra? you think for a moment, before seeing Armor’s horn lighting up.

“You know what, Buck it!” you say as you turn around and run up the hill.

"He's... running away," you hear Twilight say. “Shining, is that normal?"

"No," Shining replies. "It most certainly is not. Something's not right."

Suddenly, you hear an otherworldly groan permeate the air. You stop and turn around.

“What was that Daddy?” asks a scared Nightshade, her head sticking out of the Inventory.

“I don’t know, probably not anything good,” you say as you look down and see the group looking around in fear and confusion as well.

Suddenly behind them you witness a large puff of dark smoke appear that has two green glowing eyes attached to it. The others witness this also and begin screaming as the Smoke Monster goes directly for Spike.

“Spike No!” screams Nightshade.
The darkness stops and turns its eyes towards you and Nightshade, giving Shining Armor a chance to scoop the dragon up in his magic and run.

“Oh thank goodness,” Nightshade sighs while you stare horrorstruck into the eyes of the monster.

"Ccccrrrrryyyyyyssssttttaaaalllllssss..." it seethes at you before chasing after the others who are running in your direction. Adrenaline spikes through you body, making you forget about the pain in your chest.

"Alright, Buck this noise! RUN B!%$# RUN!" you scream as you run to the city away from the freaking ghost.
You run without looking behind you towards the magic dome and pass through the barrier, which feels vaguely familiar, and get blinded by how bright it is.

“AAAAHHH!!! Blinded by the light! Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night!” you scream as your vision goes white from the sudden sunlight.

As your eyes adjust you see that you are standing on grass and there's no sign of snow anywhere within the barrier. You lean against a crystal obelisk to catch your breath when,

TheRutherford's Comment

SnapDrakeGames' Comment

Nightshade sticks her head out of the inventory and asks,

“Are we safe now Daddy?”
You look around the sunlit area and see no sign of the smoke monster or the Deadly 6.

“Yeah, I think we are. For the moment at least,” you answer.
Nodding her head, she leans half her body out of the bag and looks around

“Wow, it’s really nice and warm in here huh Daddy?”

She is correct, the weather is as nice as any spring day in Ponyville, and a huge improvement to the snowy death outside the dome.

“Yeah, but let’s move before anything else happens baby,” you say as you look out through the dome into the storm. You delight in the sight of the empty wastes, free of any enemies, the only movement being the swirling snow and the six colorful dots... running... right towards you.

"Oh buck, not again!" you cry as you run further away from the dome. You hide behind a large spike of crystal, just as the Deadly Six make it into the shielded city. You see them pass through panting and begin to talk before Shining Armor dives through and with black crystals sprouting out of his horn.

“Huh. Those crystals seem familiar,” you think aloud. You see him hold his head as he tries to summon magic but can’t as Twilight and the rest help him up.

“Dang, can’t hear what they’re saying. I’ll have to get closer,” you say as you begin to sneak over before Nightshade pops up with some clothes in her hooves.

“Wait Daddy, now that it’s not cold, maybe you should change into your Tennant costume so they won’t fight you.”
You pause and realize she’s right, you should change, but not into Tennant.

“I can’t be Tennant anymore Nightshade, they think he’s dead,” you explain.

“So? They thought the Hooded Offender was too before you came back,” she says.

“Yeah, but there’d be too many questions asked about Tennant just showing up here, but you’re right, I can’t be dressed as the Offender right now. Get me the El Hunko suit.”

She dives back in and comes out with the disguise you haven’t worn in over a year. It’s kind of dusty, but the alternative is a painful fight.
In your dashing disguise, you make your way from crystal to crystal to hear what’s going on.

“So you can't use your magic at all?” you hear Twilight ask.

“No Twily, whatever Sombra did to make these crystals grow on my horn is stopping me from doing anything” Shining Armor answers.

“Oh thank goodness, now I have less a chance of dying if he catches me,” you say aloud before something else he said registers with you. “Wait, Sombra? Why does that name ring a bell? Is that what that smoke thing was?”

“I’ve heard that name too…” Nightshade says with her thinking face on, and with the fake beard she looks adorable doing so.
You know you’ve heard the name before, and those eyes…you swear you’ve seen those eyes before.
As if by thinking about them, you witness the Smoke Monster leering in outside the dome. It is behind the Deadly 6, Spike and Shining, but you swear it is looking at you.

“Well, we’re definitely not going back out there anytime soon,” you say with a shudder.
The others don’t seem to notice as they all look to the city, which doesn’t look as creepy now that you see it in full sunlight.

“Aha!” Nightshade says having an epiphany, “I remember now, we learned about this in school.”

“You learned something in school?” you ask amazed.

“Yeah, it was after Nightmare Night, Ms. Cheerilee told us about how the Princesses fought an evil Unicorn named Sombra in a crystal place and then they all disappeared.”
Her explanation sparks your memory and you remember how you know the name and eyes.

