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Just a brony looking for a way to create work for others to see. here you will find stories that are mostly similar to each other, as most of them will be alternate timelines.


Some time after defeating Nightmare Moon who had somehow returned. A filly resembling her is found in The Castle Of The Two Sisters.
Is she evil or is she just misunderstood.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 6 )

Careful, they might acuse you of ripping off "Past Sins"

I didn't even know that story existed till you told me.
Edit: after reading the first two chapters I recognized the character nyx as she appears in other story's that I have read.

If things continue to go as planned. My story will be fairly different from what I've read of Past Sins so far.

I saw some missing whatever these are " " at the front of some dialogue otherwise the story seems good maybe a bit more detail would be nice

Please don't stop. This is really good. The only thing close to this is the nyx series where nightmare moon essence acts like a mind spell to make a living breathing nightmare moon only for her followers to end up with a child.

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