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Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 3: Tyrants, Terrorists, and Tiaras, Oh My! - Down with Chrysalis

The continued adventures of you, Bugze the Changeling! (Comment-Driven Story)

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Episode 0: Season 2 Re-cap

Anypony remember the tale of the most unluckiest changeling in the world? The changeling who no matter what he did, he never caught a break? The changeling who rocked an awesome mane of spikey orange hair? The changeling who couldn’t fly or disguise himself? The changeling who found an awesome set of ancient armor that subsequently put a Dark Female Voice in the back of his head that kept telling him to break things? The changeling who found out he had a mysterious alicorn filly named Nightshade as a daughter that he determined to protect at all costs? The changeling who became a vigilante named the Hooded Offender and in the process became public enemy number one?

“If they don’t then obviously they didn’t read Season 1” interrupts the above mentioned changeling, AKA You.

Bugze! What are you doing?! You can’t break the fourth wall!

“I can when it’s a recap page, don’t you remember the Season 1 recap?”

Of course I do, but you might confuse the new readers I’m trying to ease in.

“What new readers?” you ask, “This is Season 3, who the buck starts on the third season?”

Well they might see this story in the New Stories section, or the Latest Updates section, or heck, even the Popular or Featured stories section and click on it.

“I highly doubt this will be featured or popular,” you snark.

Hush up you! The point is that the recap is to interest new readers into actually reading the other two seasons. And if they choose not to, then at least they can be caught up without reading 600,000 plus words of story.

“Yeesh, who has time for all that?”

Exactly, so let me finish.

“Well why don’t you just link the Season 1 recap and focus on Last Season? There was a lot that happened Season 2."


You are Bugze the wanted changeling, a changeling who DOESN’T break the fourth wall and your season 1 exploits can be summed up HERE

Go ahead, read it, I’ll be here when you get back….

Are you done yet?


How about now?

Okay, Okay, I’ll stop pestering


Oh, you’re back! Excellent! Onwards to Season 2: Debt to a Doctor. There were many adventures you had, and each one could be summed up in an arc title. For instance....

The Discord Arc

After receiving the Doctor’s note, you traveled to Canterlot by train in your El Hunko disguise. And lo and behold, Lady Luck’s cruelty struck early as your trained stopped in the dreaded Ponyville where the Deadly 6 lived. Guess who rode with you all the way to Canterlot?

“Spitfire in her form fitting Wonderbolt Suit?” you ask excitedly.

Sadly no, it was your most dreaded enemies. The Hick, The Filly-Fooler, The Pink Psycho, The Crazed Bookworm, Tacky McStabFlank, and Fluttershy.

“Well Fluttershy’s not an enemy,” you say.

No, but she does hang out with them daily.

“Good point.”

They all thought you were dead after the events of the gala, but you still worried about being found out. However, there were other things on their minds besides yourself, as the world seemed to be going to Tartarus all around you. And by Tartarus, you mean of course the warping of reality and the breaking of physics.

“Just think of what the inside of Salvador Dali’s Fun House would look like, then multiply that by 11.”

Luckily, you were able to avoid detection by your enemies as you exited the train. The next problem however, was getting into the castle.

“Actually, that part was easy, I just went in through the coffee cellar. The hard part was figuring out where the buck to go. That place is huge!”

Yes it is. You then dumped flour over your Offender Cloak so that if you were found out, you could pretend to be a ghost.

“Grandbuggy’s wisdom still shines.”

You eventually found the room where the Doctor told you to meet him, and there you found the Deadly 6 and Princess Sun Butt talking to Discord, the weirdest looking creature you’ve ever seen.

“I then totally convinced them I was a ghost…until the Pink Psycho blew my cover.”

Indeed, totally not your own stupidity.


You were then roped into helping the Deadly 6 find the Elements of Harmony that Discord had supposedly taken. While going through a maze, Discord tried to brainwash you into becoming his best friend in chaos, but the DFV stopped him, much to his surprise. You also butted heads with the Bookworm, and then quite literally butted heads with the rest of them after failing the maze and walking back to Ponyville. They all turned to jerks…more so than usual, and started tossing your little girl around like a beach ball. So you kind of beat them up, just like the DFV wanted.

“Turns out they had been brainwashed by Discord. I’m not proud of what I did…”

After that, you ran into a sophisticated mare named Octavia who fangasmed at the sight of you. Turns out she was in love with you since you saved her life from the Diamond Dogs back at the gala. She had also become one of the Vice Presidents of your fan club, the Horde, with Fluttershy being the President. She then took you back to the Horde headquarters and you met several fancolts and fanfillys, and all their positivity caused you to become a hero once more.

“Also I kind of had to get out of there before a drunken Vinyl Scratch dragged me and Octavia into the bedroom…”

You say that as though it were a bad thing.

“I’m a good bug dang it! I’m saving it for marriage!”

Yeah sure, and I'm worth a million dollars. Regardless, you went back to Twilight’s house where she too had been Discorded, and you had to save her with an inspirational speech. You also helped Spike to his bed after he had burped up hundreds of letters, because apparently he was another vice president of the Horde.

After helping Twilight secure the rest of the girls, and a few apologies from each side, you all went to confront Discord…who then scattered all the Elements of Harmony. Guess who got to distract him while the girls went to retrieve them?The fight was spectacularly one sided. With you trying to attack, and more often than not failing, while he would land on embarrassingly themed attacks, which took their toll.

Things changed however when you were trapped and Nightshade popped out of the Inventory, Discord tried to mind control her, but with an angry roar, the DFV yelled for you to “get that thing away from OUR daughter” and flooded you with power. Slightly confused by this, you agreed and began to actually hurt the God of Chaos as Nightshade ran off, but things went too far when DFV took full control and tried to hurt innocents in the process, which Discord found distasteful.

"I did too! The nut was trying to use the Cowardly Trio as a stress ball!"

True. Anyway, after giving you both a painful beat down, you were saved by the Elements of Harmony. Discord tried to take Nightshade hostage, but your daughter is just as crafty as you, for she sprayed WD-40 into his eye. Before he was turned to stone, Discord pulled one last dirty trick. Making almost everypony forget that you helped bring him down, and instead make them think you were his accomplice.

“And the moral of the story is that Discord’s a jerk.”

Beaten and weakened, the Elements, sans Fluttershy, tried to use their rainbow of death on you. But your Fan Club came to save the day.

“Yeah, they surrounded the elements and hid me, and then the Doctor showed up. So I hopped on board with him. And it was then that my life started getting rough.”

The Early Ponyville Days Arc

Yes, the Doctor told you that in order to pay off the debt that Nightshade’s appetite had caused, you would have to be his spy in Ponyville for awhile. Since Ponyville is the native haven for your enemies, he gave you a set of his old clothes, including a white panama hat with a paisley hat band, a face mask, a billowing tan overcoat, and a pair of yellow-and-black striped pants in order to hide your identity. Also, he gave you a notebook used to contact him, and a Luna Plushie. You were then dumped right into the outskirts of Ponyville, where you ran right into Cheerilee.

“That Mare hates me,” you mutter.

Thinking quickly, you made small talk with her and came up with a new nickname, combining all the different actors who played the Doctor in the movie serials.

And thus, Baker Sylvester Tennant was born.

“Or BST for short.”

You found out that it had been a week since Discord’s defeat, and the Hooded Offender was once again Public Enemy Number One. Thankfully the Horde members were pardoned for being brainwashed.

“For the last bucking time! I DO NOT HAVE MIND CONTROL POWERS!!”

After encountering the CMC and introducing them to Nightshade, you were able to get lodgings in their clubhouse. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long until madness and mayhem came your way.

In your first few weeks, you did anything but be inconspicuous. You met Twilight Sparkle at her most insane, witnessed Fluttershy “murdering” a bear, and had to fight off the entire town over a hypnotizing doll. Your meddling however also ended up hypnotizing the princesses. Thankfully, the Luna Plushie turned out to be a very useful item as it could cause all those who looked upon it to fall into a peaceful sleep with wonderful dreams.

After all that mess, you went job searching, and aside from beating up ponies and being unlucky, you found your skills limited and botched every job interview.

“Apparently I’m good at Caramel hunting, no matter the season,” You say this with a wicked grin.

That doesn’t look good on a resume. And I almost forgot how much you like to mess with him.

"Oi! That jerk ate my Naco! He gets no mercy."

...Okayyyyy. Anyway lucky for you, or unlucky in your case, you were hired by the last pony you wanted to work for. Applejack. Or as you like to call her, the Hick.

“Turns out when she’s not trying to kill me, she can actually be pretty nice…uncomfortably nice.”

Whereas your disguises in the past never fooled her, due to reasons explained sometime during season 1, this time they did. You would later find out that the Doctor put a perception filter over you and Nightshade to make ponies not think who you truly were, unless you blatantly revealed yourself.

But at the moment, you were given a job and a place to sleep. Also you met the rest of her family. Big Mac, whom you call Big Red, became a good bro, and Granny Smith was a nice old woman.

At first, she mistook you for the Doctor with all your clothes, meaning she had been a companion. After the confusion was over, you found out that you reminded her of an old fiance Quick Fix, AKA, your Grandbuggy’s pony Alias.

After a few more conversations with her, you came to the realization that she was actually your Grandmother, for she remembered him leaving one day and her gaining weight for 9 months, but the memories were fuzzy.
You remembered a policy that said that if Changelings impregnate a pony, then the child has to be taken to the Hive and the pony in question either mindwiped or taken care of.

“Yeah, so apparently I’m a hybrid, and the Apples are my relatives. That explains why I’m so strong. Also I have the biggest extended family ever, on both sides now that I think about it.”


"Noe that I think about it, our family reunions are gonna be soo awkward. If I really am part Apple at least."

And why you can take so many beatings. Then again your the protagonist so that might explain it as well.

"I'm a what now?"

Oh nothing, nothing. Anyway, after this bombshell, you tried to ignore it seeing as how it was only speculation, as you worked on the farm. Nightshade also started going to school since she began to sleep less and less. While there she earned scorn from Ms. Cheerilee and made many friends and owned the local bullies.

“Some of her friends were colts, they immediately made my enemies list.”

“Daddy! Button and Rumble are just my friends!” shouts Nightshade.