“Sombra was that Unicorn that was using Dark Magic in the otherworld!” you say aloud.

“Otherworld?” Nightshade asks curiously.

“Umm…I mean…in the past” you stumble before continuing. “Your mother told me about him. He was an evil guy that enslaved a whole empire.”
You also remember how long he was able to last against Nightmare You on his own, and that was when he was in a physical form.

“And thanks to Lady Luck, we just HAD to be teleported right into the middle of his return…” you groan.

“Actually, I think I might have done this,” Nightshade admits.

“Well of course, you teleported us, but it wasn’t your fault it was so badly random.”

“No, I mean my magic brought us here because that’s where my thoughts were.”


“Remember when I said I wanted to show Ms. Twilight my teleportation? I think my magic homed in on her and that’s why we teleported here.”

“Oh…so that’s why Sparkle said she felt like something was searching for her…”

“I’m sorry Daddy.”

You pat her on the head, “It’s OK honey, there’s nothing that can be done about it now.”
You glance at the glaring eyes again before you notice the group of 8 heading into the city.

“Ugh…why do I always have to follow these ponies?” you groan before turning to your daughter.
“Nightshade, duck down in the inventory for awhile while I stalk them, they might recognize you if they see you.”

“Aww but I wanted to say hi to Spike,” she groans.
You grit your teeth at that as you think.

Nightshade, I went through a lot of trouble saving his life from older dragons, don’t make me have to hurt him.

What you actually say is,

“I know, but now is not a good time, especially with that thing around,” you point to the smoke who glares at you and Nighthade.

“Yikes, that is creepy. OK Daddy, I'll go in there now, but I want to say hi to Spike later,” she says.

“Don’t forget, they all think you’re gone too,” you explain.

“As Nightshade, but not as Doctor Beardface,” she says as she puts on a gruff voice and strokes her beard.

This gets a slight chuckle out of you, “Yeah Dr. Beardface, hopefully you can.”
With a smile she fully goes into the Inventory as you get closer to the group. Not that you wanted to, but the only path to the city is the same way they are taking, and you don’t know what else to do.

SnapDrakeGames' Comment

BrownDog77's Comment

You ended up losing track of the group you were stalking thanks to your own fear and stupidity. Instead of keeping an eye on their destination, you instead began to look at the dull multitudes of citizen ponies and jumped to conclusions.

"Huh. Everypony here is so...emotionless," you said to yourself, glancing around. "It's almost as if they're all... possessed...or part of a cult...a horror cult oh buck I'm trapped in a horror game!"

"Daddy, I don't think that makes any sense," Nightshade said, as she popped out of the Inventory and tapped you on the shoulder.

"Nightshade, we have to hide, now! Quickly! Before their jaws start unhinging!” you said aloud before running in random directions screaming at the top of your lungs.

After that bit of unproductiveness, you realize that the citizens haven’t really paid any attention to you, even after all your screaming.

“Huh, guess they’re not so much a cult, as they are boring…” you conclude.

You then take a look around your surroundings and realize you don’t even know what this place is called, let alone where The Deadly 6 and friends went.

“Well I’m lost. If only there was a place where I could get some information…” you ponder before looking at the building in front of you which says ‘Library’

“Well that’s convenient,” you say as you walk inside.

Inside, there are books everywhere, but you ain’t got time to read. You walk right up to the Librarian behind the desk and ask,

“Hello Miss, I’m kind of lost, what’s the name of this city?”

"Um...this is the Crystal Empire?" she asks you.

"I have no clue, is it? You're the citizen aren't you?"

"I...uh...think..." she says with a confused look before holding her head in pain.

“Are you OK?” you ask.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry. Yes, this is the Crystal Empire. Welcome.”

“An Empire huh? How can just one city be an Empire?” you ask.

“I…well…” she begins before holding her head again.

“OK, never mind. How about this, do you know anything about some black smoky unicorn with crystal powers?"

"Y-you mean King Sombra," the librarian asks, shuddering with fear. "H-he was our ruler, many years ago. I... I don't remember what he did, but it was horrible."

“OK, that just proves what I suspected…” you mumble to yourself.

"Odd thing, though, you aren't the first pony to ask," the librarian says. "A purple unicorn came in earlier. She asked some questions then went back to the palace with Prince Armor to see Princess Cadence."

You freeze. "Wait... did you just say Princess Cadence?" you ask.

"Um... yes?" she replies.

The magic of the barrier felt familiar to you, and now you know why. Cadance is here. You have to see her.

“Where’s the Palace?” you ask.

“It’s…in the largest structure in the center of the Empire?” she says unsurely.

“K, thanks, Bye!” you shout as you run out the library and down the street towards the massive building before you come to a stop and clutch your chest in pain.

