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Hi, I'm The Brown Dog. I'm a Dog and I'm Brown. That's about it...What? Did you think there'd be more? Because there isn't...So...Yeah. You can stop reading this now.


Sequel to Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 3: Tyrants, Terrorists, and Tiaras, Oh My!
3 Months after Twilight Sparkle has been Crowned Princess, You and your family are still wanted by the world at large, but that won't stop you from your next quest. You (Bugze the Changeling), Your Daughter Nightshade, and Your Grandbuggy set about to get Selena, the Former Nightmare Moon, out of your head and in a body of her own. (And Sombra too if he's a good boy). But to do that, Artifacts from all over the world will be needed, plus a few from Another World.

Title Art Edited By TartarusFire, Original Art in Source.

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We haven’t commented together in a while. It’s great to be back.

Apparently the narrator went to the Red Team school of fire safety;

Writhing in the agony of the fact you are now human (and smashed your face into the Academy wall, which let Sombra find out it was crystal), you hear a familiar voice say bitterly into your ear, "Constants and Variables. Stay safe, for me. Goodbye, Daddy." When you search for the speaker, you find nothing. Nothing, but a badly damaged and worn Woona Doll. A slight chill settles in your bones as you stare at it.

Unable to process the fact that Humans are in fact real, Bugze temporarily retreats into the depths of his mind, going to his so called "happy place". This doesn't last very long at all, as Selena quite literally smacks some sense back into him. Once back in reality, Test the power glove. At the very least if the plasmids and vigors don't work, the grappling hook will, and that will be advantageous in the inevitable event that a quick escape is needed.

Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 4: At Luck's End
WOW WHO DID THE TITLE CARD ITS AMAZING! (punch) Not so loud fanboy me! Back in the corner! Yes sir....Its so beautiful!! Anyway great to be back again everyling! I missed this so much! I can't wait for what wacky shenanigans Bugze and Co. will get up to! :pinkiehappy: Big Cat Enthusiast? At first I thought he was talking about a certain bipedal cat, but then I reread it and realized who you were hinting at! Don't worry I won't tell. Any way ON WITH THE SHOW! P.S. Violet is for both selena and sombra talking at the same time.

"BUGZE!!!!" , *slap* You find yourself in a familiar situation with a red hoof er hand mark on your face and yourself having stopped screaming.
"Would you get a hold of yourself you fool/idiot?!"

I do hope noone was around to see that outburst...

i would imagine bugze punch himself in the face a few times to see if he was dreaming,
then he would try to see if he had his powers and then he would try to find his way around


To write copious amounts of words about a bug horse turning into a human in an alternative reality?

Or to get on with my studies because I have an entire week of end-of-semester exams starting tomorrow?

Meh. Fuck it. I'm still addicted to this shit.

It's gonna be messy, it's gonna by weird, but, most of all, it's gonna be fun. Begone are the days I type these comments within the confines of my smartphone/iPad! Starting today, I dedicate these comments with the fine touch of my keyboard! Avast! Buzz, Bugze! Let there be funnies!

Sombra continues to sing that inane My Little Human song like a torturous resonance of cringe and neck beard gurgling, the crescendo so terrifyingly deep and demonic that it shudders your insides... Even though it's just how his voice sounds. "La la la~ My little human~ My little human~"

"H-hands... I have ha-han-ha—!" You choke and wheeze in and out, shuddering, stammering, and coughing. The slightest tug of your jeans feels so foreign...so alien. And those fingers, on your...hands, where your hoofs are supposed to be, they just—just wriggle! You can even feel the same in your shoes! Laying on the concrete, curling your limbs—your abominable human limbs—around yourself, bombarded by memories of horrors long since forgotten, you hysterically sob into your knees as you rock back and forth along your back. "I-it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay," you repeat, and your voice cracks. "It'sgoingtobeokaaaay!"

"Bugze. You've already served your time being the fool. Now enough crying and stand up! You have survived far worse than this!"

You limp onto your side, eyes shaking in terror. "I can hear her: Lyra, talking my ear off about humans, ranting about fan theories, inviting me to a My Little Human convention..."

Selena's sigh echoes in your mindscape. Then, her voice turns as sweet as nectar. "Listen, my dear bug," she utters soothingly, "Just because you're now human does not mean you're one of...'them'."