Oh great, another character breaking the fourth wall when she doesn’t have the ability. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE KEEP GETTING INTO HERE!?

“Sure they are now, but in a few years they will become…teenagers,” you say in disgust, completely ignoring my question.

“Ugh, whatever, but yeah Mr. Narrator, I made lots of friends, and I learned of the glory that is Nightmare Night! Me and my friends decided to go as the classic movie monsters. Also I told those Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon jerks to shove it. Ms. Cheerilee didn’t like my cursing though, that uptight bi-“


Then came the day of Cider Season. You helped make and sell the splendid drink, and also kept making sure the Filly Fooler never got a sip, but in the process you found out that Applejack had a crush on you.

“I’m still conflicted about that. I mean, sure she’s pretty, and has a nice well toned body I would just like to-NO BAD BUG!” you shout and shake your head, “Sorry, but yeah, on the other hoof she’s tried to kill me on more than one occasion, and I might be related to her! I mean, technically she’s not a first cousin since we have different Grandfathers, so her mother and mine would be like half siblings, which would make us quarter cousins, which isn’t really a thing and I guess would kind of be okay, I mean…ugh…my head hurts.”

Your confused feelings aside, Cider season was almost ruined by the arrival of the Flim Flam Brothers and their evil hats of evil, which you destroyed. Their big machine, the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 also radiated evil, as you found out you really hate complex machinery.

“Skynet will rise if I don’t stop them all! EEEEVVVIIIILLLL!!!!”

In the ensuing competition, which bet the entire Apple Farm, you sabotaged the machine and saved the day.

“And thus, I halted Judgement Day.”

With them gone, everyone had free cider, and after sabotaging Rainbow Dash once more, you broke her spirit, causing her to cry. Feeling bad, you gave her your mug of cider, the last cup as it turned out. She immediately downed it like an alcoholic and began thanking you with affection as if you saved her life. And because of this, she began to have a crush on you as well.

“Grandbuggy always said that if you buy a girl a drink, she’d stick around for more than just the booze, I didn’t think he meant to this degree!” you complain.

The next day, you were given the day off for saving the farm, so you explored the town as you waited for Nightshade to get off school. You met Vinyl Scratch whom, after a misunderstanding, you found more information about the Horde. You claimed to be a member and learned of secret meetings, and how the Horde didn’t fall for Discord’s mind trick. Also, she started flirting with you, so you tried to avoid her seeing as what she tried to do a week ago, even though she claims she was drunk and embarrassed by it.

After Nightshade got off, you went shopping with her, and even got your Nightmare Night Costumes, with Nightshade being a mummy, and you being Subject Delta from Bioshock 2. The suit you got from some sort of strange trinket shop, but it was worth it. You then spent some quality time with your daughter and got banned from Olive Grotto, and Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

“That place was creepy as buck! And it smelled like blood and mucus! What the buck is up with that!?”

You then went to let Zecora know that you were alive, seeing as how she saved your life after your run in with Smaug. Plus she lived pretty far away from everyling else, so you didn't need to worry about anyling over hearing your conversation. You also passed Applebloom going the other way looking pretty suspicious. But you just shrugged it off as a filly thing.

Your reception was...mixed to say the least. She was happy that you were alive, but angry that you let others think you were dead, so she hit you over the head with a stick for awhile before hugging you. Also, she wasn’t affected by Discord’s memory trick...somehow.

"Yeah, Discords memory thing is kinda strange. I mean it works for almost the entire country, yet the ponies I'm closes too or really believe in me never seem to be affected."

I guess even chaos magic has it's faults.

"Just sounds like a plot-hole waiting to happen." You snark.

Oh shut up you stupid bug! Don't make me get the whacking mallet!

"Eep" You say as you shut up.

Good, now were was I...oh yeah! *Aheam*, you then got some healing potions, and some disguise potions, and bid her farewell, with her saying she would see you on Nightmare Night.

The Next Day, you were woken up by an ecstatic Applejack, who desperately wanted you to fix Applebloom, who had sprouted several cutie marks and couldn’t stop doing what they displayed.

After a failed Exorcism, you came to the conclusion that she drank the potion you saw her with yesterday, which she claimed came from Pinkie.
Being as rational as you could, you ran screaming through the streets all the way to Sugar Cube Corner. Pinkie tried to throw you a party, but you stopped her, and started accusing her of poisoning Applebloom and trying to make the whole town into cupcakes.

"Yeah I may have jumped the shark there hehehehe." You say as you chuckle nervously.

If the shark your talking about is fifty feet tall, then yes you did. Anyway, horrified by the accusations, Pinkie believed you and asked for you to take her to jail. Before that could happen, Applebloom, AJ, Twilight and Zecora entered the town where the residents panicked and planted a truth flower. You forced Pinkie to confess, but nothing happened. You all started telling truths to the flower, but it wouldn’t sprout, until you said something that sounded like a lie. Thinking that Discord’s residual magic was to blame, and would only bloom to lies, you were forced to tell all your greatest achievements, which no one believed. Applebloom was cured, and since school was let out because of the panic, you watched over the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who had accepted Nightshade as one of their own.

"Yep, so pretty much all my life achievements are now lies to everyling I know...yay. but I am glad for Nightshade, her and the CMC are great friends."

While watching them, you spoke more with the DFV who expressed concern over Nightshade’s safety with her new friends. She claimed she did love her daughter, but you remained skeptical. The CMC were a pain however, since you constantly had to keep them from hurting themselves in stupid ways while they tried to find their cutie marks. You gained some smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails after they tried to become anarchists and mad scientists however.

"Still haven't figured out where they got that dumb crate," you mumble to yourself dejectedly.

Also, you talked with a depressed Pinkie Pie. Some ponies became afraid of her when she confessed to being a murderer and the flower didn’t bloom, and thus thought she was telling the truth. Feeling bad, you decided to comfort her, and in the process were tricked into agreeing to go to a Pinkie Party.

The Party itself was actually kind of awesome, you met a lot of ponies who knew you and Nightshade by your extravagant behavior. Nightshade caught the eye of Spike, much to your chagrin.

“That punk better watch himself,” you growl.

“Oh for Pete’s sake daddy!” cries Nigthshade.

You chatted more with Octavia, who still believed in The Hooded Offender, Vinyl, who was djing, and Aloe and Lotus, the spa twins.

“Oh Dear Luna, Aloe. That mare is a predator, I’m telling you! With that sultry smile and seductive voice, and curvy flexible-NO BAD BUG!” You quickly smack yourself to rid you of those thoughts.

Yes yes Ero-Bug we get it, your saving it for marriage. Anyway, in the coming days you would find out that Aloe was attracted to you and didn’t care who knew it. Her sister on the other hand, neither liked nor hated you, she just warned you to stay back from her sister. You didn’t know that when you first met them however, though her constant winking should have clued you in.

During the party, ponies came to the conclusion that Nightshade’s mother had died, due to you claiming she lived on in your head, and you also publicly apologized to Pinkie Pie and set the record straight, after a bit more trolling that is, but she forgave you and called you her friend. You then sang karaoke with her as you and Nightshade devoured most of the food.

That night, you had a terrible nightmare, where a headless pony in a robe tied you to a table and called you Master. This pony told you that it was too late, and that “The Nightmare Comes.”

The thing is, the past couple of weeks, you had seen this message over and over again. Written in places you would look, and only you appeared to see them. Ponies themselves would tell you this only to forget what they said. You tried to ignore it, but it seemed to be getting worse if your dream was any indication. So the next day you went to the library, leaving Nightshade specific instructions on colts.

“If they hit on you, kick ‘em in the nards! I remember,” Nightshade says with a smile.

“That’s my girl,” you praise while patting her head.

After running from the rage of Caramel’s girlfriend Sassaflass, you researched your dream. You couldn’t really find any info, but you did learn more about Spike and his relationship with Twilight. Also, you found a book detailing how to Air Bend. After an offhand comment from the DFV, you wrote a letter asking Luna for help. Being the idiot you are, you didn’t think it through, so you tried to throw it away…only for the wind to carry it right to her in Canterlot.

“You can blame Lady Luck for that one. Most of this you can blame on her in all this stuff.”

Will do. But while you rested after researching, your daughter and her friends started getting up to no good. Nigthshade and her friends began a campaign of revenge pranking. The victims included all of the Deadly 6, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Aloe, Octavia, Vinyl, Cheerilee, The Olive Grotto, and Freddy Fazbears.

“Also I found a book on Earth Bending. Oh, and don’t forget the biggest prank of all,” she says.

Also You. They left cards of you confessing to prank on all their victims. Your daughter also left a note for you to meet her in the Everfree Forest as all the mares came looking for your blood.

When you found your daughter and her friends, you found them dressed up in their Nightmare Night costumes, running away from a hydra. Apparently they were going to scare you, but never got the chance.

You then had to fight the four headed hydra, whom you nicknamed King Ghidorah, during which the CMC didn’t run away and kept cheering for you. Because of this, you couldn’t unleash your Nightmare Cloak, and so took your fair share of abuse. After decapitating a few heads causing more to grow, you faced a 12 headed Ghidorah, who repeatedly swallowed you.

“I kicked him in the nards causing him to barf up daddy!”

“That was incredibly gross experience that I never what to go through again,” you say with a disgusted look.

You then ran away, stuffing all the girls into the inventory, where you hid in a cave full of treasure. After taking some, you realized you were in the cave of an old enemy.


Recognizing your scent, he tried to kill you, but you gave him the slip by causing him to run into Ghidorah, and so ensued an Epic Kaiju Battle! To which you and the girls watched.

"It was bucking awesome to watch! It was the only way to get them off my back. After all it's Kaiju 101: The only thing that can beat a giant monster is another giant monster."

The Deadly 6 caught up, all displaying their pranked forms, and they themselves watched for a bit mesmerized. You eventually put a stop to the battle using the gold you...'burrowed' from Smaug in a technique that has been lost to all time and space.

When you all got back to town, you faced the wrath of the pranked who organized a mob to lynch you. You nearly let your Nightmare Cloak out on the behest of the DFV, only to learn the lynching itself was a big prank, albeit a cruel one. You chided everyone and set the record straight, and in the process, all of the CMC were grounded.

