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Support needed · 5:37am Jul 22nd, 2016

Ok let's cut to the chase. A author of the name Swift Wolf Blade is very depressed. A fellow user who actually knows him stopped swift from suicide. Plz go on his profile and let him know how greatly his life matter. If you can create a blog to share the news to help get more supporters that would be very appreciated. The more people the better.

I know it's late right know but if your up, someone's life is at stake , plz do not ignore this.

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Well thank yee for liking and favoriting my funny little Story.

Again thanks for the faves.

Thanks for the fave.

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OC #1: Lunar Frame
Race: Zebra and 1/4 changeling
Gender: male
Age: 33-35
Date of birth: April 11

Pet: manticore (cub)
Name: Pride

Coat= light grey coat and black stripes
Eyes=orange reptilian changing eyes
Facts=can channel magic through his eyes
Hair=short/medium sized Mohawk
Tail=short cut/bobed
Other= small fangs, and wings he hides with changeling magic

Dad=zen root-zebra and is skilled in medicine and meditation
Mom=crypt-exiled changeling skilled stalker and retired thief.

Lunar Frame is a zebra who is loyal and intelligent but he has a serious hair trigger temper for ignorance, those who are conceited, and other general annoyances. Although if he sees the better side of you or while flawed you are still kind he will instantly forgive you. Lunar is a very adaptable zebra and only wants for things to be simple and easy to understand. If two friends fought he'd stay out of it or support both. He works with primarily animals and keeps a baby manticore as a pet / companion. He lives a little ways away from pony ville but is content on watching the town. Even though he is a bit anti- social, he is very modest,respectful, and considerate. Sometimes ever joyful and kind.