"B-but that's what a converter would say! I've seen it! Heard it!" You squeeze tighter into your pitiful ball. "They were LIARS, those closest human-loving scum!"

"...Sometimes, I wonder if we take our disgust a bit too far..."


Edit: As for a better title, 8616277's idea is actually kinda fitting. All and all, it's great to be commenting with your guys.


Proceed to slap yourself multiple times, praying that this is some kind of side effect after using the transporter.

If all else fails, pass out.

Oh yeah, time for the beginning of the end folks! Lets make this the best one yet!

Picking up after 8616542 comment


Bugze calm down! Your gonna draw too much attention to us! Just remember those breathing techniques Zecora taught you!

At Selena's suggestion you start to take deep, calming breaths like how Zecora taught you. As you breath you think,

Everything is okay, everything is alright. I'm just trapped in a world where creatures from a terrible t.v show exist AND I'M ONE OF THEM OH DEAR LUNA WHY! THIS IS NOT OKAY, EVERYTHING IS NOT GO-



Slowing down your breathing again after that mid thought panic attack you eventually calm down enough to think,

Okay...I'm good sorta. As long as I don't see any of those characters from the show I'll be good. Now lets see if I can't drag myself away from here before anyling notices m-

"Hey you! What are you doing on school property!"

Oh you have got to be bucking kidding me!

Turning your head around you see two overly buff stallion-humans wearing what you think is a security guards uniform. The two look pretty mad and you still haven't had a chance to practice if your stuff works.

Actually now seems like a perfect time for the Power Glove!

And I stop there, for I still have to go to mid-terms as I'm writing this! Wish me luck!

This has to be a dream. You find the nearest tree/tree like object and slam your head into it till you wake up.

I third 8616277's suggestion for the title name.
And... let's face it, you're going to stay here for months, so you'll need a job, but I'm guessing we're supposed to get to that in the next or in a few chapters, not now.
Alright, I designed my snippet so it could fit between 8616542 and 8617193 - Down With Chrysalis still seems to have an idea on what to do with the powerglove, so I didn't want to encroach on that, and I didn't want to have it happen outside of schoolgrounds yet either.

Remembering Jack's advice on finding Cadance and Shining, you try to distract yourself by creeping around a few windows, peering into the academy. You notice that noone was in any of the classrooms you stared at, so you look up at the sky.

Seeing the sun so close to the horizon, you're guessing it's either dawn or dusk, although you can't say for sure - You couldn't really determine the direction it was moving in yet. You lean against the wall next to the last window you can reach, wondering. "Well, what now?" you asked your voices, "What's our plan for-"

You freeze as you raise your own hand and get a view on it once again, "Oh buck no not them, not them!" You crouch down, pulling your legs in and your arms around your legs. You sob silently, rocking back and forth, returning to what you had been trying to distract yourself from - My Little Human. As Sombra chuckled at your hopeless situation, Selena-

Oh oh oh! I have an idea for what else Bugze could encounter in the human world besides just the general cannon stuff!

The Fate series Holy Grail War!!!!

Mwahahahahahahahahah!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Maybe have Sunset, or even a new OC summon in ancient heroes from the past. And since it's a reflection of Equestria, They can be G1 characters like Firefly and the others.... but badass!!!

Oooooohhhh And Bugze's reaction to them would be hilarious!!! Or maybe it could be the My Little Human characters Sombra loves that are the ancient heroes that get badass upgrades? Oh my gosh there's so much I feel like could be done with this to make it both badass and hilarious!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I like Puzzling Frost's title name as well. Up that vote counter to 4 for me!

Hooray, not even a few minutes in EQGverse and bugze manages to attract the wrong kind of attention.

if self inserting happens a la previous seasons, Holy hell I am gonna have to give my griffon OC (obviously EQGified if needed) a workout being one of the few voices of reason. Of course, given how Lady Luck likes to operate, he will be ignored every time, and get dragged into the shitstorm that happens pretty much every chapter.

Dude, what if Bugze accidentally summons a servant? which one would he summon? I'm personally thinking a caster or an archer.

What if the servant he summons is his mother? That would definitely be a twist.

That would be quite interesting. Given how the summoned heroes work, that's entirely possible too.