That night, you angrily argued with the DFV over her methods. Earlier, she had suggested killing the rest of the CMC since you didn’t want anyone figuring out you were the Hooded Offender. That, and her almost being unleashed during the lynching prompted you to threaten her. You warned that if she ever killed someone, then you would end your life, killing her in the process. Horrified, she tried to plead with you, but you would not relent, and so forced her to agree to the terms. For the first time, you heard a new emotion in her, Sadness and Fear, as she began to weep after what you threatened her with.

“Look, I’m not proud about what I did. I was angry at the time. I didn’t know better,” you explain.

Yes yes, we all know about your big temper. Anyway the next event in your life would be...

The Nightmare Night Arc

The next day, it was Nightmare Night, and so you dressed in your costume and walked the town in your awesome Subject Delta suit. You scared quite a few folks, but you also found out that your costume had a fully functioning drill and heads up display. That night, Nightshade went trick or treating while you took pictures with everypony. AJ and Rainbow Dash argued over you and Aloe kissed your cheek. Later, you and the rest of the town sang This is Nightmare Night, and the Mayor scared the Buck out of you in her creepy clown costume.

"Clowns are the demons of all things! I mean have you seen It?!

You then followed the foals, and they, and in turn you, learned the origin of Nightmare Night. A depressed DFV began lamenting the holiday, before apologizing to you. She told you that she not only cares for Nightshade, but for you as well, and that she was sorry for you having to make such a decision for them. She claimed she would try to change so you wouldn’t have to carry out your threat. You apologized as well, and asked who she really was, but before she could answer, Luna Appeared.

"She made the scariest, yet I will admit awesome, entrance ever! I swear I didn't even know it was her till she hit the ground."

She had gotten lost however, and asked you for directions. Instead, you bravely fled from her, leading her right to town. After the town gave her the cold shoulder, Twilight insisted on helping her, and you got roped into helping. Keeping your distance while “sneaking” around you found out that Twilight was going to help her fit in and that Luna was looking for you to help with your Nightmares. Twilight pointed you out, so you again fled, during which you found out your suit had come equipped with 3 plasmids, Inferno, Shock Jockey, and Telekinesis that rewrote your DNA to be able to use them. The glove on the suit, Nicknamed the Power Glove, became your channeler for all your new powers, and the HUD let you know there were other plasmids and vigors to be found.

With this info, you tailed Twilight and Luna to Fluttershy’s, where a big misunderstanding occurred. You tried to knock out Luna with the Plushie, but she was immune and instead thought it was gift. When she tried to talk to you about your Nightmare’s again, you fled, hurting her feelings. After they had left, you decided to check up on Fluttershy, who was scared of your costume, so you decided to show her your face to not freak her out, revealing your identity in the process. Realizing your mistake, you fled once more.

“Yeesh I fled a lot that night. Of course bravely fleeing is a very respected and admirable tactic in battle.”

What ever helps you sleep at night Bugze, anyway...

In town, Luna appeared to fit in, but some mistakes caused a riot and a cancellation of the entire Holliday. Crying, Luna walked away and threw your Plushie into the water. Nightshade collected it, and realized everyone had kind of overreacted, so she set out to cheer up the Princess and bring back Nightmare Night, while you panicked because you lost sight of her. You were running around like a headless chicken and it took the DFV to finally calm you down.

"Oi! When your daughter goes missing when the pony who wanted her hanged was in the area, you would freak out too!"

Nightshade more than succeeded in cheering up Luna, because she actually listened to her. It turns out, that Luna felt guilty for how she reacted when she first saw Nightshade. She had thought she was the reincarnation of Nightmare Moon come to possess her once more and panicked. Upon reflection, she realized that Nightshade was just an innocent little filly, and her overreaction may well have caused the chaos of the Hooded Offender. Downtrodden, she believed that the citizens and children being scared of her was karmic punishment for her actions, but Nightshade embraced her and told her she was not a monster.

“Well she wasn’t, she was just scared. Plus, she felt super bad about how she acted,” explains Nightshade.

Luna felt joy return to her as she hugged Nightshade back. She agreed to return Nightmare Night, while Twilight witnessed the moment in happiness.

Which was nearly all obliterated when you showed up.

“Hey, all I saw was a foal lyncher holding my daughter, I didn’t know!” you exclaim.

With your helmet port glowing orange, you rushed forth to pummel the princess, even when Nightshade and Twilight begged you not to. When stopped by a force field, you sent an Electro Bolt directly into the Princess and the Bookworm, and learned that your plasmids could not be stopped by magic.

Nightshade stood her ground in front of them and begged you not to hurt them, but you rationalized that she was brainwashed, and charged up your drill. You powered it down though at the behest of DFV since the active drill could kill Luna, but you still charged.
And then you got your butt kicked by your own daughter. With immense power and glowing white eyes, Nightshade angrily Earth Bended you into submission, telling you to stop hurting ponies because of her. In her anger however, she crushed you with a boulder.

"Yeah, who knew Nightshade could do that huh? Also if it wasn't for my Subject Delta suit, I would be a green stain on the pavement."

Within your own head in the dreamscape, you came face to face with Nightmare Moon herself. It took you awhile to get it, much to the strained sanity of the mare herself, but you eventually figured out that the Dark Female Voice in your head was her all along…and she was actually kind of hot. Putting these thoughts aside, you both worked together to fool Luna and avoid detection. When Luna entered your dreamscape, she saw Nightmare Moon with a fake goatee acting like a stereotypical evil caricature. Luna set the record straight on her mistakes over the Offender and Nightshade, so you let her help you with your Nightmares, which she felt were caused by trauma. After a bit of humiliation towards Nightmare Moon, she woke you up where Nightshade tearfully apologized to you. You in turn apologized to her, Luna, and Twilight, and the four of you worked together to prank the foals and bring Nightmare Night back.

"Best. Prank. Ever. At least that night. I've done, and will do, better. Trust me." You say smugly.

You also learned from Luna that members of the Horde had been causing troubles, and that talks of Revolution had been reported, much to your horror. Also, she suggested that Nightshade begin magical training with Twilight since her power was great.

Before the night ended, you and Nightmare Moon came to a deeper understanding about each other. You learned about her fears of abandonment, and her hatred of Luna and her promise of answers to your questions.

"I didn't want a revolution in my name! A bunch of ponies who didn't do anything would get caught in the crossfire. So I had to do something..."

Revelations Arc

The Next day, after some awkward encounters with RD and AJ you went to the spa to relax with Nightshade. You downed a disguise potion and while there, you encountered Fluttershy and Rarity. While you tried to relax, Aloe the sultry masseuse tried to seduce you, but you were saved by her sister. Later you came to the conclusion that Nightmare Moon should have her own name since she is not a part of Luna anymore, and is her own being. You were then pulled into a closet by Fluttershy who forcefully hugged you to the floor and made you reveal your true identity. Because you had shown your face to her on Nightmare Night, she had fought the perception filter. She promised to keep your secret, and so you two began to talk Horde business, especially the news of Revolution. She promised to ask the other city branches for news and to call a meeting of the senior members of the Ponyville branch, and would let you know when the meeting was.

"I still can't believe I was found out! I mean if Fluttershy of all ponies could figure me out, then who knows who else does!"

You were only caught because of your own stupidly and you know it.

"Oi! I'm not stupi-"

Need I bring up how you were almost caught three times cause you were hiding in a box?


Thought so, anyway..

Your meeting was interrupted by Rarity and the Spa twins, who mistook yours and Fluttershy’s position as something scandalous, causing you both to feel embarrassed. After a fright from your daughter’s mud make up, you put everyone to sleep with the Luna Plushie, leaving Fluttershy a note, and pretended nothing happened, causing them to think they had dreamt it.

After the Spa, you all walked outside, where you pushed Fluttershy out of the way of a crashing Rainbow Dash, breaking all your legs in the process. You were taken to the hospital where you were put into casts and forced to share a room with the Filly Fooler who broke your legs, as she had a broken wing. Technically you had saved her life by “catching” her, but you still felt grumpy at the situation, and didn’t talk to her much, even after she apologized. Both AJ and Fluttershy agreed to watch Nightshade while you were in the hospital, so you sat around and healed rapidly, which the Hospital staff claimed to be a miracle and made you agree to donate your body to science.

"I never agreed to that! I was under the influence of pain killers at the time!"

Later, after boredom, you found Rainbow Dash reading an awesome book aloud, and when she tried to deny reading, you told her to continue so you too could hear what happened. She complied and you two bonded over the joys of reading “awesome” stories. After another awkward moment, you two went to sleep, with you receiving a message on the horde meeting date and location via dragon flame before you drifted off.
Early in the morning before the sun rose however, you were woken up by an insane pony named Doctor Quacksilver, who was raiding medical supplies. He misdiagnosed you several times, before deciding to operate on you since your body was donated to science. Using methods you’re sure no sane being would ever used, you were knocked out and operated on.

“I’ll never trust hospitals again...” you say with fear.

While that was going on, Nightshade had her own adventure. After another whacky day at school, she went to begin her magical training with Twilight, only to be shown by Spike that Twilight had gone crazy again. After an ice cream eating contest with Spike, Nigthshade found out that Twilight was panicked about time travel, and thought the Doctor was involved. She convinced Twilight to stop the disaster she thought was coming before Dash was released since all of time and space was counting on it.

Twilight agreed, and so she, Nightshade, and Spike set out to organize the townsfolk. After a talk with the Doctor, who passed on a message to You, she hugged the three headed dog Cerberus into submission, and went with Twilight, Fluttershy, and Spike to the Gates of Tartarus. While there, she witnessed some strange creature escaping, and kicked SCP-173 into the nards, sending it back into Tartarus.

“That was a fun day,” she says with a smile.

"For you maybe, I was on a operating table...against my will!"

Man up you big baby, if your daughter can hug Cerberus and cause him to whimper, then you being opened up and examined is no problem.


What, can't hear you. Too busy telling your life story. Now where was I...oh yes!

Around this time, you awoke and actually felt fine, better even. Quacksilver informed you about your strange insides and midnight colored blood, further proof that you’re a hybrid, but also told you that your wings always have and always will be functionally useless as you are missing critical tendons. Also, Nightmare Moon was drugged up to her eyeballs as she kept laughing and saying random things. She had tried to stop Quacksilver while you were out, so he shoved a needle full of sedative straight into your brain.

