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Help me find an editor · 5:05am Dec 15th, 2015

Hey everyone would any of you know any good editors or are editors yourselves i could use some help on my stories as im not very good with punctuation my grammer is fine its the punctuation that hates me i put it in the wrong places or i forget it so please help me anyone.

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Thank you for reading my story!

Thanks for the favs on Do Not Go Gentle and Death Be Not Proud! :twilightsmile: (I hope you enjoy the conclusion of the trilogy!)

Hello, I apologize for the late reply. But I have to ask who MC and SC are also I love the red changeling queen story so funny at times and then selene and the zebra thinking they had the other in their control was hilarious all on its own.

I'm fine with either theme doesn't matter with me, and I will if I find any typos. Also again sorry bad with grammar much better with spelling

I checked you'r favorits. Depending on you limit on what to read, in my favorits are over 400 storys and not to few of them are Changeling related if not focused. Want a recommendations on some very good once?
Just need to know if you can stomach MC & SC getting permanently hurt and if you prefer soft or mature theme's.

Have a great day.

Hello, i am honored to see a long time community member put not just one but two storys in his favorits.
Hope you enjoy future chapters as well.

Feel free to point out typos or incorrect grammatic, i proofreading everything several times, but as a german i can do it only so well as my knowlege allows it to be...

  • Viewing 335 - 339 of 339
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my pics from my computer i take no creds for these but i will tell u the ones i made