Yeah I know. We also don't know that much about Bugze's parents other than that they were sent out to die on a mission when he was young. For all we know, they could have gone out like badasses and been skilled enough fighters to be considered Heroic Spirits. Who knows, maybe that's the reason the old Queen wanted them dead, you don't waste time with opponents that aren't a threat, no matter how offensive their presence is.

Same I want my oc in the story as well I’ll go for cameo if need be. Anyway back too finals also thanks for all the upvotes :pinkiehappy:

So how long before Bugzi meets Sci-Twi standing outside Crystal Prep and goes running over to Canterlot High? And is our Twilight going to be crossing over as well?

Possibly have Sci-Twi find the pieces of the Slider to create here magic container later in the EG timeline. It would be just Bugzi’s luck that the device that causes so much problems later for him, would only be made possible by using the components he brought into that universe from the Slider.

Looking forward to seeing all this play out

Okay, I'm back what did I mis- *reads chapter* Ooookay... :applejackunsure:

I'll get around to commenting later, but as ex-editor and a movie critic I got some creative criticism *cracks neck and deep breath*;

1. Too Many Rewinds: Having a Foregone Conclusion is a great way of establishing a goalpoint and thus can help a story maintain structure and focus, However with 18 rewinds you completely overdid it and locked in too much in temporal stone. For a comment-driven story that is bad as it crosses the line from maintaining focus to restricting the Hive Mind's freedom to comment.

2. Flashbacks. Many. Too; Flashbacks are a great tool for storytelling, but with too many of them the skipping around from past to present made me feel like I was watching Memento.

3. Focus: With setting up Bugze AND Grandbuggy&Nightshade having separate adventures makes it sound like you're REALLY biting off more than you can chew. Plus there were MANY Season 4 (and maybe some episodes borrowed from 5 or even 6) episodes that could benefit from a Nightmare Cloak battle scene that he CAN'T have if Bugze isn't there.


a full Month before the events of the first EQG Movie. And remember, Bugze isn't a High Schooler in this world

:facehoof: This pretty much guarantees pacing issues right off the bat. Would have been better off at the same time AS the start of Equestria Girls so we'd have story structure to lean on and follow along. Plus if Bugze ISN'T a high school student, how the hell is he supposed to interact with the high schoolers without being labeled a sexual predator? Plus I always thought Bugze as around the same vague age as the Mane 6 anyway.

And that's all the critism/whining I have for now folks. Tune in next time when I, Kersey475 (having a temporary escape from my prison of documentaries and salads) return with an actually helpful comment! :derpytongue2:

I know some details abotu Bugze's parents that I previously discussed with BrownDog77 and DownWithChrysalis, but I don't know if they want me telling you that yet

Meh. That's fine. I can wait like everyone else. I'm not really that enthused by spoilers. My problem is keeping spoilers to myself, I always enjoy watching people's reactions, and it's hard to keep quiet so as to not ruin the big reveals.

I agree with only your second point. As a standalone chapter, it throws coherence against the wall like an abused toy. Most of the flashbacks could very easily be left out, implied with dialogue from the present, and nothing of worth would be lost.

It’s now up to the commenters to decide what goes. Considering our history/abuse of the flash back mechanic, there’s no guarentee this will or will not happen again.

As for the other points...

Firstly, 18 rewinds of one-liners can easily be slapped into the scenes they belong to. And with these types of stories, Brown Dog, DWC, and even you have experience with connecting slews of wild comments into coherent form.

As for your third, how the focus is going to be handled is clarified in the author’s notes. Whether or not it can be done well at all, time can only tell. To judge now would be too hasty, but I too have my doubts.

Finally, a one-month delay before the events could be a good thing. It can establish our bases without clambering for breath when EQD rolls along. And as for Bugze not being a high schooler? Well, you make it sound like high schoolers have absolutely no business to be around adults. Teachers? Janitors? Hell, the cafeteria lady? Unless we comment Bugze flirting with the students, ‘sexual predator’ makes no sense.

Bugzee decide to take all the pieces of the device, thinking that maybe he could repair the device or find someone to repair it, and after that, and after many failed times, he manage to somehow walk four steps without falling, learning more or less how those hoomans, walk, he began to walk to the door of the academy, when on a wall he notices a poster.