After Quacksilver was found to be trespassing and jumped out a window, you were wheeled back by Nurse Redheart, his ex girlfriend. As you went in, Dash was wheeled out, lamenting how she wasn’t able to finish the book. After catching up in the book yourself, Nightshade, Twilight, Spike and Fluttershy visited and told you about their day. Nightshade passed on the Doctor’s message about not attacking the Vigilante and then Twilight freaked out over a scratch caused by Spike. With reminders about the Horde meeting, everyling left.

Later that night, you were awoken by what you first thought was a ninja, but was actually Rainbow Dash, come back to read with you the final part of the story.

After a few interruptions, including one from the Doctor dressed as a ninja, Rainbow Dash was attacked by an ACTUAL ninja, Nurse Snowheart. She too thought Dash was a ninja, come to murder her patients as punishment for leaving her clan. Wielding an arsenal of syringes, she chased after Dash, and you, since you were thrown into a wheel chair. After a Freudian slip and a jump through the air, you and Dash ran through town, away from Snowheart and the posse of hospital staff, and a barking mare. You both read the Daring Do ending while running, but were cornered at Twilight’s Tree with half the town watching in curiosity. After coming clean about loving to read and not being a ninja, everything was diffused with your help. Unfortunately, the crazy barking mare pushed you into Rainbow Dash, where you inadvertently had your first kiss.

“I WAS WEARING MY MASK! It’s a technicality!” you scream.

Oh really, then you didn’t feel or taste it?

“Of course not, I especially didn’t feel how warm and soft it was, or how it tasted like Spicy Rainbows, but at the right temperature!” you say with shifty eyes.

Uh-huh, moving on, RD earned the scorn of several other mares, and you went home while Twilight still remained insane.

You then spent the next two days doing back breaking work due to a, what you suspected to be, a jealous AJ. In that time, a still drugged Nightmare Moon found kinship with Catmare while you were reading a Batmane comic book, and decided she would take on the name Selena. You went along with it, and thus decided to call her as such. After that, you finally arrived at the Elite Horde Meeting, which was held at Berry Punch’s bar. While there, you met Magnum, Rarity and Sweetie Belle’s father, Bulk Biceps, the bouncer, Lyra and Bon Bon and other members. You were also introduced to the burning sensation of Jack Spaniels, and found the Frost plasmid which you downed.

At the meeting, Fluttershy spoke about how Revolution was in the talks by the Fillydelphia branch of the Horde, and that the President of that club, Flag Burner, was radical and called her weak. Everyone comforted her, but then the idea of revolution was seriously debated with pros and cons. Deciding to stop this train of thought, you dressed as the Offender and told them that you would not have a war started in your name, and that you were personally going to have a talk with this Flag Burner.

"The dude was walking into territory where he shouldn't go into. I was gonna snap him out of it before he did something too stupid. By force if I had too!"

Unfortunately, Twilight and the other Deadly 6, sans Fluttershy, showed up and wrecked the meeting. They had been following Spike since they thought he was too young to go to a bar, but stumbled across you and the Horde Members. A very stern argument occurred, and you nearly got through to Twilight, but Discord’s lingering magic backfired on her, causing her to not listen to your words. After a few instances of you and Twilight firing plasmids and magic at each other, a fight broke out…between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. The catfight was incidentally over you, or rather, you dressed as BST, and somehow they ended up in a pool of mud, much to yours and Thunderlane’s delight.

At this moment however, Twilight snapped and figured that you dying would fix every problem and save the future. After she tried to strangle you, you ran with the Horde upstairs and into some guards where a barroom blitz occurred. Using the Luna Plushie, you stopped the fight, and set it up so that no one really remembered why they were fighting. You then ran back to your shed, picked up a few things and left a note for Nightshade and the others. You left your daughter behind, realizing that it might be dangerous where you were going.

You headed towards the train station, talking with Selena the whole way about how you would give up being BST and move on after Fillydelphia. You talked about why you were going to have to end it soon, and how it would be better for everyone with you gone. Unfortunately, you were talking aloud, and the Deadly 6 thought you were talking about killing yourself, so they teleported into your train car and staged a horrible intervention. You convinced them you were in the witness protection program by essentially telling them the truth.

"I figured since my persona was tearing apart a friendship, even if it was my sworn enemies, I should disappear. I couldn't handle being the cause of a friendship breaking, no matter the ponies in it. I was gonna grab Nightshade and ditch town later, but of course they found out and that change my plans to coming up with that lie," you explain.

After convincing them, they all left, promising to watch Nightshade as you traveled to Fillydelphia, hoping that you could end the revolution before it started.

"If only I knew what was gonna happen, then I would have never gone in the first place," you see with regret and guilt in your eyes.

Die Horde Arc

As soon as you arrived in Fillydelphia, Selena warned you that you were being tailed. After loosing the tail via acting insane (or normal in your case), you started to look around the place. You saw that their were Heart's Warming Decorations being set up, but you were confused as to why since it wasn't close to being said holiday. However after you reading a newspaper you find out that the holiday was coming early this due to Luna's freedom from the moon.

"I still don't know if that was a good idea, but oh well it happened."

After that you put on your Hooded Offender Cloak and you cornered a pony who was tailing you (again). However before you can get any answer's from him you are drugged and knocked out.

"I gotten drug so many times by now it's not even funny. I still have the needle marks to prove it too!"

You awake a few hours later in a dark, damp room. It was there you would meet one of your most dangerous foes...

Flag Burner.

"Ugh, just the mention of his name makes me cringed. It brings back so many bad memories. I still remember what he was wearing that fateful day. One things for sure, he was just as crazy, and dangerous, as me. At least...he used to be..." You trail of from that sentence with a guilty look.

Yeah, yeah, yeah be depressed later.

Anyway, Flag Burner was not alone however. He was had a normal earth pony with him, a mare named Coco Pommel. Soon Flag had tested you to see if you were the real deal, and when you proved you were via your glowing orange eyes he became ecstatic. He began to go on and on about how he was gonna change the world by taking down the princess. How he wanted to change them by ripping down the soceity of the now and replacing it with his view of equality. Soon he started going on about a bloodbath, and that's when you drew the line.

You called him out on it, saying how that's not what you wanted and that the Hooded Offender didn't want a revolution. Flag Burner simply denied everything you said and went to say how you've been 'hypnotized' by Celestia's watchdogs (the Deadly Five and Fluttershy). You soon start to get dizzy as Flag ravels that the wine you were drinking was drugged and you once again fell unconscious.

"I'm telling you! Lady luck can't go one day without getting me drugged somehow! This is like the fifth time that's happened!"

Yes well, anyway.

You awake again, this time your limbs are shackled to a cot in a dark cell with Coco putting a damped rag on your forehead. You try to convince her that what Flag is doing isn't right and that alot of innocent ponies are gonna get hurt. And it looks like it's almost gonna work...till a needle is jammed into your throat. Apparently Flag ordered that no one can speak to you unless it's him, so her numbed your vocal cords.

"Oh great, here come back some unpleasant memories," you comment.

Soon Flag walks in and orders Coco out. When she's gone Flag goes off about how he's gonna go through with your (*cough*his*cough*) vision. You, even with numbed vocal cords, deny that it's your vision. Flag Burner responds by starting to choke you while saying how if you won't join the cause, he'll just replace you. With that he leaves you to rot in your prison.

"Now this may sound stupid, but this is were Flag messed up. I mean he's already a crazy fruitloop, but he should have ended me here instead of leaving me. Cliched villain mistake number twenty-three."

Yeah, well unlike comic book villains, this one was going to actually do some harm. Luckily for you, and thanks to Selena's dream walking skills, Coco helps break you out. Now reformed, guess that's the best term to put it, she decides to stay behind to make it seem like you escaped without her help. You thank her, cause a nice big explosive after putting her asleep with the Luna Plushie, and you escaped.

After meeting up with Flash Sentry (here to investigate a guards murder) and convincing him that your here to help stop whatever Flag's planning, you both head to the guard station. You pretend to be Flash's prisoner and you both get in and meet Shinning Armor in a interrogation room. After explaining what's going on, Shinning doesn't quiet believe you. That is till Flag Burner (dressed up like you) projects a live video from the Hoofball Stadium. He shows off the supposedly dead guard, Iron Shield, and makes him confess his mistakes. Then he does the unthinkable...

He executes him live, in front of everyling. In front of you.

"The bucking jerk was gonna get it! He killed someling on my watch! I was gonna make him pay dearly, and make him regret ever starting this revolution! HE WAS GONNA BUCKING PAY!" Your eyes glow orange as you think back to the horrified look in the stallions eyes before his death.

Bugze, calm down. It's all in the past. This is now, and it's just a recap.

"*sigh* Your right...I'm sorry"

No problem, now were was I...oh yes!

With hatred pouring through your veins, you beat back the guards in the station and raced towards the stadium, stopping rioting ponies along the way. Once you reached the stadium you were surrounded by Horde Fanatics and Guards. You summon the Nightmare Cloak and beat your way into the stadium. But not before you are given aid by three changelings. The female of the group knowing your old drone number. They distracted the guards while you ran into the stadium. When you get in there you confront Flag, but he merely shrugs you off and escapes. You stay behind so you can destroy the bomb that was meant to go off. After you dispose of the bomb you chase after Flag as a all out riot hits the streets of Fillydelphia.

"It was pure chaos. Everywhere I looked ponies had gone mad. Attacking each other, robbing and looting stores, it was pure chaos. I stopped what I could, but I was focusing on Flag. I finish him, and this whole mess ends."

You eventually find Flag, but before you can do anything his four elite guards attack! They were all benders, one for each element. You never got the names of the wind and fire bender, but you know the water benders name was Aqua and you nicknamed the earth bender Rocky. At first the benders were beating your butt, and with one massive combo they almost got you. Of course they didn't count on one thing...

Phase 3.

With your five Nightmare Tails you were unstoppable. You managed to knock out three of the benders, but Aqua managed to escape. But you have a feeling she'll be popping back up in your life sooner or later.

"You planning something aren't you DWC?" You ask with a questioning face.

What? No no no no no no. Now be quiet, I'm almost down with this arc.

