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Just your average Brony here to read and write stories about the show the rest of us bronies and pegasisters have come to admire and still enjoy watching from time to time.


There have been many close calls, regarding the times when Equestria was in danger. Villains who threatened the balance and each time the Element bearers were called to stop them. However, each time they came to face such dangers, the threat from said villains was no longer present. Each and every time, said villains would say that they would rather live in peace and not seek to disrupt everyone’s peaceful living. The reason? There was this old figure who appeared and simply talked to them. And his words would be etched in their hearts for many years to come.

6/27/21: Thank you all!











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This is amazing! Cant wait how you will tap the others!

I love this so much! This was so beautifully written; I can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy::heart:

damn, this is a great fic
wonder when the next chapter is

This....... This right here. This is a real gem.

Really looking forward to seeing how this old one tackles Sombra and Chrysalis if we get that far. This was beautiful~

When I read the old mans lines he sounded like Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender.

I'm looking forward to more, it's a really good story.

A fun little story. I'll be lurking!

"While the rest of us soldiers could not bear the thought that we might lose our lives the moment our boots hit the sand"
- The old man was a veteran and probably fought in Normandy in June 6, 1944 D-Day.

"My platoon and I fought with everything we had in order to keep the enemy from destroying a bridge"
- And he probably also fought on the Battle of Rhineland, of where he lost his friend.

One thing bothers me about this.

Discord wasn't just spreading chaos. He was being a sadistic a-hole. On purpose. He was, and still is, if to a lesser degree, a man-child bully drunk on his own power. He did share his chaos with everyone around him, the fact that they didn't want it made him happy because he liked to see them be miserable. Discord had to learn that he liked having someone care for him, and that they wouldn't care for him if he made them miserable.

So I don't see how the old wanderer could talk him down that way.

“But I’m not alone.” Discord snapped his fingers and three copies of himself appeared with wide grins. “I have me, myself, and I.”

“Hmmhmmhmm, a cleaver joke,” the old man chuckled slightly. “But I’m afraid that is not what I was talking about.”

This would have been a proper pun had Discord duplicated by chopping himself into pieces that grew into whole Discords.


He was, and still is, if to a lesser degree, a man-child bully drunk on his own power.

That reminds me, I am SOOOOOOO looking forward to my mad tyrannical reign which begins in 2032! :pinkiecrazy:

I think that he will explain to the ponies that the changelings need love to survive and explain to the the changelings that being selfish is bad. (I really hope that this version of the hive is not like a bee hive where the queen gives birth to all, and is like the ponies. I find it weird.)

Now I am very interested in who this old man is. Obviously, he is not an ordinary person, he can easily appear and disappear in various places and, apparently, he is probably much older than we think.
his aura of mystery can be on par with "SCP 990 - Man from Dreams" and "G-man from the Half Life series of games"

That letter a shouldn’t be there…

Amazing with tears in my eyes :applecry:

Huh, incomplete.

This feels, quick.

Damn quick.

A bit.......random?

Feels like a compilation of 'wise' quotes loosely related to the topic on hand.

Regardless, some of said wise quotes have meaning, have actual weight, however, they are relentlessly bogged down by the contrivance needed for the 'plot' to function.

Feels artifical and.... incincere? I've never been this unknowingly confused before.


10879642 Nonetheless, the potential for humor is right there... so close... IT MUST BE PARTAKEN OF!! *holds out the Forbidden Fruit of Farce* Go ahead, just one bite...


Keep going Good Sir, This is a rare gem if I have ever seen one. And thank you, so much, for this :twilightsmile:

The way he talked, it sounded like the words of a man who’s been through the wringer. But came back stronger and wiser for it.

I can’t shake this feeling. What if the old man, is a dead man walking somehow.

"How do I know you're not just saying that, old one?" Nightmare questioned.

Not native English speaker but I think that would make more sense

But what if in the end he turns out to be a ghost who during his lifetime did something much worse than all the villains and because of this he cannot find peace after death? and now in this way he is trying to atone for his karma so that he can enter purgatory?

Plot twist: this is all the old mans plan to become an alicorn princess.

You, are telling some lessons that I'm glad I learned much earlier than that old man. All thanks to reading. There is so much to learn in literature, Art, Animation, ect. When people truly attempt to make characters seem, and feel, real, the parallel's, the feelings, while seemingly fake, one can't help but feel as though they are real, and one can learn from it, as I have, even though I'm only 20, soon to be 21.

I believe in the multiverse theory, and if it is true, then to that old man I say, 'Good day to you'.

I have learned many lessons, from Art, Literature, Animation, Gaming, and more. Some, combat, others, morals, and more, but all, Lessons. I hope that the people who read this, if they are truly suffering from similar feelings to the characters, that they can change to be better beings. No matter their race, gender, ect.

Because the way I see it? All Races and Genders, including Trans, and such, have the capability to be good people. And not idiots that deserve hatred for their foolishness. I will not explain what I mean as it would get political, but I believe in the phrase 'A Polite Society, is a Well Armed Society'. That should give you a hint.

I honestly love this story, I can Understand the feelings from it, I'm glad you're making it. Thank you.

Meylin Messor.