A 'Dead or Alive' reward for the hooded offender with a image of what Bugzee guess is how the offender looks in this strange dimension. After that they put a long list of crimes, from nearly destroying Crystal Prep, to kidnapping a diva, being the leader of a group of terrorist, nearly killing a student, and many other things.

"Great, they are searching for me even here, damn you Lady Luck, why could I not have been in a calm beach with those strange objects in front of me with a big signal telling me to take them, and then return" Groan Bugzee

"It will never be too easy" Comment Selena

As Sombra seem to laugh inside Bugzee head, he look in the ending of the crimes

"Last seen with the Deputy Headmaster of Crystal prep Sombra King, and Nightmare Selena Moon the twin sister of the deputy headmaster Luna Moon, sister of the Headmaster Celestia Solaris of Canterlot Prep... Suspected to be working with leader terrorist Chrysalis of the terrorist cell named 'changelings'" Read Bugzee

"What? How do they know about my name? and what is this about twin sister?" Ask Selena confused

"Deputy Headmaster, I like how it sounds" Comment Sombra

"Terrorist, and working with leader terrorist, how the heck did they got all this" Ask Bugzee confused,

After a long time groaning and thinking, five minutes later Bugzee continue investigating this new dimension


Anything wrong and I edit. Like if anyone have a better idea for a identity in the human world.

Just an addition to this:

you stop for a moment and stare at the poster, comparing it to what you saw in Crystal Prep's ridiculously reflective windows. Your nose is huge and hooked, jutting at least an inch out of the shadows of the hood. Your glowing eyes are tiny and beady, and the tufts of hair you can see aren't even the right shade of orange.

"They didn't even get my face right! I'm supposed to be dashing and awesome, not evil and looking like some racist stereotype!" you complain.

Without thinking, you immediately tear down the poster with your newly gained hands and shove it into the Inventory, and endeavor to do the same with any other wanted posters of you that you find.

"I sure hope that this is some sort of set of collectibles that unlocks an awesome weapon or something," you muse.

Bugze, This isn't a video game, this is real life, Selena deadpans.

suddenly, a piece of text appears right in front of your field of view, not moving from its position regardless of how you rotate your head.


you hear the distinctive sound of a facehoof coming from inside your head.

I regret even opening my mouth, Selena intones.

I know this probably won't happen for a while, but I don't want to forget about this idea and I can't come up with anything right now so I'll just write this in the meantime.

In the movie, the writers made Twilight meet some of her friend's counterparts in the same way she first met them in Ponyville, so I thought...

When (if) you find Twilight:

You turned the corner and bumped into someone unexpectedly, making you fall on your butt.

"Ow..." You groan, squinting your eyes and rubbing your behind.

"Uh... Bugze..." Selena nervously says.

"I'm fine, Sele-."

"No... look forward." She says fearfully.

You look forward as she says, and you stare at two purple eyes. Any closer and they would be touching your own.

You stare at the owner of the eyes kneeling in front of you in worry. She asked if you were alright but you didn't hear it, you didn't even notice the orange girl behind her. All you could see was her purple skin, that same straight purple mane with a couple strands of pink.

You remember the news clearly... "Twilight Sparkle earns the title of Princess after blah blah blah!" She had wings, she was an alicorn. That crazy mare had alicorn powers now!

You didn't need to know the rest, she was as powerful as Celestia now. Well, she wasn't, Selena tried to tell you, but you didn't listen because you were hyperventilating back then.

You still stared at her. She stared back confusingly before she flinched at your screaming and covered her eyes as you threw dirt in her eyes with your feet when trying to run away.

"Hey!" Applejack's counterpart yelled angrily.

With you far from her, she thought to herself. "That seemed... familiar..." She then suddenly widened her eyes. "Wait a second... that scream! That same scream I've been hearing from him all these years!"

After coming across Rarity and getting forced to help her sew some dresses and suits for some "Fall Formal," Applejack suddenly bursts the door open and glares at you.

"Applejack! What was that about?!" Rarity yells, not noticing your scared look.

"Rarity, this no-good varmit threw dirt at the new girl in school!"

You suddenly rush up to Rarity and hold her in front of you. "THIS IS MY MEAT-SHIELD! THERE ARE MANY LIKE HER, BUT THIS ONE'S MINE!!!" You said, making Rarity shriek.