Anyway, it was time for the final battle. You beat Flag Burner down pretty well, considering the mass difference in power levels between you two. You manage to tell him that the true meaning of the Hooded Offender is to be a Nobody. To just be another face in the crowd (from that day forth you called your Hooded Offender Cloak the Nobody Cloak). But Flag still wouldn't listen, and he even managed to nick you across your eye, giving you one heck of a scar. But by the end of it Flag had lost, and soon he would be brought to prison to face his crimes...at least that' what you hoped.

The next thing you know there were explosives, thousands of screams. Next you saw nothing but red, and then...nothing. When you regain your senses you realize you've killed Flag Burner....and you swore never to kill.

"That was the darkest day of my life, and I will never forget the look on everylings face when I...did what I did."

Yeah yeah, onto some less depressing stuff...

The Past Returned Arc

After your actions in Fillydelphia, you escaped the enraged Shining Armor, and became distraught.

The Doctor materialized behind you and apologized, but in your anger you lashed out at him. Thinking that it was all his fault, but he was able to talk you down. He told you that nopony had died because he had evacuated the buildings that exploded. In fact, your interactions with the situation caused everything to become much worse, since the only pony that could not be saved was Iron Shield. Now that you executed Flag Burner, your bounty was tripled and you were now wanted for Murder. This made you feel even worse, and you realized that you should’ve trusted the Doctor. He also told you that the scar over your eye was caused by Orichalcum, a magic cancelling substance and that it would never go away. Selena believed you would carry out your suicide pact and begged you not to.

"The scar's a consent reminder of what happened in Fillydelphia. Also it looks pretty cool."

You realized that such a thing was cruel and decided to end that pact, instead you struck a promise bargain with her to never kill again. She swore that she would keep your promise and protect you from such actions ever again. You then realized that Flag’s men were sent after Nightshade, so you have the Doctor drop you off in Ponyville, where you beat them down and tell them their leader is dead. They claim they want Nightshade to be their symbol of revolt, but you refuse. You then tell Octavia to call a meeting since you are disbanding the Horde.

The next day you were reunited with your Daughter, who had been in Canterlot for a Hearth’s Warming Eve play with the rest. She was worried about your scar, but you gave her the banned videogame you stole in Fillydelphiha and she runs off to Button Mash’s house to play. The Elements found about the Offender’s actions they, and were horrified. Fluttershy especially since she knows it was you. You try to tell her your side, and in the process reveal Selena’s existence, not that she’s Nightmare Moon, but still now she knows. You also learn that the radical Horde cultists go by the name The Crimson Knights, and have an insignia of a bleeding sun upon their hoods now.

You then went to Button’s house and conversed with his mom while the CMC and Button played the game. They found it horrifying, except for Nightshade, but she went nuts when she found out that Trixie had voiced some characters and began exclusively killing them while yelling with her eyes glowing white. You put a stop to this as the actions in the game gave you flashbacks to what you did. You then set up traps and defenses around your shack before you wrote a letter to Cadance, explaining what happened.

"What? You can never be to careful these days, so I figured traps would be a good idea...at least until Applejack finds out. Then she'll probably kill me for setting traps on her land hehehehe," you laugh nervously at the end of your statement.

In Canterlot, Cadance chose to still believe in you, after receiving your letter, but the only one who would listen to her was Luna, who knew what dark influences were like, and so decided to save the Hooded Offender, whom she believed she created. Celestia still felt the need for your capture as you had caused billions in damages, and Shining was still angered and shocked over what happened, as he saw what happened to Flag as he was killed, including seeing his eye fly out and his body crushed under the collapsing burning building. Cadance, having no real authority, decides to help you with information which she gives you via letter through magical tube. But beyond that, it’s up to you.

"AKA, I got myself a mare on the inside. A double agent! A mole in the system!"

Weeks later, you have tried to forget Fillydelphia by doing day to day work. You do this so much, you lose track of the days and find yourself stuck in the middle of Hearts and Hooves day. You’ve always hated this day ever since the popular kids at your old changeling school and your date set you up to be embarrassed at the dance. With several love sick mares banging at your door, you let them all know you weren’t in the mood, not on this day. Being a Grinch, you burn all your Daughter’s Hearts and Hooves cards from her classmates and walk around town being grumpy. You tell your story to Big Red, accidentally being overheard by the rest of town. Later, the CMC try to hook up Big Red with Cheerilee and decide to put you through speed dating, starting with Fluttershy. Due to Nightshade’s poor planning, all of your potential dates show up at once, including Aloe, RD, AJ, Vinyl, and Octavia. Having had enough, you storm off angrily saying things and Nightshade overhears what you did to her cards.

“It was at that moment that I decided to prank Daddy hard!” Nightshade says with a snarl.

The girls created a Love Poison thinking it was a potion, and gave it to Cheerilee and Big Mac, who immediately fell in love and acting dopey.

Nightshade added her own take afterwards and gave all of the punch to your stalkers, and they all set out at once to find you. And because Lady Luck is cruel, Pinkie Pie found the punch and passed it to everyone she met.

You then found that almost the entire town, male and female alike, was in love with you and they hunted you down like a dog.

"Yeah, this year has been pretty weird. Not only do I get lots of attention from females for the first time in my life and have to turn them down due to my situation, but then I get an entire town after my love. I'm sure Grandbuggy would be proud."

Thankfully, you found help in all the local children and an army of Colts, and your new Bro Undercover Flash Sentry, who had been sent by Celestia to look for suspicious activity concerning the Offender. He wasn’t very good at stealth. You found that by destroying personal belongings, the curse would be lifted, so you sent your minions forth and they obeyed. But not before you were forcefully kissed by Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, the latter forcing you down through the power of The Stare.

"AJ and RD wanted to share me. I mean, they said so themselves. Not that I wouldn't mind sharing two exquisite athletic mar-No Bad Bug! And Fluttershy is normally sweet, but that stare was frightening and I couldn't move. Although her fur was soft lips were warm and tasted...NO! VERY BAD BUG!"

You're going to be alone the rest of your life. Anyway You eventually halted the effects of the poison by an impromptu musical number with Flash and Pinkie Pie that bashed on love and broke the spell. And thus, everything was better, except for Big Mac and Cheerilee who had been forgotten about, thus they got married and consummated that marriage. After arguing with your daughter in public, Big Red knocked you out and took you home, where you came to an understanding with your stalkers.

"What can I say? I still hate the bucking holiday, but I'll be a little less grumpy when the holiday comes around...maybe."

That night, you decided to finally introduce Nigthshade to her mother within the dreamscape. However once all three of you were there, you encountered a shadow copy of yourself who claimed to be the True you. He berated you for not doing what you were meant to do, like killing and taking all the mares you wanted, and decided he would take your body. Thanks to the combined efforts of yourself, Nightshade and Selena, you were able to banish your Shadow who wailed a failing to prevent the Nightmare. With that done, Nigthshade and Selena met properly, and it was a touching scene. They got to know each other better and swore to see each other in the dreamscape as often as they could.

"I am thou, thou art I. I remember him saying that. The whole experience reminded me of a Persona game to be honest." You say remembering the experience.

A few weeks after this, you have developed a bromance with Flash. You also encounter Twilight in a comic shop looking for a gift for Spike. You give her some pointers, and find out she’s upset with Rainbow Dash for all her bragging. You give your opinion on how you’d react and she contemplates it. You then decide to hang with Flash for the day. Flash had earlier spoken with Twilight that someling was causing accidents to which Rainbow Dash was helping with, that were all directed towards BST. For that reason, you were watched over a posse that you didn’t know you had. Subsequently, you witness a new Vigilante save a mare while Rainbow Dash was busy bragging. You don’t like the idea of a vigilante appearing, since look what happened after you became one.

"A new vigilante meant someling who can become another Offender, which could lead to another Fillydelphia. I wasn't gonna let that happen."

That night, you go to the last Horde meeting dressed as the Offender. After a brief argument with Fluttershy who suspects Selena of making you cause the accidents around town since green slime was found nearby, you set the record straight and order them to disband. As you leave the Bar however, you are set upon by Mare Do Well and drive her off, but not before telling her to give up her ways, lest she become like you, which seems to confuse her.

"What's up with the Horde meetings I go too always getting interrupted? I don't have a tracking device on me do I?" You say this as you check your body for one.

The next day, you go with Flash to the spa, after embarrassing Big Red over his relationship with Cheerilee, which is sort of complicated. While there you encountered all the Mane 6, who were pouring over the latest Gossip of Gabby Gums. You don’t pay too much attention, but RD doesn’t like the attention given to Mare Do Well. Also, you know Nightshade and the CMC work for the paper and you try to avoid the skinny colt with the camera as much as possible. After scaring the kid off, your disguise potion almost ran out, so you got dressed and left.

Meanwhile, Nightshade and her friends came across several stories they published, embarrassing ponies. Including posting a picture of you undisguised that Featherweight got at the spa.

Diamond Tiara, who is losing her mind thanks to a prank by Nightshade, believes that Spidermane is out to get her, and becomes paranoid, wanting every photo of him. Thanks to some embarrassing stories, and another encounter with Mare Do Well, you are roped into helping Rainbow Dash bring down the vigilante through a ruse. She had you pretend to be the Hooded Offender and lead Mare Do Well into a trap so that she could rescue her and become a hero again.

Thanks to puppy dog eyes, you relent. The plan goes off and you invade the ceremony thrown for the vigilante, drawing her out with a song when no one noticed your “evil” deeds. You lead her to the trap, and once the plan goes south, you try to escape, but not before Rainbow helps you and people think you’ve brainwashed her. It is then revealed that there are 5 Mare Do Wells. You are then surrounded by the them and the different fandoms of Rainbow Dash, Mare Do Well, and even Baker Sylvester Tennant, who are mostly remnants of your colt army during Hearts and Hooves Day. A fight breaks out and quickly dissolves into a flame war of fandoms.

"Why can't I do something as the Hooded Offender without starting a bucking riot!? Is it to much to ask to have a peaceful chat with these ponies?" You ask.

When the guards show up, you bail through the sewers, with Rainbow following. Within the woods, your identity is revealed, along with the rest of the Mare Do Wells who are the rest of the Elements, and everything is explained. The reason they did it was to knock Rainbow down a peg, and that they used your idea to Twilight. After everything is explained, you all stop the flame war in town, but not before the CMC come forth and apologize on a rooftop for their lies as Gabby Gums. An angry DT tries to stop them, but Nightshade accidentally throws her off the roof, to which she is horrified by. Thankfully, Spidermane shows up and saves her, claiming everyone gets one before zipping away. The next thing you know, you get knocked out by Bulk Biceps since he is the older brother of Featherweight, who you tormented earlier. After failing to kick his nads in, Nightshade heads home.