I just love it! Every chapter you write are amazing. I hope it won’t end without luna meeting the old man or the elements but it would still be a good ending. Keep up the good work!

Those are some of the smartest words that I've heard in years.

Well, that was amazing. And... hopeful for some... Thank you.
Have my favorite.

Thank you, but all of it is true.

I learned much of my morals, feelings, ect, from Stories, Art, Animation, and Video Games, along with just plain feeling a certain way, and learning from others.

It is thanks to all of that, that I am no longer a Gay / Lesbian / Pansexual / Trans hating religious idiot, but instead, am a, barely happy ( Lots of shit happening ), albeit a bit of a bitch, 20 year old pansexual woman who, well, if you look at my story ( Rebirth of True Madness ), you'll see some of my fetishes and the like to give a bit of an understanding towards my mental state. ( I admit I'm insane, but I'd be willing to be a vigilante and such, because, well? Sometimes the law fails, and it should be up to people who know better to actually get some shit done instead of cops that not only take too long, but, well? Yeah. Sure some cops are good, no denying that, but seriously, some are complete shit / assholes. )

When you have bad parents, you tend to learn on your own. At first I was cruel, a Manipulator, a liar, and I won't deny I still can, and at times, do, use those skills today. But eventually, after watching what is called 'Tf2 Freaks' for so long, I found the one thing that got me interested in MLP fan Fictions. The Elements of Insanity by Inverted Shadow. I think I was hesitant a bit, but I gave in and watched it. And I loved it. It was something new, I wanted to see what it was. It got me hooked. I looked through, learning more, and more, eventually, finding this site, and reading, so many, many, many stories.

Video Games, TV, and my Parents Taught me first, then Art and Animation, and Finally: Stories.

What the stories I've read, the games I've played, the movies and such I've watched, ect, have taught me across the 15, almost 16 years I can remember, along with the very few friends I currently have, and the friend who betrayed my trust, changed me into who I am today.

To sum it up? I'm a woman, of Primarily German and Japanese Descent ( With a bit of french and Brit in there. About 11% of my DNA is other stuff. ) who doesn't care about what you are, only who you are. If you're a good person by my perspective? I may be friends with you, but only if I can truly trust you with who I truly am. If you're an idiot in my own perspective? Then I, in most cases, utterly despise you. ( Some exceptions, but those are rare. ) Who is Pansexual, cares about others more than myself, and, truly, just wants to be able to speak her mind whenever she feels like it without risking a target being painted on her back due to her views or race,

Unfortunately, due to living in America, that is impossible. I can't trust a soul, nor can I speak my mind freely, except on here. On here, I can be who I truly am. As not even my parents know of my sexual orientation due to being religious idiots. ( Side note, I do not 'hate' religion, but that bible is full of lies, deceit, and deception, made to control people into what people saw as 'good' back then, when it never truly was. That is why I call them 'Religious idiots'. )

Anyways, yeah. Sorry for rattling on, but I wanted to say that.

It's fine. I'm a fellow American, though I'm Irish, Cherokee Indian, Hispanic and British. My 'religion' is the multiverse theory. I truly believe in it because it allows me to hope that at least a version of myself is enjoying life right now. As for my sexuality; I'm pansexual.

I actually believe in 3 things.

Multiverse and Timeline Theory, and Reincarnation. First 2 because they just are the only things that actually make SENSE and can explain EVERYTHING, and the last one because it has ACTUALLY BEEN PROVNE TO BE TRUE ON MULTIPLE WELL DOCUMENTED OCCATIONS!

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They going to turn into pretty bugs?

I'm looking forward to the Tirek chapter. In particular because that one is actually smart and manipulative. The smartest out the core villains. So he should be able to hold his own in a debate, instead of devolving into just asking simple questions while the old man rambles.

For sometimes, the heart sees what is invisible is invisible to the eye.
I think you repeated something in this sentence by accident.
But other then that, great chapter. Gladly waiting for the next one.

Was hoping Thorax would be there to hear the old man and got the courage to vouch for his advice.

As beautiful as the old man’s words are, I doubt that the hive can feed itself with love at the expense of the love between the Changelings. It's like trying to extract useful energy from a perpetual motion machine. "the consumer will never be able to generate more energy than it consumes" no matter what the ideal energy transfer process is, without energy sources from outside the engine will eventually stop.
It would be so simple, the problem of lack of resources would not exist in principle.

I loved that they didn't use the Elements on Discord.

Well done. Sombra is too far gone. Good job.

I'm glad this twist happened, showing that while he gives good advice, not all will listen and heed to it. We saw it briefly with Chrysalis but managed to strike true. But now who else will fail because they refused to listen to one who gives advice so freely of his own heart and mind?

The Old Man did his best, imparting wisdom to a Fool too stubborn to listen. He was rebuffed by the Fool and that could have been all but still The Old Man stayed to the end, hoping that the Fool would grow and learn.

Sometimes a little kindness can be enough to help a lost soul, sometimes kindness is all we have to offer to those lost. But even if it's offered one must be willing to accept the offering and even if it is rebuffed it's better to have offered such kindness than to have not. Not everyone can be saved but no one is beyond redemption.

I think the only one that is really beyond redemption is Cozy Glow.

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