"I feel like I wasn't present for this situation before." Selena quietly thinks out loud.

You wait a bit and Applejack slowly stalks up to you, when she gets close enough you hurl your meat shield over at her, running away to escape.

"Okay..." You start as you hold Applejack down. "I really don't want everything to start the same way it did back home. So this time, I'll try to become friends with all of you before anything stupid happens."

"I'm not much different than them in this world either, so it should be easy-"

A rainbow blur tackles you to the ground and you see Rainbow Dash glaring down at you.

You see a frightened Fluttershy about to be hit by a car. You noticed her not long ago trying to cross the road and was hypnotized by her cuteness. Even as a human, Fluttershy looked great! (Insert classic bloody nose joke._

You rush over to her as the car starts blasting the horn and trying to brake, but she doesn't move because of fear. You push her out of harms way and quickly step back to save yourself. You look at her on the ground from your push and sees that she's staring at you in shock.

I don't know what to do for Pinkie, I feel like she should mention knowing who Bugze actually was but also mention that she would never come back to the conversation or remember anything for "Plot Purposes."

My Friends, It has been too long. I cannot tell you all how glad I am to see this being started up. Anyway time to add my contribution.

Towards the end of the first day

Bugze is walking around the town, mentally drained after his rough first day.
Bugze: Well we need to find a place to sleep soon. I really don't want to have to sleep outside.
Selena: And don't forget about getting a job. We will need funds to support ourselves.
Bugze: Yeah, I mean I guess I could become a repairpony, uh I mean repair...man *grumbles*

As they walk along a road, a black van pulls up and several people in black suits and dark sunglasses rush out and grab Bugze.

Bugze: Huh? Wha-

The people gag and bind him before throwing him into the van and speeding off. Across from him, he hears one person speak with a familiar voice.

Jack: So you are the Bugze that my counterpart told me so much about.

Sorry that I don't have a lot to contribute, and kind of came up with an idea for the end of chapter, but it is 2 am while writing this and my mind is a bit fried. I look forward to another wonderful season and more fun shenanigans to have with you all. Happy holidays Hivemind and my fellow Crimson Knights.


If you need something more for Pinkie... Maybe make Bugzee crash with a very big cake that she was delivering?


I have an idea for the first meeting with Pinkie;

After some wandering around you come across a fortuneteller's tent.

"Strange." you wonder, "I thought Jack said there was barely any magic in this wor- PINKIE!?" you state in alarm seeing a head of pink fluffy hair you'd recognize in any universe in a cloak and fortuneteller's hat.

"Yup, that's m- I mean- Noooo" Pinkie says in a faux-spooky tone, "I am Madame Pinkie, caterer of fate's destinnnnnny."

Regardless of what universe we're in, Pinkie will always be Pinkie. Selena observes.

"Enter the chamber of Madame Pinkie Pie where the answers you seek let us consult the mystical orb of fate's destiny."

Well if anyone can access what little magic that exists in this world, it'll be Pinkie Pie. you theorize, Might as well see if this Pinkie really can predict what's in store for me.

What that you shrug and enter the tent, taking a seat at one end of the table while Pinkie waves her hands around a crystal orb.

"Before the orb can answer, you must provide a most vital ingredient."


She puts her palm out in the universal "money gesture" to which you roll your eyes and give her a Bit.

"Look deep into the crystal ball... for soon it will reveal all! Ah, yes, I see something... It is a vision of the future... I see... you, "

"Really? Wher- WAH!" you say leaning in closer only for you to accidentally trip and bang your head against the orb cracking it.

"Horseapples! I can fix it!" you say reaching for your duct tape only for the orb's cracks to start glowing orange as it shakes violently and erratically.

"HIT THE DECK!" Pinkie yells as the orb explodes sending surprisingly harmless pieces everywhere.

"Your destiny! This is incredible!" Pinkie exclaims, "You will be involved in a great battle, a Candyland piece in an awesome conflict between multiple agents of fate commenting and guiding your every mov-

"Yeah, yeah, I kinda knew that already." you casually dismiss, "Does it say anything recent?"