"That guys on some sort of drug I'm telling you!"

Later you walked into your shack and encountered the three changelings from Fillydelphia. The female is their leader and goes by Sin, the other two are twins named Biff and Tannen. You know they are from your old unit because they remember your old drone number. They try to get you to come along by forcing the mind meld, but Selena stops them. You tell them to Buck off and that you’ll talk with them tomorrow. After two more fall into your traps outside, a big one named Mongo and another female named Vicky, they agree.

"I wanted to beat those changelings senseless, but I held back since I didn't want to drag the town into this. So I did the next best thing, threaten and force them off my property!"

The Next Day, Nightshade feels sick, so you take her to a doctor. When you leave and come back, you find her being foalnapped by the changelings, so you chase after them, gaining a mob along the way as they enact keep away with your unconscious daughter. Eventually, they run into the Everfree and you blindly follow, not noticing that the sky is full of Dragons for the Dragon Migration, and random fire is shot out, causing your mob to stop their chase in fear.

You corner your old hive mates in a cave after having accidentally setting the forest on fire, and are ambushed. You are punched and taunted until a horrified Sin tells them to cease, since she knows your power. You punch them into the walls anyway while she tries to sweet talk you, but you take your daughter back. With her secured, you listen to what she had to say. She then explained that they have come for you and that they need your help looking for the Queen and the Hive. They had been unbound to the Hive for over Two years after the Invasion, and Sin had followed you for most of that time. You had heard a changeling noise during Pinkie’s Party, but you had chosen to ignore it. Also, she found the others in Fillydelphia and helped you since you were the only one that could save the ponies, and thus their food supply. They foalnapped Nightshade because they desperately needed your help, even if the others wouldn’t admit it.

Because you are the grandson of a former Senor Member of the Hive, they sought you out in hopes of finding him and any information Grandbuggy had. You decided that maybe you would help them, but on your own terms, but then you found out who they really were. Sin had avoided you for the last two years, staying in the shadows, because she was afraid of your new powers. She reveals her pony alias as Cinnamon Sugar, one of your old tormentors in the hive, and one of the ones responsible for the dance.

Her name sparks memories of the others and what they did, and you savagely beat them even taking control of their functions with the Insect Swarm plasmid. After hurting them, Selena stops you from going too far and killing them, but Sin pleads with you that they need your help. She even apologizes for what she did. You know she meant it too, but in your anger you don’t accept the apology and leave. Behind you you hear the beaten changelings cry out about Dragons. You see a group of smaller dragons set upon their injured forms and Sin pleads for help, but you just walk away and leave them to their fate. As if in Karmic Punishment, you are knocked out by gas vines soon after and pass out in the dark.

"I don't know if they survived or not, nut even through I hate them...I hope they survived. For my own sake at least..."

Dragon Quest Arc

After awaking in the woods, you realized you had absolutely no idea where you were.

Also, the guilt of what you did hit you. Sure they were jerks, sure they were bullies and brutes, but Sin had tried to apologize…and you left them to die. You didn’t do it yourself, but you put them in the position to be killed. With these thoughts in mind, you tried to find your way back to Ponyville, getting even more lost. Nightshade still slept like she did in the past due to the Changeling venom, and Selena kept her company, so it was as if you were all alone, until you saw Spike walking with a hobo stick.

Thinking that he was running away from home, you tailed him till he arrived at a river ferry run by a donkey and learned that he was on a journey of self discovery. You decided not to stop him, but rather to shadow him to make sure he didn’t get hurt. Unbeknownst to you or Spike, Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow Dash were also tailing him in a homemade dragon suit. They followed in sadness and determination to save Spike, since they, and the rest of Ponyville believed you and Nightshade had died in the Forest Fire you set.

"Yeah, so remember when I said I wouldn't fake my death. I apparently did so without even knowing I did. So it's totally not my fault this time!"

Sure it isn't, anyway...

You, not knowing at the time, moved on without any disguise on. Spike eventually found the rest of the dragons hanging around an active volcano. He found a group of” teenaged” dragons, you don’t know what that counts in Dragon Years, and tried to fit in. You would later find out they were the dragons you left your old Hive Mates to be eaten by. You also witnessed Smaug himself hanging around a Cliffside cave, and found a scraggly fake beard.

Unfortunately you were tossed off the mountain by one of the teens since it was dragons only. At the bottom however, you made a new friend. Crackle, the six legged goofy looking dragon seemed to like you, and working with her, you were able to hide on a bush on her back as she took you up and into the volcano. From there, you witnessed Spike go through hazing rituals, and even saw what you thought was Crackle’s cousin. You also pilfered some treasure from Smaug so as to pay back the Doctor so you could finally leave Ponyville. When you saw Spike again, he had been accepted into the group, claiming he could live there forever, but when they suggested smashing Phoenix eggs, he faltered. Also through miscommunication, the Dragons believed that Spike was actually a Casanova of Pony mares and held him in high regards. You thought so too until Selena made you realize how stupid you were. The leader of the group, Garble, then had them pick Spike up and follow him.

"I decided to follow the little guy since I was worried about him. Not to climb a freaking mountain! Luckily I had a ride to the top."

As the dragons flew off, you followed on Crackle. You arrived just in time to see Spike defying the older dragons as Crackle’s cousin was revealed to be 3 mares who would defend him. After two of them tried to hit on the girls, a chase began, and you intervened. Donning your cloak once more, with your Subject Delta armor on underneath you defended the girls and Spike from the teenaged dragons. Thanks to your armor, and even intervention by Crackle who still hadn’t forgiven Garble for dumping her, you were able to incapacitate the dragons, even after they dulled your drill. As you threatened Garble however, he called for his Daddy.

Guess who that was?

“Smaug, freaking Smaug! Oh no, it couldn’t have been any other dragon, no, it had to be the dragon that already tried to kill me twice before!” you rant.

Smaug wasn’t too happy that the thief that constantly ruined his nap, scarred his eye and stole his treasure was beating on his son, so he decided to kill you.

After a failed attempt of hostage negotiation, where you got a bit greedy and demanded half of Smaug’s gold, you were flung headlong into an epic fight.

In the ensuing battle, you had Crackle take the girls and Spike back to Ponyville with a conflicted Twilight vowing that she and you would have words eventually. Your armor protected you, but it didn’t last long and was destroyed, so you had no choice but to unleash The Nightmare Cloak and let Selena take over.

With the both of you letting it all out, pulling no punches, you were able to severely beat down the dragon in your second round. You then began to choke Smaug by sending the Nightmare Mist into all of his breathing channels, almost suffocating them, until Garble’s cries for his father caused you and Selena to come to your senses and stop.

Smaug was reunited with his son as you chided yourself for almost killing again, especially when Smaug revealed that he was never actually going to hurt the girls way back when, but scare them. Smaug, bound by his Dragon Honor, let you take half of his treasure for beating him fair and square, and for sparing his life. You told him what his son and his son’s friends were doing, and he grounded Garble for wasting valuable Phoenix eggs. After taking your share of the treasure, you contacted the Doctor, preparing to pay him. But things didn’t go that smoothly.

The Doctor was actually angry at you for what you did to Smaug, and wanted you to give the treasure back and not accept it as payment. You angrily told him you wanted to go back to Appleloosa and engaged your Nightmare cloak in the confrontation. This caused the TARDIS to spin out of control and a few things to explode, but you arrived in Appleloosa just like you wanted. Before the horrified Doctor or Derpy could stop you, you ran out of the TARDIS and into a Nightmare.

“Nightshade….let’s go for a bit. I’d rather not relive this” you say in fear.

“OK Daddy,” says the oblivious Nightshade as you both leave the fourth wall alone.

Huh...a year of them doing that and it takes this arc to get them gone....I know what I'm putting up outside the studio.

The Nightmare Arc

You had arrived at Appleloosa, but it was dead. The buildings had been burned down or destroyed, and no living thing could be seen. In the center of town was a memorial plaque with the names of every single pony in Appleloosa, and five of the Deadly 6, including Fluttershy, Twilight, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack. Scratched onto the memorial was Nightshade. The memorial was to those who died at the hoof of the Hooded Offender. You couldn’t believe your eyes. On the back of the memorial, was a scratched on message that begged for forgiveness for becoming the Nightmare. With tears in your eyes, you wept in confusion, before your Shadow appeared before you to chide you. You told him to go away, but instead he invaded your mind and forced you to look through a perspective. YOUR perspective. The town had been destroyed, fire was everywhere, and so were dead Appleloosans. You found Nightshade, dead and buried under your home and was lost to grief, and the DFV furious for what occurred. Fluttershy appeared and tried to comfort you, but your anger and loss broke your mind, destroying both you and the DFV, and forming a new identity.

You became a being of Anger and Insanity. The Nightmare. You killed the Elements of Harmony starting with Fluttershy and from there, you turned your attention to the rest of the world. Selena pulls you from this perspective into the dreamscape, where you still wept in shock as Shadow berated you. Eventually the Doctor was able to wake you up, and you saw what the Shadow said was true, the world was on fire. As you ran back to the TARDIS, you didn’t notice the sad look that befell the Shadow’s face as he looked at the Monument.

On the TARDIS, the Doctor showed images of the cities all over the world. The one the Nightmare killed. You asked how it could be, and the Doctor finally told you the Truth. This was what he had been preventing by putting you in Ponyville. He had made up the Debt so that you would listen to him, and took measures to ensure this never happened. He never told you because of the horribleness of it all. Still, he was confused how this was possible since he had destroyed this future, and found his answer with some research. This was an alternate dimension where the Doctor had died and not shaped history. A world where you never left Appleloosa, leading to years of hiding, and the eventual disaster that killed Nightshade and turned you into a monster.

Your anger had damaged the TARDIS and sent it through a rift in Reality, and the Doctor needed parts to fix it. The last city in Equestria not destroyed by the other You, was Canterlot.

