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Hi, I'm PhoelynFabulous (How about you?... Get it?... Nvm) and I am a crazy little brony (pegasister) writer who thinks that she can write a lot more she actually can.

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It's Over, Isn't It? · 6:14pm Sep 18th, 2017

...Isn't it?

I'm not sure myself, really.

I do more reading then writing here - that's just a fact.

So let's look at some things.

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Hello everybody! I'm PhoelynFabulous (How about you?) and this is my account page! I hope that you enjoy the stories I've written and the art I've drawn!

Enjoy and have fun,


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Know anyone that can proof read?

Hi there, thanks for the fave and (presumably) the new like :twilightsmile:

And on the day Pony Courtship Rituals wraps up, too!

Nice to see a siren story on that favourites list of yours, they're the best :yay:

hey kid wanna /ss/?

2239440 Haha :P Glad you didn't mis-understand me :pinkiehappy:

Also, can I ask - And if clop/horror stories aren't really your thing I understand - If you don't mind, can you check out my stories? ^~^ I'm looking for a critique to point out my errors, haha.

Most of my stories are incomplete though, so there is more to come ^_^

2237932 Oh no no, don't worry about it! It's completely fine :twilightsmile:

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