"Uh..." Pinkie Pie says confused as she takes out another orb from under her hat and starts waving her hands around it,

"Since you clearly do not care,
Let us see what you will have to bewar-"

"Do you really have to speak like that?" you ask in slight annoyance.

"It's in the fortune teller's rule-scroll." she nonchalantly says as she pulls a contract out of her hair before putting it back.

"In that case, I've recently been dreaming of these weird memories. Like somepony rewinded a movie I didn't even know I've seen yet."

"Hmmmm." Pinkie muses as she concentrates on the orb.

"I see webs of fate for thee,
But some are merely of what could be."

"Wait, 'what could be'? Am I gonna get visited by the ghosts of Heartwarming Eve?" you ask in alarm, "I don't want to be a part of ANOTHER Carol story!"

"Hold your horses there mister." Pinkie interrupts dropping the fortuneteller voice, "It means that while a few big events are locked in time, some of the smaller events are more optional."


"Well as that doctor might say, time is a ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimy stuff. Some moments are fixed and have to happen, but some of the smaller moments, it doesn't matter whether you have to make them happen or not."

"Oh, so I'm NOT going to give my baby permission to marry a dragon!" you say in relief.

"Uh... no that part's definitely gonna happen."

"WHAT?!" you exclaim, "Anything else!"

With that Pinkie concentrates on her orb again,

"When the Sunset starts to rise,
You will have to help open its eyes.
And when you duel the siren three,
Music in me shall be your key."

Remembering what Jack said about "Villain Sirens" you focus more intently on what she has to say next.

"And- Oh cupcakes! I'm not supposed to meet you for a while!" Pinkie exclaims in alarm, "Sorry, but I have to go and when I see you next time we have to pretend we never met! See ya." With that Pinkie throws down a smoke pellet and when it clears she's gone.

"She's GONE!" you exclaim.

She's clearly dashing over that fence you fool.

I think it would give Bugze a chance to show how much he matured (in a way), to show if he learnt anything from his mistake all those years/months ago. That one event that made him go on the run, could all have been avoided if you just swallowed his pride and...

Bugze looks up at the angry cowmar-girl like she's going to kill you. The same look all those years ago. She is Applejack, but is she the same Applejack you know and love/hate/fear?

You need to think quick because she is right in front of you. "You some nerve! Kicking sand in a girls eyes!" She grabs you by the collar (it feels so weird!) with her left and makes a fist with her right (why do they do that?).
You:Oh no... NOT AGAIN! PLEASE DON'T HIT ME!!! you don't know how to fight in this form so you curl up in a ball.
Selina: Bugze what are you doing?! DEFEND YOURSELF! she panics.
You: trust me, I have a plan. you think, sounding much less panicked than your shouting.

Applejack kicks your form, and OH, BOY it feels the same.
AJ: GET UP ASSHOLE! she pulls her leg back for another kick.
You: PLEASE I'M SORRY, I DIDN'T MEAN IT I SWEAR! you then use a old changeling trick ( you hated it ever since you learned it) you cry.
AJ stops mid kick and looks at you a little surprised. AJ: D-did I break something on ja boy?

You look up scared.
Selina gets confused: Bugze what are you playing at?
You: I never wanted to hurt anyone *sniff*, she looked like someone who is out for my blood and I panicked! It was a accident, please don't hurt me!" You half truth hopping it would work. One thing does work, because AJ is really weirded out (grown guy like you crying like a little kid). She puts her boot back on the ground.

AJ: *stammers* I-I thought you..." She points at Twi, who was now getting up with only some red eyes."A-and she-" she then looks around seeing other humans looking at her, like she's beating up a defenseless person (which she is!)

You:come on hick, take the bait!

Selina: this is never going to work...

Twi: alright that's enough now girl.
AJ looks back at Twi.
AJ: you hurt girl? (AJ putts her hand out) Twilight reluctantly takes her hand and gets up.

Twi is clearly annoyed: I'm fine! In fact, I'm late for my studies, so if you will excuse me both of you.(she pushes past you too)

You: one more thing to look more innocent, wait! hold up.

(Twilight rolls for eyes) what?

You reach into your pouch (thank Luna you still have it) and her 3 bits. " I am so sorry for the hole sand thing, if this makes you less angry at me" you see trying to do a puppy face.