As you all landed in Canterlot, you found out that the city was under martial law, and many ponies had taken refuge in the crystal caves. One of the parts the Doctor needed was within the Castle, so while the Doctor prepared, he sent you and Derpy to do reconnaissance with Princess Platinum cards, where you spent them up in a comic book shop, gaining a future telling comic like Boingo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Later You, The Doctor and Derpy snuck over there, witnessing a battalion of Griffin Mercenaries. Upon entering the Castle, you snuck through the halls and witnessed a War Room with the Three Princesses, all battle damaged, and Discord. Also, there was some strange Centaur thing named Tirek there that gave you the chills. They discussed their plans for murdering the Nightmare and in turn giving rule to the two as desperate as they were, and Discord and Tirek agreed. You also learned that Cadance really wanted you dead after killing Shining Armor. After Discord and Tirek left, you and your group was found by a half burned Cadance. Magical sensors indicated that you were the Nightmare. Deciding that the situation was awkward, you all ran away.

As you ran from the guards, you became separated from Doc and Derpy, having gotten past Celestia and Luna a few times. One of these times, you overheard how all the Changelings were dead. You also encountered a Dark Unicorn named Sombra who was teaching an army of foals and other unicorns dark magic, including Sweetie Belle. Other foals were being trained for war as well, and when they saw you, they were out for blood. Luckily, you gave them all the slip and found the Doctor and Derpy and hid in a room. What you didn’t know was Cadance was in their waiting for you. Having cornered you she interrogated you all, and came to the conclusion that you were actually Horde Members and were spies, despite your protests of innocence. Luckily a messenger came with news.

Filldelphia had fallen in a “The Purge” like fashion. The Nightmare had made all the radical Horde members fight in a Battle Royale claiming that the last six would be his chosen. While they fought and destroyed the city, he sat and watched in amusement and popcorn. Those that did survive were killed because they were too injured, and he left.

A sickened Cadance realized that the Nightmare was much closer than they thought, and that Discord and Tirek were at the wrong city. Using this to your advantage, you teleported you and your group out of the room and searched for the royal vault. Along the way, you encountered Bon Bon, going by Sweetie Drops, who handed the Doctor and Orb and led you through secret passageways. She then opened a dimensional rift and disappeared, showing that she was from your world and was working for Torchwood. With her help, you all found the Vault. As the Doctor opened the vault, you witnessed covered stainglass windows, detailing your planetary genocide. Derpy comforted you, but as you blew your nose you found a window detailing the extinction of the changelings by a Pink Pony. No sooner had you seen this, then the Pink Pony revealed herself with a couple of tossed blades.

Pinkamena Diane Pie walked out of the shadows, covered in scars, and a metal prosthetic limb. Her hair was flat and her whole body a shade darker. She had survived the Nightmare who had beaten her with her own leg, but her old personality was gone, and she hated being called Pinkie Pie. Thinking that you were Horde members, she pulled out changeling blood covered blades and began to attack you. Luckily, the Doctor was able to get the item needed, a Dog Collar magical diffuser.

She pretty much kicked your butt and stabbed you a few times, and the Doctor kept you from using any of your Nightmare Powers for fear of them thinking you were the Nightmare. After awhile, you all decided to flee, only to be captured by her moments later. You stalled her by asking why she killed all the changelings, and she broke down and revealed that your former Queen and Hive had laughed when they learned what happened to the other Elements, so she ended them. She then advanced on you, displaying her arm chainsaw, but thankfully, your stalling worked, and the Princesses called her off. The Doctor then told them all the truth about who you all were and that you were the best chance of stopping the Nightmare. He revealed private information about the Princesses and Pinkamena, making them believe, and then he led you all back to the TARDIS. The princesses ordered Pinkie to follow your group and she did.

After getting back to the TARDIS, you found out that the Doctor was not only fixing the TARDIS, but making a Magical Diffuser to help against the Nightmare. You next had to find a Diamond the size of a polo ball, so you first tried to find it at Fancy Pant’s Manor. After going through Mission Impossible type situations, and witnessing Sapphire Shores herself changing and going to her final concert, you failed in getting the Diamond. Dejected, you went back to the TARDIS and realized you still had a satchel full of Dragon Loot, so you took out the required Diamond, only to find out it was rock candy. So your group decided to head to the Crystal Caves. You were stopped however by an intruding Pinkamena who volunteered to help by order of the Princess. Reluctantly, you agreed. Just as you were about to head out, an explosion rocked the defensive wall of the city, and the Nightmare You appeared.

It had four glowing orange eyes, two long tusks, and sharp horns, 9 tails and a set of shadowed wings. He was also bucking bonkers insane as he laughed and talked to his Luna Plushie as if it were Nigthshade, even answering back in a faux voice. The debris from his entrance knocked out Pinkie who saved your lives, so you stuck her in the Inventory.

The Doctor begged Derpy to stay behind in the TARDIS and be safe, and you and the Doctor ran towards the mines. Meanwhile, the Nightmare destroyed several battalions of guards and the Flim Flam Brothers Giant Laser Canon, taking it for himself. You saved Sapphire Shores at the entrance to the caves, causing her to be smitten with you, but after she went through, the way was shut, so you had to find another entrance. When you reached the caves through Blueblood’s illegal basement tunnel, you witnessed the rest of the civilian population partying like it was the end of the world to Sapphire Shore’s music, because it really was, even as others held their own vigil for the dead.

As you and the Doctor searched for the Diamond, the Nightmare fought Sombra and his army of Dark Magic users, until only he and Sombra remained fighting. After acquiring the Diamond, you and the Doctor fled the caves, when more debris from the fight almost crushed the Doctor, who was saved by Derpy.

After a tender moment between the two passed, which you took pleasure in ruining and embarrassing them with, the three of you ran back towards the TARDIS. The battle with Sombra ended with the Unicorn dying by his own fear and fading away, but then came the arrival of Tirek and Discord. You also found a note where the TARDIS used to be, showing that the Princesses had taken the time machine believing the Doctor to be dead.

The Doctor angrily marched you all back to the castle while the Nightmare fought the two gods. You didn’t intervene as you feared that Time Guard rules were in effect, and that touching your other you would cause you to turn into a gelatinous blob. You also encountered a Horde cultist that revealed to you the names of the last Horde Generals who were helping cause devastation for the Nightmare. Saving that info for later you moved on.

At the castle the Doctor put his hoof down and let them know he was in charge and to let him work on his gizmo, which would severely inhibit the Nightmare’s healing factor, giving everyone more a chance to kill him.

As the Doctor worked and the battle raged on, you spoke with the Derpy and Cadance about the future and the past. Cadance began to suspect who you really were, but the Doctor finished his invention. Pinkamena volunteered to put the collar on the Nightmare, promising that she would not fail. She took with her a weapon of last resort, a pure orichalcum blade. She thanked and apologized to you all before rushing forth into the city.

After dispatching the Bon Bon of this world and her Bug Bear, the Battle took a horrendous turn when the Nightmare stole Tirek’s power, giving him another tail, before he executed him. With the Centaur Dead, Discord tried to psychological beat the Nightmare, but failed before he too was executed. He then killed more griffins before he became serious when a knife thrown by Pinkamena stabbed into the Plushie.

You watched the battle between her and the Nightmare, and though she stayed fast and vigilant, she was no match. With her Oricalcum blade, she severed two Nightmare tails, gouged out one of his eyes and a horn from the Nightmare which she rammed into his gut, but still he pushed on. A weakened Pinkie was helped by a squad of guards led by Commander Fleur De Lis and her husband Fancy Pants, who had decided to make their final stand rather than wait and die in the caves. As they fought, Pinkamena was separated from the Pure Orichalcum sword and the collar, and Fancy Pants was killed saving Fleur. She too was mortally wounded as Pinkie tried to sneak attack the Nightmare, only to be caught by him. He ripped off her metal arm and chainsaw and skewered her with him. He then dropped her and taunted her as she crawled away. She stalled him though by asking him to wait, causing him to rant long enough for the dying Fleur to put the collar around his throat.

Pinkie then used her final attack, her “Normal” front limb was a hidden prosthetic limb which she used to send a blade into another eye. As the Nightmare panicked over his eye not healing, Pinkie died laughing as she saw “Chariots” in the sky coming to take her to her friends. Saddened by what happened, the rest of you in the Castle tried to make an artificial power coupling but failed. It was then that the TARDIS reported some descending on the whole planet. The Doctor intercepted a message, and the “chariots” Pinkie had seen were found out to actually be Dalek ships.

The descended upon the planet killing anything and everything the Nightmare had not. The Nightmare felt they were more prey, and even with his diminished healing factor, he began destroying the aliens. The Princesses too were found to be immune to the Dalek weapons, and you were strong enough to destroy them. When they found the TARDIS, they became frightened and enraged since the Doctor of this Universe had died long ago. You, your group, and the Princesses decided to find the coupling before it was too late and fled.

While fleeing, you encountered a studious mare in the library, who kind of looked like Twilight, reading and not noticing the Daleks about to kill her. You saved the shy mare named Moon Dancer who thanked you immensely and told her to go to the safety of the caves. She did, but it didn’t matter, as the Daleks invaded the caves and killed everyling, including her and Sapphire Shores.

As you ran through the streets, several of the Horde Generals engaged in their own shenanigans. Ranging from fighting Daleks to the death, to ignoring everything and playing videogames, to trying to eat Blueblood and Daleks, and hiding away with a stolen supply of junk food and movies. Every single member ended their part in this story in different ways, some going to Valhalla, others to hell, and some who even said screw the afterlife and lived on as an immortal entity. The point is that the Horde Generals are a bunch of strange weirdoes.

After being confronted by the Nightmare, the Princesses held him off, but he sensed something familiar about you. The Princesses fought bravely, but even after pulling out the stops and destroying chunks of the moon, they had been weakened over the past year of fighting, and so they met their end, but not before burning and scarring the Nightmare for his troubles.

As you and your group ran, the Dalek leader Davros was heard from the Dalek ships, taunting the Doctor to come and play. You all found the signal for the coupling, but unfortunately it was in the Dalek mothership, high above the planet in space. Thankfully, the TARDIS had materialized itself thanks to the thinned reality, and so the Doctor began to fix it for temporary flight, while you and Cadance held off waves of Daleks. However, you were soon blasted by Nightmare energy, and the Nightmare had you and Cadance cornered, until Your Shadow physically materialized and sucker punched the Nightmare away from you, before offering you a hoof up.

