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A mirror between worlds shattered. A girl driven mad by power ripping holes between worlds. A spiteful mare traveling through time to get revenge. When the fabric of reality surrounding Equestria starts to come unraveled, it falls to Twilight to find a way to fix things.

Good thing she has a familiar face to help her. Several of that face, actually. An alicorn princess (canon Equestria), a human mechanical genius (Equestria Girls), a brilliant but irritable slacker of a unicorn (Reflections), a stallion no less intelligent or magically gifted than the rest (genderbent Equestria), and even a unicorn obsessed with Dark Magic, working together to save all of their worlds, by returning Harmony to the world they find themselves in.

A world where Nightmare Moon rules Equestria after sealing Celestia in the Moon, only to go to war with the Crystal Empire, against King Sombra and his Umbrum army. A world where Discord wrought havoc, until his powers were stolen by Lord Tirek, who rampages across both sides of the war indiscriminately. A world where even the ponies far from the fighting must constantly fear Changeling attacks. A world where Harmony is nothing but an empty dream.

A world where Twilight Sparkle never existed.

What could possibly go wrong?

Contains spoilers for the cartoon, comics, and movies.

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So far so good :twilightsmile:
I'm loving it, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Hmmmmmmm. Good set up. Not publishable good, but that's asking a bit much. Nothing terrible, groan inducing, or just plain bad in the writing so far, but not enough going on for something like that to rear its ugly head.

All in all ... You still have my attention. Do continue. I hope this turns out to be a well written fic.
No, seriously, I actually do hope this turns out good. I've seen plenty an amazing idea completely and utterly ruined due to poor writing. No pressure.:pinkiehappy:

6934041 I'd like to think my track record speaks for itself when it comes to story quality. The worst you should have to worry about is a lack of updates because of me working on other fanfics.

Glad you like it so far, and thanks for taking the time to review it!

a very nice start !
i hope to see more soon

6934257 haven't read any of your work, but I'm still willing to see what you do with this.
I just might read some of your other works, though. I've always enjoyed the idea if a "corrupted" Twilight.

6936141 Well, if it helps, the 'corrupted' Twilight in this is based off of her from my main story, 'A Somber Tale', where she is learning Dark Magic from Sombra, so if you were to read one of my others, that would be my recommendation.

Great idea and story, can't wait for more! :rainbowkiss:

Twilight is good, so more Twilight is obviously better!

Right? Guys? :pinkiecrazy:

7038123 Yeah, cause we all saw how well that worked with Pinkie Pie... :ajbemused:

Seriously, though, glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

And the crap will really hit the fan when Human twilight wakes up

7053065 Yep. The others may know who she is and some of what's going on, but her? Not so much. :twilightblush:

7053097 Will she be able to become Midnight Sparkle at some point :pinkiehappy: Cause that would be cool if she learned how to control that power

7053156 Maybe~. :raritywink: I wouldn't want to spoil anything major, now would I? :twilightsmile:

Thiss is certainly interesting. I'll favorite this just in case it updates again. Which I do hope happens, I might add.

I like it. I can tell this will be good, just be sure that the speaking character is really distinct or else we'll have no idea what's going on.

multiple versions of alternate Twilights teaming up and traveling through alternate timelines, color me interested.

7384792 If you are going to demand it, instead of being polite, then write it yourself. :ajbemused:

7384805 I am so sorry:fluttercry: I just read your story it was so good I just wanted more I let my emotions get the best of me can you please reconsider doing the story I humbly request for more I see in you a great writer

7384861 Thank you. I do plan to continue this, I just have lots of other story ideas vying for my time and attention.

This is...... Interesting and weird......... I'll keep reading this!

7392459 On the backburner, in favor of other, more popular stories. That said, this one HAS been getting a lot of attention lately, for some reason, so that may change.

7393116 JUST MAKE THE NEXT CHAPTER ALREADY!!!:twilightangry2: Before I eAt YoUr SoUl!!!:flutterrage:

7394571 And for that, I don't think I'll work on it at all this month. :ajbemused:

7395296 Om NoM nOm NoM nOm NoM nOm. yOuR sOuL iS dElIcIoUs!:pinkiecrazy:

7395296 Could you update it, pleeeeaaassseeee???

It's not everyday when you find a story spanning the multiverse as great as this story is... :fluttercry:

7440730 Since you asked nicely, I'll try. However, my main focus for MLP is A Somber Tale.

7440735 I know. Its just nice to be able to have such an intriguing story to read. I've also tried writing something that spans the multiverse, and it never really got very many views...

But thanks anyways. Hope to see some more great stories!!! :twilightsmile:

Very interesting, especially the "Somber Tale" section. It seems she gets a badass horn instead of wings but that's cool. Awesome to see her pretty much immediately take control though I imagine cannon Twilight will lead the group for the most part.

Sci-Twi should atill have her magic since she wasn't hit by the elements here, I can see dark magic Twilight teaching her to control it and the two alicorns keeping her in check when she can't (light magic having more raw power than dark and all).

I'll keep an eye out for the next update.

7454647 Well, she doesn't have wings at that point in the story. Doesn't mean she won't get them at some point. :raritywink:

Of course, that's once Sci-Twi finishes freaking out about the talking ponies. :twilightblush:

Excellent intro, looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

alicorn prince Twilight Sparkle.

You are in no way obliged to, but the fandom will know more readily who you mean if you call him Dusk Shine. Just a matter of convention.

"Nightmare Moon!" They gasped in concert.

Although the human remained unconscious for the moment, the ponies were all aware of one certain fact; Twilight's troubles were only just beginning.

...how does Reflected!Twilight know who Nightmare Moon is? Luna being evil is the default in that would, she spent a thousand years as a goody-two-shoes there!

Okay, new (in-universe) group goals:
Find a different name for each member, because calling all of them Twilight Sparkle will get old fast. (Sci-Twi might well be stuck with "Human" at this rate.)
Stop Midnight Sparkle from trying to rip the magical knowledge out of their heads.
Get Reflected!Twilight off her lazy rump.
Keep an eye on Dark!Twilight at all times.

Then they can worry about Nightmare Moon being just outside.

And judging by what you posted on deviantArt, there might be a Umbrum v. Nightmare Forces war?

7545881 Dusk Shine will probably be the 'nickname' he gets stuck with.

Sorry, it was just supposed to be the other three, sorry for not specifying. I'll edit that.

Yep, they'll each end up with a 'nickname' they use for each other. For example, the canon Twilight will simply be 'Princess' (although a certain Dark Magic user will use it more sarcastically than the others).

Lol, certainly things for them to keep in mind.

Not entirely. As much as the ponies of Equestria might fear their queen, many still see her as the better option than King Sombra's mind control. So, more of a Ponies & Nightmare Forces vs Umbrum war.

How is the next chapter coming along?

7578005 It'll come when it comes.

7578678 I go where my inspiration takes me, so I'll make no promises.

7578685 *sighs* Okay then just, try to find a way to inspire yourself.

Can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiesmile:

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