Twilights eyes slowly widen "this is solid gold" she whispers. "Yeah isn't that what money is made out of?" You asked? She chuckles "maybe where you come from, each one of these gold coins is worth" she examines it closer "I'd say 10 (dollars/euros/pounds/Yanni/whatever the EQG version of currency is) per piece!"

Bugze: well... Money won't be a problem for a while!

Sombra: 500-3=497. 497x10=4970 whatever she said the currency is!

AJ just coughs: you just hand gold out to anybody?!"

"Well no only on occasions" AJ and Twi just look at you bewildered.

"Well will you look at the time Ineedtorunbye!" And like that your gone.

AJ: weird guy... Have I seen him before?

As you run you wipe away the tears you made like nothing happened.

Selina: when did you learn to cry like that? You had me going for a minute.

Sombra: that was just pathetic.

I was thinking of running to a nearby wall before doing that 'cause you don't wanna do it in the middle of the road..

Life of a Wanted Changeling Season 4: At Luck's End.

That implies there ever was any luck at all... I say "At Luck's Rear End." :O
In all honesty that could work. Now as for a contribution, I'm on mobile at the moment so I'll drop some points:

Don't forget your inventory. Over the course of the entire series the health potions have lasted the entire time somehow. As for me in games I'm constantly using them so don't forget! As for the whole human thing, well he's gotta get under control at some point, take stock, and start asking around for help in their MAGICAL QUEST TO- ...n-non...magical quest to find the artifacts.

Finally, as for Nightshade and Grandbuggy, let's just hope that derring doesn't try and be a "good guy" anytime soon :P


All Hood Things Must Come to an End

Why? Well for one it's argued that titles are the one place you're encouraged to pun;

And two; It's a Hood-related pun on this famous quote;

"All good things must come to an end."
-Geoffrey Chaucer in his poem Troilus and Criseyde, mid-1380s

Finally got around to reading this -- huehue, was good as the original read and then some :moustache:
Nutters, 600k meltdown was dern accurate, 9/10 - IGN is a lame rating system

I’ll at least be able to help us better avoid the tart


MMM something something, Jack was lying about not having a way to communicate across dimensions :trollestia:
I feel like this would be more of a logical end to the chapter after the characters and situation have been setup.

Bugze looks back down at the broken Slider.

"You've got to be kidding me! A potato was this thing's battery?! No use wasting it I suppose. Jack wasn't kidding about Equestria's low technology level if he had to cobble that together."

1 Zinc to Copper Potato Battery added to inventory

Mainly because batteries are had to make and the original ones were little more than super massive capacitors. And because I came late and had no idea what to add

That title card is beautiful

Well, I certainly caught this as it came out. Always fun to see what trouble he's getting into :3.

Meanwhile, in the future, some fun things to come: Bugze's first time using the restroom, buying clothes (possibly meeting the human/deadly 6 that way), trying to introduce himself with the name 'Bugze' on Earth, and...overall interesting times to come.

Though definitely for now Bugze should probably figure out where he's staying the night and to get something to eat. I wonder how he'd take to going to a Mc Donald's for the first time..... ... . . .
There is absolutely no possible way you could ever get that disgusting slab of...definitely not meat past your lips, Bugze. I will not allow it. Selena was an inch away from assuming direct control once more just to dislodge that abomination from his Bugze's spider grip.

"But...food..." You say, almost hurting to give up such a delicious smelling dinner you'd discovered via the trash out back...

Oh let him have his fun, this is quite enjoyable regardless... Came Sombra, followed by a dark chuckle.

You could sleep in the inventory. (Someone might take it during the night, though.)

Yay thank you guys for picking my suggestion! :pinkiegasp: It means so much thank you!:pinkiesad2::pinkiehappy:

Is Bugzes human counterpart in a rock band? I hope he is. Imagine him just walking around town people suddenly going fangirl on him:rainbowlaugh:.

Did we make this kind of joke before?

Bugze gets flashbacks of Justin beaver (whenever the Pony version was) getting dragged into a closet by crazed fan girls saying they want to carry his foals as he screams for help.

"NO! not me! I'M SAVING IT FOR MARRIAGE!!" Bugze screams as he runs from the girls (and some boys) wanting 'your' autograph.