It turns out, Your Shadow was actually the Nightmare’s Shadow. He was the exact opposite of that genocidal monster. The Nightmare’s rage had caused reality to thin, and Shadow had come to your world to stop you from becoming the Nightmare, believing that even the Doctor’s intervention wasn’t enough. He sought to either mentally break you, or kill you if that’s what it took. He even went so far to influence Flag Burner into becoming the new Offender, just to show you what you could become and to keep you from walking that path. After killing Flag Burner, you were horrified by murder, so he had partially succeeded, but your rage still remained, so he decided to take over your body, but he failed. Back in his world, Shadow decided once and for all that it didn’t matter anymore, and that he was going to hurt the Nightmare here and now.

Cadance also found out who you really were and became conflicted, but you left her with the TARDIS as you helped Shadow fight both the Nightmare and Daleks. The Nightmare overheard your conversations with him, and decided he would rather much enjoy killing weaker versions of himself, so he tried, but you and Shadow were able to hold your own, thanks in no small part to his previous battles and the diffuser collar he could not remove.

Eventually, the Doctor came with the TARDIS and picked you up, but not before some goat sorcerer blew up half of Canterlot thanks to the shenanigans of a Horde Changeling. Shadow stayed behind to distract the Nightmare, while the rest of you went to the main ship to look for the coupling. While there, Cadance interrogated you, and you came clean, but she couldn’t stand knowing the truth, and so lost her trust in you. The Doctor and Derpy encountered Davros and learned how this universe’s Doctor died, and how the Nightmare’s rage thinned reality, allowing the Dalek’s to escape the great time war. Their plan was to cause reality to break even more so that they could enter into your world and begin their genocide all over again.

Eventually, Shadow was thrown through space and into the mothership, while the Nightmare hitched a ride on a Dalek temporal shift. Realizing there was no other choice, you and Shadow unleashed your own Nightmare Cloaks. Seeing more than one Nightmare caused Cadance’s mind to break and recklessly fight with the Nightmare, not even attempting to coordinate with you two. Your battle rocked the ship, but you bought enough time for the Doctor to find the coupling. He was shot by Davros from behind, but you stopped him from killing Derpy. Luckily, the Doctor did not die, nor did he regenerate due to the mysterious orb Torchwood Bon Bon had given him. Unfortunately, he and Derpy and the TARDIS were struck by the Nightmare, causing them to faze out. All alone, you and Shadow and Cadance doubled your efforts.

Eventually, Cadance abandoned the fight and teleported away when you tried to help her, and Shadow lost an eye as you fought the mangled and burnt Nightmare whose body began to fail him. Still, he was as strong as ever, and after a fight that took you out into the void of space and back, all three of you were broken. Utilizing one last maneuver, the Nightmare used his remaining tails to cause his hoof to vibrate at infinite speed, giving his fist the power of great destruction. Davros realized that such a punch would end all the Daleks with the frequency if used. And he did. His blow which was meant for you, struck Shadow as he jumped over your body.

He ordered you to live and raise your daughter as his body was erased from existence. The punch was still powerful, and sent you flying through the ship and towards the planet in reentry. Your body was broken, but you witnessed the Dalek mother ships exploding as a wave spread out destroying all other ships and Daleks. With the last of your strength, you broke a health potion over your body like Selena ordered you to do and you passed out.

You flashed back to moments of your past, with inspirational words by Grandbuggy on the definition of a hero. You and Selena both decided that you will live, not just for yourselves or Nightshade, but for everyone. You regained consciousness as you fell and heard the TARDIS.
You hitched a ride on top of it as you were propelled into the sky towards the falling Nightmare, who’s hoof was still vibrating. The TARDIS launched you up and disappeared as you met the Nightmare’s punch with your own. You lost consciousness, but an immense explosion occurred. When you regained consciousness once more, you found the Depowered Nightmare as he slowly died. His insanity gone, he only sprouted regret. You decided to ease his passing with the Luna plushie in which he was reunited with this daughter in dreamland before his death.

With the Nightmare gone, the sun rose showing the destruction of the land caused by the Nightmare and the Daleks. You found Cadance and was happy she was alive, until she stabbed you with Pinkie’s Orichalcum blade, her sanity having slipped.

As you lay dying, Cadance argued with her broken psyche about her decision, but stopped when Selena refused to let you die. Pumping out all that was left of yours and her power, she staved off the effects of the magic canceling Oricalcum long enough for the Doctor to arrive. When Cadance tried to attack again, Selena expended nearly all of her life force to break the blade and blast her back. As the Doctor arrived you heard the distant failing voice of Selena telling to live for her and Nigthsahde.

Sometime later you awoke on the TARDIS where the Doctor had healed your wounds. You now carry a large chest scar, but you are alive. You learnt that Selena had sacrificed nearly all of her life force and magic keeping you alive, that she has gone into a comatose state. In your dreamscape, she is a shadow of her former self, but you make her comfortable, vowing not to use your Cloak until she’s healed, or risk the chance of her never waking up. You also find out that Cadance is on the ship as the Doctor intends to give her a second chance at life in your world with a new identity with Torchwood, since she was the only living thing left on the planet. The Doctor unfortunately spent so much time healing you that the walls of reality began to close, and he couldn’t stop the Nightmare from coming by going back in time.

Angry at this, you lashed out at the Doctor as all your grief is projected onto him, but you two came to an understanding. He decided to drop you back home in Appleloosa, but your trauma kept you from going down. You forced the Doctor to promise to tell all his other secrets. He does so, but abandons you, saying it isn’t the right time for it. His last words to you are that he made a promise to your Grandbuggy and he intends to keep it.

Confused, weakened and still traumatized, you pondered these words, before you decided that you couldn’t go back to Appleloosa since Crimson Knights were still out there. You wandered North and Nighthsade finally woke up. Happy at seeing her, she sees the environment and your injured form and realized you were on the run again. Saddened over not being able to see her friends, she asked where her mother was, and you told her most of the truth. After a quick lunch spent with her, you remembered the beings who died that saved you and vow never to forget them. With your little girl in tow, you then walked into the sunset not knowing what came next.

Finding some way to save Selena...and hunting down every last Crimson Knight and their leaders so you can finally live in peace. Of course you didn't know that trouble was heading your way...in the form of a returning empire...and a shadowy king!

To Be Continued In the Actual Season 3 Episode 1

Author's Note:


Skills know:

-Royal Canterlot Voice
-"Fus Ro Dah" shout
-"No Shadow Kick" attack (Flurry of midair kicks)
-"Falcon Punch" attack (Charged-up punch)
-"Shoryuken" attack (Rising spinning uppercut)
- Stalliongrad Blizzard
- Psycho Crusher
-Stun spell
-Force Field spell
-Teleport spell (Unreliable as short-range teleport often causes you to fall onto hard objects and long-range teleport randomly places you -anywhere in Equestria)
-Advanced Healing (Apparently)
-Shape Shifting (Unreliable as it only lasts a short time before failing at the worst moments)
-Transformation spell (only works on Nightshade and even then it's not 100% reliable)
- Apparent Air Bending
-"Zoom" (Incantation spell that gives you long-range telescopic vision, but gives you a headache when spell is over)

-"Nightmare Cloak" (Midnight-colored smoke that surrounds you and gives you increase abilities and a long smokey fox tail, but only activates when Nightshade is in danger and the whole "*snap*-followed-by-glowing-orange-eyes" thing has already happened)
Warning: Limited use due to not wanting to harm Selena in her weakened state

-Power Glove (plasmid/vigor-channeling glove detached from "Big Daddy armor")
-Incinerate!: Sets target on fire
-Electro Bolt: Shoots a bolt of electricity
-Winter Blast: Freezes target
-Telekinesis: Allows you to levitate and move target
-Insect Swarm: Releases a swarm of bees and hornets (can control changelings somewhat)
- Bucking Bronco: Allows the user to cause the ground to crack like an earthquake, throwing and suspending enemies into the air, thus rendering them momentarily defenseless and increasing the damage they take.

Inventory Content:

Nightshade (Your daughter)
Brown pouch with 24 Bits in it
-The Nobody Cloak (currently wearing)
-Your favorite Stetson
-Orange Bandanna
-"El Hunko" suit
-Purple Top Hat
-"How to be A Gentle Colt 101" book
-"Kung-Fu For Dummies" book
-All Four Sherclop Holmes Novels and all fifty-six short stories
-Patching supplies (Vise-Grips, several rolls of duct tape, and several cans of WD-40. Never leave home without them)
-List of all your powers and spells
-Nightshade's crayon drawing of you
-The Boomstick
-Pink "Lover's Jewel" Necklace
-Knock-out Luna Plushie
-TARDIS-blue Pen
-Inter-Dimensional Notebook
-"Power Glove" (your wearing it now)
-Bag of Sugar
-1 Large Bags of "Sour Cream & Onion" Potato Chips (they didn't have yours or Nightshade's favorite flavors)
-2 Boxes of Snack cakes
-2 Jars of Chocolate Peanut Butter
-4 Cans of soup (2 Creamy Tomato, 2 Broccoli Cheese)
-4 Boxes of whole-wheat crackers
-4 Bags of Gummy Fruits
-6 Bottles of cotton-candy flavored Ramune (Neighponese soda)
-10 Instant Noodle Bowls (Special version that heats up when unicorn magic is applied)
-Instant Mail Transfer Container
-94 boxes of "Filly Scout Cookies"
-Mysterious Mare Do Well hat
-1 Box of "Orange-Frosted Buffo-Bombs" cereal
-1 Cloned Box of "Orange-Frosted Buffo-Bombs" cereal
-"6 Carrot Cupcakes"
-"Granny Smith/Doctor" photo
-"Granny Smith/Grandbuggy" photo
-"Baker Sylvester Tennant" clothes (Brown overcoat, Yellow and black striped pants, White Panama hat, and face mask)
-Fake Beard
-A strange pen from the alternate dimension
-"Never Forget" picture
-Future telling comic
-Smaug's Treasure


-1 Fuse Bomb
-1 Molotov Cocktail
-2 Healing Potions
-3 Transformation potions
-3 Stink bombs

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