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A nerd, system administrator and gamer. In for TR and Skyrim... ahh... yes, almost forgot - team Fluttershy... umm... if that's OK with you.

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Ahoy, everypony! · 4:04pm February 14th

Happy Hearts and Hooves day to you all!
It doth not matter if you are authors or readers... or simply dropped in from pure curiosity!
Ye are awesome and deserve an awesome day!!!

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Alas, I'm in a writer block at the moment, barely started breaking it by working on mine book detailed plan - I finally passed the equator :raritywink: Can thou remind me, which idea thou wanted to be implemented (better in PM, so nopony seeth it beforehoof)? Mayhap I can at least begin drafting it.

How have things been?

I see.

For a while - yes. I have less time for writing in general lately, thus focusing on the book mostly.

So I assume you've put your focus into taking care of her for now instead of fic writing?

  • Viewing 94 - 98 of 98
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