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A nerd, system administrator and gamer. In for TR and Skyrim... ahh... yes, almost forgot - team Fluttershy... umm... if that's OK with you.

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Work process status update and plans · 5:25pm May 4th

TThe Guardian
A regular human Alex gets transferred to Equestria. Desperate to return home at first, he notices himself changing. The time comes for him to decide for Equestria destiny. Will he conform? Which path will he choose? Are Celestia's fears justified?
Alexshy · 579k words  ·  146  34 · 5.7k views

The new chapter is nigh! One large fight scene is left to write, hopefully within a few days it's done!
I would like to thank all the supporters, and specifically the one hero removing their downvote (and probably even upvoting, if that was the same person). Thank you!!!

Taking a break from The Guardian, I plan to address Kaidan to poni next - the 3rd Episode demandeth to be written )

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Anytime, you deserve it! :twilightsmile:

Thank thee kindly :twilightblush:

Yeah, I've done that before: Request the same idea from different people.
I like seeing the same premise executed by different writers

  • Viewing 126 - 130 of 130
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