You hear a cough "Well..." you hear Sombra "If they did catch you you could...let me take try and hook up with- " he says something neither of you can hear. " Say what now?! "HOOK UP THE BUILDING WITH THE GRAPPLING THINGY!!" he shouts, defensively....
"*cough cough* yeah that."

"Are you sure that's what you-" "GREAT IDEA!" you say without hesitation.


Comment posted by Falx_of_Lume deleted Jan 3rd, 2018

If I were to choose between the two options you gave for the intro, I'd have to say I like "How to be a Human" better. But while I was looking up "Worlds Collide" on YouTube, I actually found this at the top. Thought it might work too.

Or maybe this would work for the fight with the Sirens? Huh... that's a thought I guess. They'd be singing this of course. Ah well, that's for later. As for next chapter!

Continuing from where you left off

Bugze whips his arm into his bag and pulls out the grappling hook, aims it, fires it at a rooftop, and sails away to safety!

-is what would have happened if you didn't screw up the "pulls out hook"-part with your, still, unfamiliar tentacle-hoof-things and pathetically drop the hook before you could aim it.

'Well that didn't go as planned.' Bugze thinks redundantly to the sound of two different hooves meeting two different faces in his head.

"Can we get your autograph!!!" Bugze squeals in terror.

"Gah!-I'mtoyoungtoloseminelikethis!" Bugze exclaims while cringing away from the inevitable onslaught of-

"Um... are you okay?" One of the assailants asks him in concern.

"Please just make it quick!" Bugze pleads to them.

"Ex-cuse you?!" Selene asks with a dangerous edge.

"She's right you know. With things like this it's better if it lasts as long and intense as po-."

"What. Was. That?" Selene asks in a voice as cold and foreboding as a frozen lake cracking.

"-ooooouuummmm Oh! Look! "They're not crazed fansgirls! They're just regular, not asking for anything else except an autograph, fangirls! Let's focus on being as nice and accommodating as possible!" Sombra swiftly corrects himself.

The opening theme huh....well I got nothing. Curse my lack of music skills of telling good tone for a theme! Here, this is what I'm currently listening to, maybe it could be a theme.

...What? Blame TFS for it okay they use too many awesome sounding songs for their abridged series!

Anyway, on to comment!

You briefly consider sleeping in the alleyway, at least for tonight anyway. But that thought is immediately thrown out the window when you see just how dirty the alleyway is.

Is that rotting meat!? Oh that is just disgusting! Wait...what in the name of Luna is that moldy thi-OH SWEET LUNA IT MOVED!!!

Needless to say, you ran out of that alley faster then you did from that school. Also you only managed to trip and fall on your face twice, so hey at least your improving!


A few hours of stumbling around, dodging carriages whose drivers clearly don't understand that a changeli-po-person walking in front of them means slow down and who yelled some things at you that you think are insults, and gaining strange looks from the people around you for some reason you come across a semi-rundown building with a big glowing sign on the front of it that says,


Right under the sign in tiny print are the words,

For when even your parents house is a worse last resort.

You can't help but rise your brow at this as you think,

Well isn't that just nice.

Sadly I believe we are that desperate, unless you believe that alleyway will be a better opti-


With that panicked thought you begin to head in....

And that's a wrap for me. Feel free to add on to it fellow commenters! See ya all next chap!

When you head inside, you can see that there’s a large number of humans sleeping on the floor. You trip over one who was right next to the doorway. The guy mutters something before turning over in his sleep.

”Man, this place is a dump.” You think, making your way past the maze of sleeping homeless people.

”Far better then that alleyway.” Selena says.

You aren’t that certain, espically since there was that lovely food in the alley, but you make your way to what looks like the desk, which has another human looking half asleep. “Excuse me?” You ask.

The human jerks awake, “HE-Man!?” He shouts. He looks around before noticing you, “Oh, just another homeless guy. We’re pretty full, but there might be a spot or two left on the floor. Need bedding?” He reaches down behind the desk and tosses a bundle at you. “Here you go. First night is free, gotta pay after that.”

The bundle hits your chest and falls to the ground as you try to grab it. You quickly pick it up and start searching for a place to sleep on the floor.

Gah, been a while since I’ve done this.

Seeing as how this is the final season, perhaps something with finality to it should be the theme;

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