“Argh! Oh you Bucker!” you growl at your chest, the numbing effects of Adrenaline having disappeared. You pull your clothes aside and see that your bandages are stained Blue with your blood.

“Agh…I need a doctor and some real stitches before I bleed out,” you say as you wrap some new bandages around yourself. You call out to a nearby stallion.

"Hey, you there, do you know where the nearest doctor is?" you ask.

"I-I'm not sure. Maybe at the palace?" he suddenly winces as if his head hurts, "Ugh..."

"What, you guys don't have a hospital?” you ask.

The mare standing next to him asks, “What’s a hospital?”

“What is this, Medieval Times?" you cry exasperated

"I-I don't know..." she says as she holds her head.

"Yeesh you ponies are useless," you huff as you make your way to the big palace.

When you arrive at the palace, you walk right through the door and into its vastness.

“Yeesh that was ridiculously easy, every other place I’ve broken into I’ve had to stealth it up or knock ponies out. The Crystal Empire has some sucky security.”

Not only that, but there doesn’t appear to be anypony around. The place seems deserted.
You are thankful for this as you search for a doctor or medical room or something as you check the many countless doors you come across. And boy are there a lot of doors.
It gets to the point where you are finding absolutely nothing helpful.

“Hello?! Anyling Home?!” you cry out, your voice echoing through the corridors. “Injured visitor needs medical attention!”

No one answers, so you sigh and continue checking doors, even as your chest begins to flare again.

“Ugh, not again,” You groan before looking into another room and seeing something shiny. It is a large ornate mirror in the shape of a horseshoe.

“That’ll help” you say as you walk over and look at your wound in the reflection of the glass.
The wound is nasty, with your blood seeping out, even through the staples. Using the mirror, you wrap yourself in bandages once again, a little more tightly this time as you grit your teeth in pain.

“Once you’re closed up, I’m going to have to invest in some sort of chest armor so this never happens again,” you groan.
You notice your face in the window and how pale you seem to be getting.

“Some Orange Juice wouldn’t hurt either,” you say.

Suddenly your reflection in the mirror…changes. One second you were looking at your familiar changeling face, the next, it was different. The face was flatter, your horn was gone, and your hooves looked like weird claws.

“What the Buck?!” you cry as you quickly stumble back from the mirror, falling to the ground.
You look back up and see your reflection is normal.
You get back up and start walking backward towards the door.

“OK, creepy creepy mirror, get away from me and your ominous voodoo,” you say as you enter the hallway and begin to close the door, giving the thing one last glance.

You shake your head, “Well that was weird…now where’s the bucking Medic at?”

After a few more moments of room exploration, you make your way upstairs and you hear a groaning. Going into stealth mode, you sneak up into an elaborate room with a throne, and at the end near a balcony, you see a familiar face.

“Cadance…” you whisper as you begin to make your way to her, when you get closer however you stop.
She is haggard and her mane is disheveled with her horn casting a glow. Her form triggers a horrible memory.

The Nightmare is Gone…

Your chest hurts even worse than it did before and you groan out loud in pain, remembering the feeling of having your friend skewer you. Your groan catches her attention as she opens her eyes and looks towards you. Quickly, you get behind a pillar and begin to breathe heavily as tears run down your face and blood seeps out your wound.

“Hello?” she calls out, “is someone there?”
Her voice sounds weak and strained, and a part of you wants to comfort her, but the fear keeps you from exposing yourself.

“It’s not her, It’s not her,” you whisper to yourself as you try to catch your breath.
You hear her sigh, so you look around the corner and see her closing her eyes in concentration again.

Oh thank goodness. I’m in the clear I’m… when suddenly from the corner of your eye you see an orange figure walking in from another room.

“Oh you got to be kidding me…” you moan as the figure walking in is none other than your Best Bro Frenemy Flash Sentry.

How come everywhere I go, this guy is always around? you wonder. Not that you hate the guy, it’s just that trouble for you always happens when he’s around.
You watch as he walks up to Princess Cadance.

“Is everything alright ma’am?” he asks.
“Ugh…it’s nothing, I thought I heard someone…” she says weakly and points in your location.
You see him start turn his head, so you quickly hide.

Oh No, he can’t see me can he? you then notice that the nearby wall reflects the image of a wall mirror and you can still see him staring in your direction.

Can he?

What Do?

Author's Note:

Uh oh! Bugze's blessings ran out and he's in a tight spot. Better think of something fast before it's too late!

Hello Hive Mind, BrownDog here!
DWC is a little envious about how a lot of you haven't lost a treasured technology to a watery foe, but he's also a little bit glad that he's not the only one out there has.
One day we shall have our vengeance, ONE DAY :pinkiecrazy:

Anyway, this weeks chapter question is....

What was the worst moment from canon season 3?

Season 3 from the show was the weakest season produced by Hasbro, we all know that. But what moment was the worst from it? YOU DECIDE!

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